Ballmer's dreams of the Los Angeles Clippys on hold as Sterling prepares NBA lawsuit

Well that was fast. Your dreams of Clippy as a mascot in the NBA are going to be put on hold. Steve Ballmer was basically set to buy professional basketball team the Los Angeles Clippers last Friday. He laid down a cool $2 billion, which would have put it as the most expensive purchase for a basketball team. Turns out current Clippers own Donald Sterling isn't ready to part with the team and has advised his lawyers to sue the NBA.

Los Angeles Clippys

Not much too this, except to let you know that your favorite, former-CEO won't be an owner in the NBA too soon. Donald Sterling has advised his lawyers to withdraw his support for the sale negotiated by his wife and to pursue a $1 billion lawsuit against the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver.

Clippy would have looked so awesome on that jersey.

Source: ESPN

Sam Sabri