JoyBits brings Doodle Creatures and Around the World to Windows Phone 8

Anybody remember Doodle God, the alchemy simulator/puzzle game? The gameplay involved combining pairs of random ingredients in order to try to create new things. A sound enough idea in theory, but it boiled down to endless trial and error (or following a guide) and very little fun. If not for the easy Achievements and pretty good sense of humor, I’d never have finished it.

Somebody out there must feel differently though, because the Doodle series continues to multiply. Developer JoyBits has just released a new sequel/spin-off called Doodle Creatures on Windows Phone and Windows 8. On top of that, JoyBits is branching out into the hidden object genre with Around the World: Hidden Objects (just for Windows Phone). Now that’s a genre much closer to this gamer’s heart. Head past the break for descriptions and Store links!

Doodle Creatures

Instead of playing as god in this one, players take on the role of a genetic researcher. You still “play god” though, by combining hundreds of different creatures together in order to create new wild and fanciful creations. It’s like the Island of Dr. Moreau, only without Fairuza Balk playing as a sexy cat-girl. Actually, the nurse lady in the game’s title screen and menus is kind of a looker…


  • Puzzles for All ages and skill levels.
  • Create hundreds of different Creatures in cool sandbox game play.
  • Clever Quests designed to test your skill.
  • Build and upgrade your own genetic laboratory.
  • Cool “Did You Know That” feature that tells you about your creations.
  • Intuitive one-click game play encourages thoughtful, creative play.
  • Hundreds of interesting, funny and thought-provoking quotes and sayings.
  • Kid-friendly and educational game play!

Although I haven’t played it, Doodle Creatures looks like it plays quite similarly to Doodle God and other games in the series. This one does have an upgradable genetic laboratory though, so at least the metagame should be a little different.

  • Doodle Creatures – Windows Phone 8 – 37 MB – $1.99 – Store Link
  • Doodle Creatures – Windows 8 and RT – 46 MB – $2.99 – Store Link (opens in new tab)

QR: Doodle Creatures

Around the World: Hidden Objects

Prepare to travel the globe in this Victorian-era adventure. A young girl must visit six continents in her journey to locate a magical stone. She’ll travel by sea and air to numerous unique locations all over the world map. Wherever she goes, she must find numerous objects scattered across beautifully drawn landscapes.

If you like hidden object games – as I do – this looks pretty fun. I  do wish the Store page had more screenshots and information though; it's awfully skimpy on details. Both Doodle Creatures and Around the World have demos though, so it won't be hard to find out more by simply giving them a download.

  • Around the World: Hidden Objects – Windows Phone 8 – 56 MB – $2.99 – Store Link

QR: Around the World

Thanks to Mohamed Ashid for the tip!

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  • Hidden Object Games train the eyes better and they're effective at teaching the player to be patient.
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