Don't look him directly in the eye!

Look, we're betting people are going to read all sorts of things into this wild-eyed photo of Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer, allegedly snapped by an iPhone-wielding Microsoftie at a big ol' event in Seattle. Some of it might even be true. According to Techflash:

As the story goes, it happened when Ballmer was making his big entrance -- slapping hands, running around, and generally whooping things up, as is his tradition at these events. That was when he spotted someone at field level, allegedly a member of the Windows group, using an iPhone to take his picture.Ballmer grabbed the Apple device from the employee and made some funny remarks as everyone booed. Then he put it on the ground and pretended to stomp on it, before walking away.

Our take? Right on, man. This is the fire-breathing, monkey-dancing, eat-the-unicorn-and-spit-out-the-horn type of thing we want to see right now. We're expecting big things with Windows Mobile 7 and want to see Microsoft come out swinging, and not just back into "Oh, here's another mobile operating system. We hope you like it."

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Phil Nickinson

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