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Ballmer's dreams of the Los Angeles Clippys on hold as Sterling prepares NBA lawsuit

Well that was fast. Your dreams of Clippy as a mascot in the NBA are going to be put on hold. Steve Ballmer was basically set to buy professional basketball team the Los Angeles Clippers last Friday. He laid down a cool $2 billion, which would have put it as the most expensive purchase for a basketball team. Turns out current Clippers own Donald Sterling isn't ready to part with the team and has advised his lawyers to sue the NBA.

Los Angeles Clippys

Not much too this, except to let you know that your favorite, former-CEO won't be an owner in the NBA too soon. Donald Sterling has advised his lawyers to withdraw his support for the sale negotiated by his wife and to pursue a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver.

Clippy would have looked so awesome on that jersey.

Source: ESPN (opens in new tab)

  • I was so ready to be a Clippy fan for life! It looks like you're trying to shoot a three-pointer, would you like some help?
  • The Los Angeles Clippys 4 Life!
  • Just leave Sterling. C'mon.
  • Seriously
  • And Ballmer was never my favorite CEO. I may love Microsoft, but he was definitely not my favorite CEO of all time, for all companies.
  • Developers Developers Developers...Please love him for that performance only :)
  • A/K/A you. Your awesome.
  • He was my favorite, already not liking the new guy. He seems like most, to look at WP as an annoyance he HAS to deal with, for now.
  • He's good. Ballmer had passion but this guy has smarts and will make our platform successful
  • Yeah, he's definitely not my favourite. He had good business acumen but terrible presentation skills. A sweaty, shouting, used-car-salesman look just doesn't cut it.
  • I guess sterling forgot that he agreed to sell the team about two weeks ago. I guess that guy has short memory. I mean, 2 billions is a lot of money but the feeling of owing an NBA is probably greater especially of the team is profitable to a certain extent.
  • Well if Sterling was most likely thinking that if " I got offers at this level, I probably can get more than two billion dollars", before pulling out. He will sue and probably then sell later due to "emotional turmoil and distress", as you just don't agree to a sale and pull out with 2 billion on the table a few weeks later. I hope I'm wrong though and his had some sort of epiphany.
  • Sorry but it doesn't work that way. First off he never agreed to the sale. His estranged wife agreed to the sale. Second it doesn't matter how he feels about the situation. The NBA owners can all come together and force him out of the league, therefore forcing him to sell. Sterling's law suit is only a delay tactic. If anything the price paid for the Clippers could possibly go down because the NBA has no immediate interest in the amount the team is sold for, only That the team Is sold. Oh and its common knowledge around 20 of the 30 teams loose money every year. Only about the 10 most popular teams actually turn a profit.
  • You do know this isn't a solid case. It doesn't matter what a private companies bylaws are. It has to go thru the state/fed court system. Possibly the Supreme Court. 1st. The evidence is a illegally (State/Fed) taped conversation. Then there would be the free speech argument. You never know how this will play out in the courts. I do know if it made it to the Supreme Court they typically lean conservative. Which would greatly play to his advantage.
    Also all the NBA had to do was suspend his 2.5 million dollar fine and drop his lifetime ban and he would've signed off on the deal. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • LOL... I need that jersey!
  • Lol the man should just shut up and take the 2billion....
  • Sterling dropped the lawsuit
  • He decided to go through with it. Reason for the article.
  • I don't follow basketball at all, but all things considered, Sterling doesn't have a leg to stand on. His lawsuit against the NBA is a groundless joke. He's just embarrassing himself.
  • Actually no he never committed a crime and his privacy was violated doesn't matter if disagree what he said no laws were broken and if the NBA says he is not in right state of mind to sell the time then he can use that as a defense on what he privately said so yeah he has money and lawyers this is gonna be fun.
  • Is has nothing to do with criminality, it has to do with ethics violations and 'deliterious actions against the NBA's brand" - all against the league's constitution.
  • Yep, he damaged (and continues to damage) the reputation & brand of the yeah, he'll be out sooner or later.
  • It has to go thru the courts (State/Fed) Any good lawyer can shred the NBA'S bylaws. Just look at the OJ trial. You never know what can happen in the courts. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I'm not defending his actions but we a country have given passes to other players for worse offensive Kobe Bryant was accused of sexual harassment Rothenberg same thing and well Michael Vick and the dog ring scandal but they cheered now we forgave them and give them millions.
  • Honestly Sterling has mental issues, He was agreed and now he stepped back! WHAT THAT F*CK!!!
  • Surface tablets for the first 500 fans on opening day!!! I would be there all the night before.
  • That wrinkly bigot needs to shut up and die already.
  • My favourite former CEO? I didn't know Bill Gates was buying a basketball team...
  • Bill Gates should just buy all of the NBA alltogether
  • +1 Bill Gates is definitely the best CEO. Ballmer was just his sweaty shadow :P
  • What an idiot. No player wants to stay on a team he owns. Take the money and run. The proposed player protest had the NBA not come down hard on Sterling would have been one of the biggest and most significant moments in sporting history. I'm kinda glad it didn't happen but it would have been amazing to watch if it did.
  • My knowledge of contracts is limited but, wouldn't Sterling (and his lawyer) publically accepting the deal count as acceptance of the offer and solidfying that a contract of sale was indeed created, trying to back out know would allow Ballmer to sue for breach of contract would it not? Also on top of that I had thought that Sterling had been superceded from the sale by his wife and the Sterling trust, meaning that he had no legal say in whether or not it could be sold? Someone with more knowledge on the sale please enlighten me on the legal positions of all of this?
  • You're right on the wife part but a verbal agreement doesn't mean shit. That's what contracts and signatures are for.
  • Well if my knowledge from high school economics or political science, a verbal contract holds the same weight as a signed contract especially if that agreement if its public knowledge. But I could also be grossly wrong lol
  • Ugh....seriously? You've already defamed your own name, Sterling. Now you're just going to court and making yourself look like more of an idiot. (Windows keyboard just recommended exhibitionist over idiot...interesting haha!) Just give it up.... o.O
  • The sad thing is I saw an interview with a black guy who's name is also Donald Sterling. He said all this stuff going on is impacting his life in a bad way. Other people keep messing with him because of the similar names.The sad thing is I saw an interview with a black guy who's name is also Donald Sterling. He said all this stuff going on is impacting his life in a bad way. Other people keep messing with him because of the similar names.
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  • LOL
  • LOL Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • steriling dropped dollars!! Lol, just for fun
  • I'm so happy Sterling is suing the NBA. You don't see every day a billionaire suing an other billionaires. Let the rich Fu*k waste their money away!
    Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • So sick of the Clippy jokes. He's 18 years old. Can we get something a little fresher?
  • Agreed, it was funny for 5 minutes but now it's just played out.
  • And if the deal falls through then there's gonna be a lot of pissed off NBA owners.  The value rise they all had will vanish.