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Download the Preview for Developers and get GDR3 right now

Earlier this morning Microsoft outlined their new Windows Phone Preview for Developers. Remember the Enthusiast Program announced with Windows Phone 8 in the summer of 2012? This is basically it. If you’re a registered developer for the Windows Phone Store or a member of the Windows Phone App Studio Program you can download GDR3 starting today. That update is now live. Link below.

We’re in the process of downloading right now, so we can’t completely comment on the progress overall process. But so far after downloading the Preview for Developers app from Microsoft we’ve had no hiccups. Head to the Store and download the app, but first note these requirements from the app:

  • You must meet one of the following three requirements: (a) have an active Windows Phone Dev Center account; (b) have an active App Studio account; OR (c) be running a registered developer device (‘dev unlocked’ phone)
  • Updates will only include the Microsoft update, and not additional OEM drivers/firmware
  • To ensure the best experience, your device must be running the latest OS release (currently 8.0.10322.71) or greater to receive early updates via this program
  • You will be required to accept additional terms & conditions within the app prior to opt-in
  • You CANNOT REVERT to a prior OS version once you have taken an update via this program

Key features:

  • Access to latest pre-release Windows Phone updates
  • Ability to opt-out of pre-releases and only receive production Windows Phone updates  

Ready to take the plunge? Head to the Windows Phone Store to download Preview for Developers from Microsoft. After downloading, head into the settings of your phone and go the phone update section and do a check. You should begin downloading GDR3, but not any other OEM features like those that will be found in Bittersweet shimmer. Don't forget to check to what's new in GDR3 and head to the GDR3 Forums to talk it out. 


Thanks for the tip JD!

  • Can't wait to play with all the new features! We can finally attach documents in email! HUZZAAAH!!
  • I am stuck in 100% preparing to install!!! ARGH!! GET ME GDR3 NOW!!!\
  • Patience my padawan
  • (Yoda voice) GDR3 must you get if patience you have 
  • Sam , I am glad to confirm that it is possible to install the preview on multiple phones with an app studio ID.
  • Great so I can't install this because I don't have GDR2 yet!!! I HAVE NO PATIENCE. I'M PISSED OFF NOW.
  • U mad bro
  • 96%
  • The progress bar on the "gears of death" is back.. That is a nice thing!
  • i have been stuck at the gears before for a day, so now i am on the roatting gears and i am nervous!!!
  • I have the same prob. Will have to hard reset it messes up again.
  • I passed through it, now migrating teh data.
  • You are close to the promised land!!!
  • I am here at the promised land and is amazing.
  • A day? This was just released not even a full day yet.
  • He was referring to a previous update. Context is fundamental.
  • Passed it, now i'm in migrating data. oh glob
  • Very nice
  • Me too after falling back to 96 from 99.
    I thinks it's waiting to get to 101%
  • Love your live updates of the installation process :P
  • In Slovakia and Czech Republic, amber update is still not available. WTF ? low end phones have amber for one month now. Nokia lied, that amber will be available for all phones at end of september. Now it's 14th October, still nothing...
  • I had expected that. Indonesia too, some users diidn't receive  that when after Sep 21, 2013. I updated my Lumia 520 using Nokia Software Update Retail on Sep 9, 2013, the result was great. I updated again to GDR3 using Preview for Developer two days ago, it worked great too. Official update is too long and they can't give it on time for all countries at once.
  • has it cum to india
  • downloading
  • There actually was a cumbersome way to attach documents by going through the skydrive app. I don't think many people discovered this. Only downside is you can only attach one document to an email.
  • Yeah.. It is the sharing feature of Skydrive.. But convinience is the rule nowadays and FINALLY we will have the ability of doing this without any problems
  • can anyone confirm if you can attach documents (multiple or not) to an existing email thread (when replying to an email)??
  • Absolutely not. Sorry.
    Can only attach one Office doc per email as well.
  • i hope you just forgot to add the sarcasm emoticon..? if not - how can ms F this up again?!
  • Lol, I am sorry. But that is the extent of it.
  • I'll do one better, I don't see ANY way to attach a word doc to an email after loading GDR3.  Am I missing something?  Pressing the paperclip does what it always did - shows items in your photo folders.  That's it
  • Correct. The only thing "new" about attaching documents to emails is that you can do it through the office hub by long press, share. This is like it was before but not limited to Skydrive anymore. Either way this is a pointless update. We NEED to be able to attach documents FROM THE EMAIL hub, both when drafting a new email AND when replying to an email. I do not understand at all how MS does not see this... AFTER 3 years they are still blind to this.
  • Thanks for clarifying.  Yea, like I said, I didn't see any change.  I was assuming it was going to be FROm the email app.   if not, I agree its almost useless.
    This sort of stuff is indeed frustrating.  Seemingly obvious things are just not being added fast enough.  This is a multi billion dollar company, and this platform is going to be a key to their survival.   Yet, you can't help feeling like there's a small staff of like 10 developers working on the entire platform, sitting in a lonely corner of the first floor next to the mailroom in a crappy outskirts office building of Microsoft's.
  • Exactly. No vision for real world use. I still don't understand how a business as large as MS where indoubtedly many employees use WP can forgo being able to email office/pdf attachments from the email app or when replying to an email. Really boggles my mind.
  • haha, it really does.  I mean OFFICE is a large part of their revenue.  WP is a key platform.  What are they waiting for.
    I go back to that image of 10 mediocare developers in a dark corner working on WP.   There just CANNOT be the resources allocated to this project that we all assume.   
    When I worked for AT&T as a young lad I worked on their billing system for a few years.  There were hundreds of developers on that project.  We were churning out updates and changes monthly.  Building new features, new billing options for the customer.    it was in constant flux.   So what is Microsoft doing with these cash reserves sitting off shore?   We get "tweaks" once a year.
  • Are there OS level restrictions that would prevent an outside developer from essentially recreating the standard Mail app yet with the ability to add Office and PDF documents? Developers created a universal search app for the phone... I'm hoping they could make this happen also?
  • I don't know Malcolm.  I develop Azure, SQL, and NT apps with Visual studio.  No WP apps at this time.   Good question but I'm guessing no or someone would have done it by now.
  • Yes, there are many restrictions on the API usage. They dont want developers to have more access into certain level of built-in apps like the email because they afraid windows phone will contain malware like android.
  • Seriously, a phone whose key features include Office integration ...
    Yet, it cannot attach office documents from the e-mail app itself. It would be a joke if it weren't true. 
  • You had to save the document to your phone first then send via email through the office app. Otherwise it was just a link.
  • Wheee!!!
  • Please have someone post a video tour. I'm someone who is not jumping into the program.
  • There really is no reason not to do it.  Signing up takes seconds and if free.  They want enthusiasts to get the updates early so let's do it!
  • Well, there's one reason not to do it. Warranty issues.
  • There is that . . . . but . . . . . I am willing to take the risk because once the update comes out it should have go back under warranty at that time.
    And if I brick my 8X then I can justify buying a 928.
  • You know you could already attach documents by going into the office hub first, selecting your document and sending them this way ;)
  • Multiple documents? :)
  • Pssht, details, schmetails. 
  • Sam - can you confirm attaching multiple documents when replying to an email?
  • You can't attach one let alone attach multiple from email app. 
  • Just upgraded to GDR3 to realize that my main reason for doing so was under a false assumption. A false assumption that MS has any sort of idea what business users (who use email) might want in a phone...
    Absolutely sad that MS can't get this figured out.
  • That is just sad. Very very sad.
    WP team what are doing? Are you just sitting and hatching eggs? How could you even miss out on this key feature? I want to send files lying on my SD card through my Email countless number of times.
    WP Team. Wake up. This is 2013 for gods sake!
  • Nope.  That was only to new emails.  No way to replay to an email and attach a document.  Maddening.
    In fact, everything about the email client on Windows Phone is maddening.
    Actually, Windows Phone is maddening.
  • We couldn't do that before?...I thought I'd done that once before...oh well, glad we have it now!
  • Free download cuz of app studio, YAY!
    Installing now.
  • Exciting times for WP8 ... Gears are going ...
    I like how microsoft is pretending to play nice with the carriers. While true, most consumers won't know about this or do this, I think they are slowly phasing their rules in place.
  • "We can finally attach documents in email! HUZZAAAH!!"
    Still not seeing that, unless I'm missing something. And yeah, I'm sure that similarly to how they responded to you, people are going to say "we've always been able to do that in the Office hub" but that doesn't help for PDFs (depending on the source- PDFs from another email or from the internet doesn't show in the Office hub, and connecting to a PC to download the PDF to my phone to email it just is not a solution).
  • Anyone see the System Phone Storage message from Microsoft :D That's the answer to everyone's other storage "issue".
  • Sam, I've sent you a message, can you please check your inbox.
  • You can actually do it, go to office look the document you want to send and click share by email... 
  • It's still not possible to attach docs to your email (unless i'm missing something)
    when i tap the attach button, it only shows me my photos.
  • Same here, but I'm assuming this isn't the finished product.
  • Is there a way to forward emails?
  • If anyone is scared of the gears, don't worry it took 10 mins to get past the little progress bar - migrating data atm. Oh what would I do without you WPC! Thanks, you guys are the best! :D
  • apparently you cant, reading you have to go to the hub to do it?  ithought you could attach from email, i guess ill wait and see once my update is done. 
  • I've updated to GDR3, why can't I add documents as attachments?
  • please, i just need  clarification: This WILL void my warranty, but only until the official OTA upgrade comes out... is this correct?
  • I tried "attach" from the native email app but it still only brings me to pictures. So by "attach documents" I assume the process is to still open Office / Skydrive and "share" a document correct?
    So it is attached to the mail account you choose as a document rather than sharing a link.
  • @Sam Sabri: Ive been looking for an answer all day... please, I just need  clarification: This WILL void my warranty, but only until the official OTA upgrade comes out, so once the official OTA and bittersweet shimmer come out, Ill be able to upgrade to them and the warranty will be back in order... is this correct?
  • If you are worried about it then the update is not for you. GDR3+Bittersweet Shimmer will be available within the next month or so... and coming to ATT a month or so after that.
  • Hey Sam,
    With GDR3 update we can attach doc and ppt files through emais which are stored in phone memory?
    I am still having GDR2 update and facing huge problems not able to send or reply to emails with out word docs and ppts which are stored in phone memory n sky drive 
  • yippeee!
  • I've had GDR3 for weeks on my iPhone.
  • Wut?
  • Don't listen to him. Android is better :P
  • Ugh no WiFi
  • Me too!!!!! I'm tiiiight! There's no way yo do it without WiFi?? Lol I don't want to wait till later when I get home!!
  • i downloaded it without wifi *shrug*
  • What?? How?
  • I dunno. I hit download and it tell me I going to download over Digicel (my carrier) cellular network and I hit ok and it start lol
  • I think you can change that out in settings -> phone update. Make sure the second box (something about downloading if data settings allow) is checked.
  • I tried but still doesn't let me download over cellular :'(
  • Someone knows if intalling from SD Card is an option?
  • nope. sd card support on windows phone is limited to media only (music, photos, videos, podcasts). even ringtones and documents are system bound.
  • Omfg omfg!!! Yay :D
  • first time see this. what's "f" for?
  • Farting
  • Ya know, I was going to tell this nice user the true meaning, but I like what you've done.
  • on the rotating gears right now..
  • That's what I'm afraid of, of that happening for 8 hours and still spinning. And that program that Nokia has to fix it is only for windows, and I have a mac, so...
  • Bootcamp? :)
  • I got a surface pro 2, so I'm not gonna boot camp my mac.
  • If you have surface pro 2 then why even mention what you said before? Sure that program is windows only, and you have a mac...but you have windows too. So really no point in saying anything about the mac. "-Ok class, for this test you'll need a number 2 pencil.
    -Teacher, I have a pen.
    -Well you'll need to get a pencil
    -Oh, I have one of those too.
    -...Well then shut up and take your test. Stop wasting my time."
  • Like I said, pro 2, meaning I preordered it and I don't currently have it, as it isn't out yet. -_-
  • Quite honestly I don't know or care when surface 2 is coming out. When you say you "got one" it implies you, well, got one, rather than not getting one. But if that's the case then refusing the boot camp, a pretty simple and reversable process, is just silly and maybe you should just wait for the public release
  • I meant the process that Nokia made to fix the gears issue is too hard for an average consumer, as some who only have a mac can't do that process unless they purchase windows.
  • Link to said process?
  • Look it up in WPCentral search.
  • Don't worry, my 920 took 7hrs to do Amber, but this GDR3 took just 20 minutes :o
  • My 620 only took maybe 30 minutes for Amber. Now i'm stuck on 100% for about 10 min's
  • my lumia 520 & 620 succes update, wait until 1 hour
  • Yeah, mine upadted too, all together it again took about 30 minutes :) I like the app closing thing. Also, would be nice to have a tile for the screen rotation lock
  • I wish it included Xbox Video in this update. Oh well.
  • I just submitted an idea to make rotation lock easily accessible at any time, just like silent/ring button:
  • Im now on the gears of death with my 520 O_O
  • If you have windows 7 or 8, you can install that Nokia program to fix it.
  • Nah, its done! YAYAYAY!
  • Enjoy. :)
  • Lol!
  • +920
  • hehe
  • What are you trying to say?
  • Uhmm.. DEVELOPERS?!?
  • Installing for me right now. :)
  • If I had another phone I would definitely do it.
  • I think there is a really low risk of damaging your phone with this since its direct from MS.
  • and Microsoft always produce bugs in their softwares.
  • You've got plenty of bugs already anyways. No risk at all.
  • Mine took literally less than 10 minutes after it started to install (the rotating gears). And now I have the all of the new features except the ability to change the glance colors and see notifications from glance. But that will come all in due time from Nokia!
  • migrating data
  • me2!!!
  • Don't know why but I'm juiced about this!! Installing now!!
  • Microsoft did this JUST in time, after the whole  AT&T GDR2/Amber update fiasco.  Prior to today, I have been looking at Nexus 4 devices to see how cheap they are because having access to vanilla updates is important (to me), and was one of the main reasons I was lured into Windows Phone from Android back in WP7 days with my Arrive.  After hearing about the enthusiast program, they lured me in again, but after AT&T screwing things and Microsoft seemingly going back on what they announced, I was ready to jump ship.  In the recent 2 months, Microsoft has been demonstrating (to me) that they are taking this platform as more than a "pet project", and are listening to people.  IDC about app count or all the bells and whistles of other operating systems, but just seeing that they are paying attention is enough for me to wait for them to deliver the particular things I'm waiting for (which is really onl NFC payments and Cortana). 
  • It took them 3 years to come out with the ability to attach files in email. not just this feature.
  • No it took them 3 yrs to make anyone able to do it could always do it thru the hub, or skydrive
  • that's not convenient when replying in an email chain buddy
  • Well I still can't attach an email to an email
  • Me either. Been trying to figure out how
  • same here. this and rotation lock were the stuff I most cared about and both have been disappointing (rotation lock hidden in the settings, wtf??)
  • Wouldn't forward work in this situation?
  • Well if they are referring to just attaching to email that has been there thru office
  • I think they need to fire someone in the Windows Phone Department. Joe Belfiore never listened to us.
  • This reminds me so much of old webOS' Preware times ... I'm gonna be a coward and will wait for you guys to try this :P
  • The spinning gears of doom now has a progress bar! (Windows phone team hates percentages don't they) mines been stuck around 10% for the last 30 mins so I guess this is gonna take a while! (GDR2 took 2.5 hrs to install for me)
  • well they show percentages on the other steps (ie. migrating data)
  • Bummer, the install on my L1020 took less than 5 minutes, now migrating data. Download took ages, though...
  • Wow GDR2 took 2.5 hours to install for you? What phone do you have? How much space have you used on your phone? It only took maybe 30 mins max for me.
  • I know!  I was really happy when I saw that.  On previous OTA updates, you never really knew if you just bricked your phone, or it just took forever to install.  I think they also fine tuned the progress bar on data migration also.  It seemed to update more then before.
    Sometimes, it's the little things that matter most!
  • finally the rotating gears offer feedback on the progress of the installation!! there's a progress bar at the bottom now :')
  • this is really helpful =)
  • I actually found it to be more stressful after it didn't move for a while!
  • thats only for the first couple of minutes, after it went by really fast for me!
  • I'm going to try this tomorrow once there is enough feedback on what folks have signed up for.
  • Installing GDR3 right now, whoa man am I stoked!!.....I'm such a nerd -_-
  • :)Installing now.
  • Downloading update right now!!!
  • Anyone here able to tell if the WXGA devices now offer three medium tile columns?
  • It does not seem like it does. Source: It just finished installing on my 920
  • I have not been able to locate a setting to enable this either.  Looks like it's only 1080p devices.
  • Not found a way to do it. I was really hoping this was possible.
  • is it safe to update from this app ????
  • We'll find out soon enough.  ;)  I'm taking the plunge on my 928.  
  • okay.. thank you
  • Just completed fine on my 928 - less than 20 minutes once the download had finished.
  • This app is from Microsoft... what do you mean?
  • i was a little confused!! wanted to confirm.. thanks by the way..
  • Everything from Microsoft is safe? Just saying.. :P
  • after installing developer preview
    Will I be able to updatethis to full GDR3 Version when its released with bittersweet Shimmer?  
  • yes
  • thnx manison88 
    get set go developers preview 
  • I also thinking the same thing? Can we update it to full official GDR3 when they release it
  • why wouldnt we be able to this is a direct update from microsoft, this is not a hack or anything
  • yes you will be able to update to the full package when its released and this will set your phone back to retail. the only thing you cant do is remove the preview updates.
  • Doesn't reset your phone to factory
  • Exactly.  Because IIRC, windows 8 developer previews and such were not upgradable to the official releases, you had to install from scratch, right?  I don't really want to install from scratch later when bittersweet shimmer comes out.  
  • yeah
    thats what even I know 
    so i have this question still on
    ooomm i have to wait than i guess :(
  • You DON"T have to reinstall. You will STIL RECEIVE OEM/FIRMWARE from Nokia/ATT. This is MS's enthuisist program.
    Windows Phone Blog states this very clearly.
  • thnx again so much
    i m set to install the developer preview
  • From the original Microsoft post:
    "When the update is publicly released for your device, you will once again be in a ‘released state.’

  • thnx for that jhoff80
  • Does Skype work properly after this update? I want to install it but I must have usable Skype. Can anybody confirm, please?
  • Just called the skype test service and it seemed to work flawlessly.
  • Thanks! What about incoming calls and messages in the background? Can you please test those? Thanks a ton!
  • Store is swamped, where did all these developers come from :D
  • What do you mean? :O
  • so   the race is on, lets see who gets installed and past the rotating gears first!!!!!!!1
  • i win already halfway through migrating my data!
  • at 95% install..had to charge the damn phone..battery was low , it doesnt let you update on 20% battery..:)
  • 100% preparing. During more than 5 minutes. What the...
  • 0% on Lumia 800...loooool
  • Seriously? It let's you get GDR3? LOL
  • Just joking...I`m waiting for 1320 aka 929 or whatever, the 5inch with SD800 :)
  • hahaha alrighty :P
  • I'm in. Rotation lock - CHECK. 
  • AYY Finally I can lay in my bed sideways, browsing around!
  • Lol exactly
  • Is there a more convenient way of switching this on and off than going all the way into settings?
  • Why would you need to switch between it off and on frequently? And it takes two seconds to go into settings. How else would it work?
  • Well, for example I may have it on most of the time and then want to turn it off for a minute to view a site that works best on landscape. And then turn it back on for the next page. Android has it in the swipe down status bar (swipe-tap without leaving your app), iOS used to have it in the multitasker (double-press home then tap, without leaving your app) except since iOS7 it's in the much-harder-to-access settings drawer. With Windows I need to tap home, swipe, tap a letter, tap S, tap settings, find and tap orientation lock, turn the switch on/off, hold back button, find and tap previous app (10-11 interactions unless I have settings pinned to my start screen, which I don't, and even then it would be 8-9 interactions).
  • It would definitely work best if the option to lock orientation was in the multi-task view..
  • unless this gives me the extra row of tiles on my start screen on my Lumia 928, then it's not worth the risk.  so if someone can confirm that once they update, that would be great
  • It does not.
    Source: It just finished installing on my 920
  • 928 doesn't have a 1080P screen so I'm not sure why you would expect this. This has been known for a while.
  • mine is at information importing one 3/6 9% ... ou shit cant wait im so amazed
  • How do I do it for free? It ask that I register and pay the 19$ fee
  • Join App Studio. 
  • Yeah I'm sorry I downloaded the wrong app, now I got it!
    there is the information , i did get it free too :)
  • My os version seems to be higher. Is that okay? 8.0.10328.78
  • Yes
  • i officially have the GD# update!
    nope now i have migrating data! damn it
  • Rotating gears of death
  • Installing :D
  • I am also updated with GDR3 now, confirm closing apps from multi tasking view is working but havent tested anything else yet. OS Version is 8.0.10512.142
  • Confirmed. Not seeing 6 small / 4 medium tiles up resolution support in this preview.....SIGH
  • That's for 6-inch screen only  
  • Actually for 1080p resolution phones
  • Any current phone isn't 1080p. All of our phones won't get extra tiles.
  • I hate it every time to deinstall apps to free memory space shitty 8s... But I'm looking forward to the new stuff, hope that everything will work. ^^
  • Thank you MS. Had GDR2 for two weeks, never thought id get to 3 so soon, this is more like it. No WiFi at work though, illwait til i get home and see how everyone here fares first!
  • Amber working OK?
  • everything is working normal. remember to look at this as just another update from microsoft (Software side), everything that you had before remains intact (Carrier & Nokia modifications included)
  • Yes.
  • Installed GDR 3 this morning while at work. All of Nokia/ATT Amber features work just like they did before. No problems so far.
  • It apears to have locked you into ALL CAPS mode, though!
  • what do you mean by all caps mode? 
  • Lol!
  • Trying on a Lumia 520: my super eyesight don't care if I get tree columns in my start screen as an option at least.
  • So if I do this would the old apps for gdr2 work with this?
  • Yuppers.
  • by the end of week there gona be more GDR3 beta testers than the actual GDR2 users. lol
    i hope with the amount of people installing this MS will see how serious we are about WP and they stop fcking around
  • +920..
  • Finally GDR3 on my HTC 8x. It's mutch faster!!!!
  • In what way? Mine's just installing.
  • How long does it take for the spinning gears to disappear? 10 mins?
  • No new tiles on my 8X :(
  • How do you get app studio? Can I have a link? Thank!
  • Link is in this thread above^^^
  • Thank you! I'm so happy to so quickly update in a couple of days!
  • The link has already been posted above. Scroll up and see it
  • Installing on my 1020 right now! I am Excite!!
  • Stuck at preparing for install, 100% though -_-
  • Same -__-
  • Are we going to lose Nokia Apps?  like Glance, Camera API, etc...
  • Nope. This just updates the OS. All functions from Amber will continue to work. None of your data is removed from the phone (it does not do a reset).
  • Nope. It shows all as it is after install.
  • I've installed the Preview app, but feeling a little unsure on whether or not to update. Do you still keep all the Lumia Amber stuff like Glance, Pro Can, Here apps etc.  Also can Nokia Update Suit be used to restore GDR2?
  • Well I'm here to confirm with you that you keep all amber features, so go ahead!!
  • Yes, yes and yes. This is just updating the OS not the full rom. All features from Amber work as expected. Bittersweet Shimmer will likely come through as a separate update from Nokia when they release it.
  • Can somebody confirm that Amber (Glance, Datasense, Block SMS and Calls, etc), is still working after the update?
  • Yes they are working perfectly as before
  • We can get data sense even with at&t phones???
  • Yes all working fine. Nokia Lumia 925
  • Glance works and block sms and calls works also. So does my procam app
  • All done!! Off to explore :D
  • I'm NOT dev. What to do? Is there anyway I can download it?
  • Write an App...?
  • Its not hard to register for App Studio for free. It doesn't matter if you are a developer or not.
  • where to register?
    GOT IT!!
  • Hesitating whether to press download or not
  • Downloading update, yay!
  • Installed and works.
  • And..... all installed!!! :)
  • It looks like the new tiles column is for 1080p displays only, as I expected. Where did the rumour that the extra column would come to WXGA screens originate from? PS: the update was downloaded and installed within 5 mins on my 925
  • 1+
  • This OS update only adds the ability to support 1080p displays. It wont enhance the display of the devices which we already have :(
  • Is it available In india????
  • Yes,but you need dev account
  • It should be available to all countries which can register as a developer or for the app studio. I would assume that India is included in those countries, as WP is quite popular there. Why not try?
  • Now let's hope they extend this no-carrier OS update to the public in general when non-beta versions are released...
  • How can I sign up to the developer program? I think I heard there was a free way. Did I hear right?
  • Guys..can u please let me know if the battery percentage indicator in the status bar is in gdr3? Please wud be very helpful :)
  • No.
  • Read thread
  • One good side effect is that the pro cam app on my 1020 now launches faster on gdr3 preview.
  • Will someone try to load An xbox video file on this and let us know if they fixed it like. It was rumored. I can't install  till I get home tonight
  • That would be a rumored feature of WP8.1, not GDR3.  ;)
  • I'm on the spinning gears... And there's a progress bar underneath the gears now... Sweet!
  • Yea, its much better now that we can see the actual progress of the spinning gears, instead of worrying about it being stuck.
  • Will I still be able to download Bittersweet if I do this? Or will I be stuck with the general release?
  • Bittersweet shimmer is a Nokia Firmware update, not an OS update like GDR3. They are separate things. You should still get the latest Nokia firmware when it is released by Nokia.
  • How? Shimmer will be packaged with GDR3 official release though.
  • They're not actually 'packaged', they're completely separate updates. They are just always released at exactly the same time.
  • Yes, you will be able to download.
  • Wow.... It looks like they still didn't fix xbox music clipping at the beginning of a song if you have it on repeat. Sigh..
  • Meh.. I use Nokia Music+ anyway...
  • Meh.. Both are not available in the Philippines.
  • Just wondering, will this rid my 8S of the HTC apps, or the ability to update them? I do love my massive pinned clock... I'll install right away if I can keep it!
  • Nope. Everything will continue to work as it did before.
  • Excellent! Let the updates commence!
  • Installing on lumia 620
  • Hey did u finish installation? Do u have a dev account?
  • Just finished, but i cant launch any third-party apps! Anybody else? (Lumia820)
  • Ugh... I'm installing.
  • you mean you can't use any other app except microsoft?
  • exactly, if i try it just go back to the main screen. Same with car mode and rotation lock.
    I guess i have to use hard reset, fck
  • I'll wait for tomorrow to update
  • Good call... 
  • Had the same problem.  It was properly installed, new features added, nothing worked, panic set in. 
    Reboot fixed everything.  Phew. 
  • Restart did not worked for me unfortunately, anyway thanks for the feedback
  • hard reset solved it
  • 920 AT&T reports, done within 40 mins.
  • guys, should I update my lumia 920 while my battery is only 40%, but is charging now? how long does the update take?
  • Charge atleast 80%
  • oh thanks..
  • Nah, plug the charger in and ur fine. Mine was under 25% while updating
  • Thx man :)
  • Yes, you can! I did. Of course it's better if you do it with higher battery life since it would turn off in the process and you are screwed.
  • I'll update now ,thx :)
  • Registered and Downloading Update :)
  • FOR GOD SAKE PLEASE TELL US IF There is an incease in the number of tiles in the screen for lumia 920 or Not!!!
    this is the main feature in the rumers and yet NO ON SAID A SINGLE THING ABOUT IT!!!!
  • There is no increase.
  • ?Thanks for the answer, but do u advise me to update it, i mean do u see any improvements
  • Advise you wait 24 hours and watch feedback before diving in.
  • That feature is only for new hardware (Lumia 1520...)
  • The extra column of tiles is for 1080p screens only.
  • Exactly!! Why do people keep bitching about this if this has been clarified for weeks already!! What I want to know is if data sense works on att phones.
  • Confimed working fine on a 520, Start screen a tad laggy, quick reboot seemed to fix it screen roation and multitasking working fine
  • Worked perfectly on my L920!
  • That encourages me for the update!!!
  • The amount of "developers" will probably quadruple until tomorow :D
  • I might develops an app for myself now. Not sure what though!
  • I wonder if anyone had problem like me. I've just installed this preview of gdr3 on htc 8x. Everything works fine except now I cannot play the tone to listen before selecting it.
    Updated: After 1 attempt to reboot, it works again. Now this update's satisfying. Come and get one for your phone, folks!
  • No issue here on a lumia 925. I would suggest that you turn the phone off and on again. Then try it again.
  • hmmm i did not update it yet but i was having the same exact problem in my 920 after gdr2 update but it got fixed later with some minor nokia updates
  • Try resetting your device and see if it comes back. thats the problem with preview platforms.
  • Such an exciting time... Amber update last week, now this. Sooo good. :D
  • Yay! I can finally close programs from multitasking again!
  • Again?
  • Must have come from Android where this kind of thing is actually needed.
  • +100
  • How will my device handle official Nokia updates? Will I lose Bittersweet Shimmer if I go to the dev channel? Is there a way back to stock/release? When I do a reset on my phone, will I restart to a dev preview device or a stock firmware device?
    Basically, I know there will be problems, hence it's a dev preview. I need a way back from that. If there is, I'll jump in. If there isn't (and it looks like there isnt based on the sign up terms), I'm not able to do so.
  • Just do it.. You'll still get all your Nokia updates as you normally would.
  • If you are using a Nokia you should always be able to manually flash a Nokia rom using care suite, even older software versions. You can always un-enroll from the developer channel to only receive retail updates. You will retain the OS and Firmware version after a reset, it will not downgrade.
  • By reading the article you can learn things like how future updates will come through the normal channel - OTA updates, by notification, just as GDR1 and GDR2 did.  By not reading the article you lead people to believe in misinformation like what you've presented.
  • Jeez.... Migrating data takes the longest. Was only on the spinning gears for a few minutes. Been migrating data for a while now.
  • Yeah - with storage nearly full, where in the world is it migrating the data to??
  • So I'm guessing the carriers threw a fit about the original enthusiast program(warranty coverage and such) and this is MS way of circumventing under the guise of a developers program that is easy to access. In any case seems to provide a no phone left behind update safety net for some phones like the 810.
  • Yeah, exactly. Which is a good move, especially now that anyone can get it by pretending to be a developer for free. I wonder if this could also become a channel for OEM updates? Especially since they also have features they can provide developers, like Nokia's imaging enhancements.
  • How do I sign up for "App Studio"?
  • Read the thread. There's links all over the place in this thread, and the last 3-4 articles.
  • I did and I couldn't tell if the page it directed me to was in fact the place.
  • Thanks.
  • Right now, update status is at preparing to install 100%. Exciting times here in the WP8 community. Woke up to this news and was happy as hell!
  • Okay, spinning cogs now... looks to be 8-10% complete. Smooth sailing so far.
  • I'm just gonna chill and wait for the official GDR3 update in November 5 in Canada from Bell Mobility, Telus Mobility and Rogers!
  • Perfect update, Lumia 920.
  • Did anybody notice if by chance the glance setting has notifications with gdr3 or do we have to wait for bittersweet shimmer?
  • And is there anyway I can get gdr3 without WiFi? No WiFi here at work :'(
  • Worked over cell for me...
  • you have to wait for bittersweet
  • Installing now. Im so excited!
  • Two questions.
    Is there a limit to the number of devices you can install this on?
    What would happen if I install it on a 620, then reset the device and boot it up on a different MS account?
  • I read on here in previous comments that if you signed up through the free developer app studio you only get a chance to unlock or in this case update ONE phone. If you are signed up through the other developer program that cost money (I think its 19$ now) then you can unlock or update up to THREE devices.
  • Swinged the new updates now!
  • I signed up for a developer account. This might be the little push I needed to start developing for Windows Phone...
  • Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue update) @WMC 2014 ....NT 6.3 Kernel so awesome!....can't wait !!
  • Phone updated and smooth as always!
  • anybody having issues with 3rd party apps?? pls 
  • yes, i am on 820. I guess im gona hard reset. try to keep you inform how it went
  • Everything works for me.
  • hard reset solved it
  • Thanks..
  • Almost done! Onto step 3 of 6... 9% complete...
  • fyi any htc owners install went fine on my 8x
  • Got it
  • I'm getting an error when I check for updates I'm guessing that the server is getting hammered by us devs downloading and checking
  • Lumia 720, without problems.!!!!
  • Works good, multitasking is nice!
  • Dumb question here, can I do this on my 920 ? I am not a developer I just have a Hotmail account.
  • Just go to and sign up, then download the app that's liked in this article and follow directions.
  • My 822 has gears. (starts praying)
  • I'll let you be my beta tester, Jai...keep us updated, please!
  • Yes.  Let us know how it goes.  I plan on installing it tonight when I get home.
  • Done. That went smoother than GDR2/Amber through AT&T!
  • Just say "NO" to waiting for the carriers:)
  • Downloading GDR3, and it's flying.  Hope the rest is as quick.
  • Updated to GDR 3 on my ATT lumia 920( Screw Warranty!!).... my phone is finally up to date with rest of the world... :)
  • NO FEAR... Coming to my Lumia 820...
  • Works great. Lumia 920 att. The only thing is still no data sense but I kinda figured it wouldn't go through. And the text alerts end up playing out the whole thing, it doesn't stop until its done even if pressing power button or going into the text.
  • What's dev account??
  • My 920 definitely feels faster after the update.
  • Got the update:-)
  • Currently magrating  my data. 94%
  • I got it, runs great on my HTC 8x for AT&T!
  • WAIT...everyone wait, don't get on that update...i've just decoded the GDR3 manual.....
    That would make a great short story :-)
  • Just got home. Read this wonderful news. Immediately register app studio,finished downloading, and now preparing to install
  • So no one is bothered by the "warranty is void" thing? Seriously? That's my only issue here, otherwise i would update immediately.
  • Yea even im worried.....
  • I figure that's what the insurance is for. I'd just pay the deductible if I had to. But hoping I don't, everything's working so far.
  • I got an extended and accidental warranty - I'm not bothered at all by my warranty getting void :) If things din't work out, all I have to do is smash my Lumia's screen or have it run over by my car - instant replacement :D But seriously... the warning says: This MAY void your warranty - usually a pre-cautionary measure - not necessarily WILL
  • Honestly, its software. You get an issue with your phone and need to send it in, worst case scenario, you back it up, flash it with Nokia care suite, and send it in. Its next to impossible to brick a price of hardware with software. (unless ots encrypted :P)
  • I have a Lumia 820 and I'm curious about something, it says that we won't have specific oem roms. That's ok, but I wan't to know if the specific Nokia apps like cinemagraph, nokia music, storage check and others will still be available. And also thesound equalizer, this one is VERY important.
    If someone who updated a Nokia device could tell me this, it would be awesome!
  • All the Nokia apps are still there and working. The OEM roms r for nokias bittersweet shimmer rom. That ones supposed to add glance screen notifications and more notification colors.
  • Installed and booting up
    Cannot wait to have my GDR3 Ativ S
  • How are things on the Ativ?
  • 1 Question, will i get Data Sense if i update directly from microsoft? even if my carrier dissallowing this? thanks
  • Some user commented about this above, he confirmed that no, data Sense does not go through the update. Sorry dude
  • 5 min on preparing to install 100% i'm so anxious!!!!!
  • spinning gears now!!! oh my
  • Those gears drive me crazy. It kept spinning them with the progress bar not moving for minutes on end. But it's almost finished now. Woohoo! :)
  • gears: Done
    Migrating data : step 3
    It's been a while since i got so anxious with an update, i guess microsoft is really creating a fanbase. 
  • Indeed it does, look at us! :D Positively atwitter with all this. Not to mention the oncoming Windows 8.1 soon. And then, just as the dust settles, the real GDR3 and (for some) Bittersweet... And then Windows Phone 8.1 will start to leak big time. :) Nicely spaced updates, and very nicely played, Microsoft... 
  • That's because we see the potencial of the OS, and want to see the fundamental features of other OS on WP8, like better multitasking, notification center. Most of us falled in love with the System and want to se it grows :)
  • Updated and Running just fine! 
  • Same here. Wow, it's amazing, have you checked the phone storage in settings? Not the Nokia's thing, the native one? So much better! And there's an option to purge the temporary files... <3 
  • I will be updating my Lumia 925 later tonight, but please... HOW IS THAT NEW STORAGE PAGE!? haha it is actually the only feature nobody was expecting to make it to GDR3. So yeah how is it!? I cant wait till tonight to know lol its driving me crazy.. Does the Temp file cleaner really work this time!?
  • Well, it's now possible to tap and access every specific item in there (music, e-mails, etc) and it gives you the option to go to the respective hub (if applicable) to manage files there or it gives advice on how to make more space. Buuuuut, I must say that it still has problems with removing the temp files :( I have some 350 MB of temp files on my device and even though it says it could take some time to dispose of them properly in the background, they're still there... :/ So, I suppose my enthusiasm was premature. I'll see what will happen after I restart my phone... WHY is so hard to get rid of those temp files, for *"##$T sake? 
  • Hmm nice nice! And yeah i was curious cause even Nokias storage app setting has issues clearing them all and bringing it down to zero. Perhaps its memory issues far deeper into the system, i recall reading a blog here about the whole storage issue thing and Microsoft said its just how the system deals with those files. Maybe 8.1 will see that system get re-done.
  • I think the new storage option is better than Nokia or HTC but they made theres because ms hadnt
  • My Lumia 620 is spinning gears as I type this... :) Looking forward to that orientation lock. Yeah, I know, it's a minor thing but a very welcomed one... :)
  • It should be a minor thing, but not having is a serious pain in the ass sometimes.
  • Installed on an old 920. Amber is still there. Procam stayed default. Multitasking is nice.
  • Not seeing the doc attach in email.
  • Only works thru office hub but that's has been there
  • Is Microsoft going to allow applications (whatsapp) to have access to pre recorded videos to share!?!
  • Done and done. Gdr3 up n here
  • I assume developers will also get a new emulator to match this version. Haven't checked dev center yet...
  • NEED HELP PLEASE! I can't download it from website it says my country/region settings are not compatible and I can't find it in the windows store! Please someone any link to where I can download it :( ?
  • can i restore to the official firmware from nokia care?
  • People say you can but no concrete evidenced. Ask on forums
  • My only disappointment is no three medium tiles on the 920. Everything else is nice!
  • This might require the Nokia firmware update as well.
  • Its only supported on 1080p screens, 920 is 720p. Unless some one can prove otherwise. It does suck though.
  • There were rumors that it was supposed to work on 920 and devices with the same resolution. And I WANT more tiles xD
  • Yeah I saw these rumors, but it was an official statement that sais otherwise. Really sucks I'd like more tiles too
  • When the official update arrives, will one still be able to download shivermetimbers update from Nokia after having downloaded the dev preview?
  • 100% yes. You will get all updates from Nokia and ATT even if you do this.
  • Shivermetimbers - made me crease up...
  • That should be the new name for it, definitely.
  • Lolzzz!
  • I have update
    Found two thing interesting
    X to close an app
    Drive mode
  • Yes.  That was in the earlier post about the update!  Read that, there is more!
  • Confirmed - Glance background BETA not working with this update. (I'm sure they'll update the beta soon though) Other than that, everything is fully functional so far, all Amber features are present and now have "rotation lock", and the "close apps with the X button" thing etc.. Still looking around for more new stuff. Seems faster at certain things too! I'm happy!
  • Edit to post above, Nevermind!!!! Glance background IS working!
  • Glance is working just fine on my T-Mobile Lumia 925.
  • anyone please tell me how long did the spinning take? mine is now spinning for nearly half hour and the progress bar is still in the starting point. does something go wrong with my device or it's just like normal? please help me out.
  • Give it more time... Its fine!
  • yes, i might take it over tonight, but I am just worry as the progression bar looks like it doesn't move at all. was your phone also that?
  • When I flashed for amber took hours, this one took 20 min, its slow at the start of gears but then moves fast to full. Give it time and keep it charged
  • yeah my amber update took me the whole night to finish, now this one was already 1 hour and nearly a half. i dont know if it went wrong or what cos most of the poeple here updated their phone faster then mine spinning now.
  • Just let it finish, all will be well
  • ok, i'll follow you. will let it update over tonigth to see if it fix or not. anyway, thanks for your help :)
  • All the best, good luck
  • Did anyone find the link of the app from windows store? Because I can't find it
  • Samsung Ativ S Neo reporting in for GDR3 duty. All is quiet so far on the Western Front. No issues encountered.
    Custom text notifications are here!
  • What a minute... WHAT? We finally got custom text notifications???? OMG I can't wait to get home and load up my sounds from the PC! This is awesome!
  • Yes indeed!!!! Me and my coworker, who has a new 1020, his first windows phone, were just talking about text notifications. 4 of us here in IT have the 1020 and we never know who's phone it is that is receiving the messages as we are not fond of the other message sounds and ALL of us decided to keep the default sound and then less than an hour after that breaks of GDR3...the Dev Preview (I am already a WP developer) and now I have custom txt sounds on my GDR3 1020!
    I showed it to him and he was like "Wow....we were JUST talking about the need for this!". Sure...I've known that custom message tones were coming in GDR3 but for it to happen right after the conversation, it was like someone rubbed a genie in a lamp!
    Now....if I can just get Asphalt 8 on my 1020....rubs coffee mug.... 
  • Updated and it works smooth \m/
    Lumia 520
  • Yay! all done on my 925, so far so very good.
  • Is there a change/update log somewhere? A list of all the new features?
  • Yes of course. Here is the link
  • there's sparks coming out of my phone after installing this update, is this normal ?? only joking !!! almost done !!
  • Installed just fine! No problems so far. App Switcher finally lets you close apps!
  • Yes, I finally have custom text and email tones back!!
  • Is it worth doing on my 8x?
  • I'm afraid I'll lose beats function but I don't care cause I don't use that!
  • This isn't resetting anything, it's just installing an additional 3 Microsoft updates on top of what you already have. I still have glance on my Lumia, for example.
  • Can we not reflash our rom back to stock from navifirm?
  • I just signed up for an app studio account and got a confirmation mail from microsoft. I downloaded the Preview for Developers app on my windows phone and went to the settings to search for an update but nothing shows up! Please help if you can! :/
  • open the Preview for Developers app and agree to everything.  The go back to the settings -> phone update and check for updates.
  • Thanks for this answer. I misunderstood that it was literally installing an app and was waiting for my phone to automatically start the update. Silly me.
  • Would this be dangerous if you didnt have gdr2?
  • No.  It wouldn't be possible.
  • You can't even download gdr3 without gdr2
  • I updated on my Lumia 920 all works fine but when I try to attach on the email I can only attach pictures. Any one knows if this can be done from the email app or if this has to be done from the Office Hub?
  • Office Hub it is. Atleast only way I found until now. And only 1 file per mail... IMHO pretty lame.
  • I was wondering the same thing... It's exactly as before, only from Office and sending it one by one. :/ Well, I suppose it didn't make the Preview, maybe we'll see it happen in the official version? :)
  • Working fine so far.. Using wpcentral app on gdr3
  • Just finished upgrading my 920. I did have developer account for WP7 but not dev unlocked WP8 device. But still the upgrade just went smoothly.
  • Anyone already mentioned custom alarm-clock sounds? Or was this already possbile before GDR3?
    Anyway, nice update and glad to see MS finally turn it's words into action.
  • Has been  possible already
  • Just finished my 928. Customized text tones so far but still thumbing through stuff.
  • Ok...I'm a WP enthusiast but have no idea how to dev...Should I preinstall this? Any reason why I shouldn't? ...At&T Lumia 920
    Thanks in advance, I barely speak English but I'm always here reading!
  • You write perfect English! Just install it already!
  • I wouldn't call it perfect English, but it's a lot better than a lot of Americans these days.
  • So for me (L620) here are the good sides:
    1. Customs SMS, email, etc sounds
    2. SILENT MODE (you can turn on and off both 'ringer' and 'vibrate' )
    3. Screen Rotation lock on/off
    4. Bluetooth - Advanced menu
    5. Driving mode with some customization 
    6. Phone Storage: some little more appealing way of putting the things.
    7. Closing multitasking
    8. PDF and docx option of 'share via email' (only one by one) - i am using Adobe reader for pdf
    What i wished but that didnt come
    1. In 'replying' email messages - cannot attach docs or pdfs etc....(attachment option goes to photos hub only  (of course we can select multiple photos) anyone making it work to be able to attach docs or pdfs???
    2. No possibility of sharing videos yet (of course music and videos are still the same)
  • Tile size change?
  • No, tiles stay the same, unless its a 1080p display.
  • How do you get the vibrate to turn on and off??
  • @fndlumia: no change for me L620
    @darren Walsh: settings > ringtones and sounds
  • Now the tough part... what do I use as my custom text notification sound?
  • GDR3 full working!! :D
  • Microsoft: Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go out and do something like this. AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF! -Sent from my GDR3'd At&t 920
  • Haha, feels good doesn't it?
  • working with L920 ATT
  • Is data sense installed?
  • Ok this might be a stupid question but if i do this will i get the upcoming updates fro. Nokia and everything normally or does it stop me from getting them?
  • I think it was said that this will not interfere with the normal updates. Meaning, when Microsoft and Nokia push their respective (official) updates and firmwares it should go swimmingly... But of course, this is a preview. Something *could* go wrong. Let's hope it won't :)
  • Stated in the windowsphone blog, you will continue to receive updates from Nokia/HTC/Samsung and anything your carrier may release when the official release of GDR3 gets approved by that carrier.
  • Does gdr3 allows the access of mic? So we can have a proper call recording app
  • There are no new APIs according to the Dev blog.
  • Installed on my Ativ S, love new storage options, closing apps but most important for me is having Minions saying bottom as my text tone :-)
  • Can anyone confirm if this will install data sense on an AT&T Lumia 920?
  • Didn't for me.
  • Not that I can see. I believe that is still carier specific, if I'm not mistaken.
  • I got it but I'm on verizon
  • DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I created a twitter account the other day just to hound AT&T about not having data sense.  this is really starting to piss me off!!!!!!!!!!
  • Nope, no data sense.
  • Ok, I'm gonna say it, even though you guys hate it - but my Lumia 620 is faster now. And I'm not making it up! :) Before, I had "opening" or "waiting"  or "loading" (I don't know the exact English equivalent[s]) screens when accessing settings and stuff like that. It's snappier and instant now. So far no glitches. But it's been only ten minutes since it finished updating, who knows what tomorrow will bring. :P
  • Installed!!!!
  • So can I attach PDF files to email??
  • NFC prompt remains, and they added a nag screen to driving mode. Swing and a miss Microsoft!
  • It took nearly an hour from installing and updating mine it looks like it freezes a few times but i *promise* it will happen.. (Excluding A&AT) ("-)
  • So do you get different tile size? Gdr3 was meant to bring this no?
  • I love that! Something f&*k us all up.. Were all playing guinea pig on this one.. Not that I'm bothered now got my screen lock!! Happy days..
  • Worked fine for me too. Love the new feature, to kill the apps in the tab view, the new stoarge stuff in the settings menu is nice, even if it takes time to load the infos. It's cool to have a dev account. ^^
  • Seems as if the custom texts are not working, still get the previous tones for WhatsApp etc
  • I get congradulations! the app should begin downloading in a few moments....and then nothing happens.
    Anybody else having this issue?
  • u need to go to phone updates and check for update
  • Was kids corner free before?? Well anyway now I have 2 pages to sort out 2 for me though! Pfft!! there ain't no kids corner on my phone!!
  • Stupid Question: is registering to the App Developer free, or need to pay?
  • Does different tile sizes come with gdr3 or bs? Anyone know?
  • Free
  • For all those that gripped about not having a enthusiast program (myself included), I think MS deserves credit for following through on their commitment. Excellent work MS!
  • Can anyone confirm if the ##3282 field test method to switch to "3G only" mode is working again like the portico release. It had stopped working in amber.
  • Does anyone know if all existing apps work on this preview?
  • Yes. All the apps work properly (tried and tested first-hand). Infact you will notice boost in launching or re-launching the apps.
  • if i cannot downgrade when the update is fully released will i just update normally?
  • Two thoughts: my Facebook beta app is opening quicker than before. Also, my battery meter app (Insider Pro) is actually updating. It never did before. So far an awesome update.
  • Can anyone confirm if the old ##3282 method of Field test to switch data to "3G only" mode is working with this release.It had stopped working since amber release.
  • ##3282 working?
  • Got it and it's good
  • Before everyone gets all excited, if this voids warrenty, is there a potential for our phones to quit working in the future? I downloaded the Windows 8 preview before and my entire desktop was lost forever, everything, I'm worried this may be the same case here. Couple questions. is this safe on an everyday use phone?
    Will all your data transfer over correctly and safely?
    Are multiple features and phone usage still operating as normal?
  • Everything works great and you won't lose your data, anything.
  • I'm unable to download the update. I guess the server is getting hammered. Keep getting an c1130006 error.
  • Used my App Studio account Woo Hoo!! I thought the account never took but I guess it did!  Downloiading on my 920 and 620!!  App studio allows more than one! Rejoice!!  GDR3 is here!!  CUSTOM RINGTONES!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!! YAYAYAAY!!!!!!!!Windows Phone IS Complete in my eyes!!  Everything else from here is Extra Bacon on a Meat Lovers Pizza!!
  • What does the custom text thing mean ? What does it provide ?
  • It's custom notification tones like if you want to change the chimes to your own custom mp3 say like Navi saying "Hey!" from OOT as your Text Message tones or Hyrule Morning for your wake up alarm. ;) 
  • w00t! Custom text notifications are working! I made a bunch of custom guitar sounds for this just now.
  • No word far as i know when the official release is available
  • Go setup an App Studio account.  Quick and Easy.
  • Bought to jump this, yessir!!
  • I have gdr3 now :)
  • Yay!
  • i have an unlocked lumia 925(Germany). Will i lose the manufacturer warranty if i install this?
  • Genau das frag ich mich auch schon die ganze Zeit ;) Und deswegen werde ich auch noch warten (müssen) bis zum offiziellen Release... Grüße!
  • still waiting for it to appear on my phone :( been about 2 hours now
  • I downloaded it on my ativ s and it works great :), but will is still get the windows phone 8.1 update when it is released
  • Would the GDR3 full version have additional features not included in this developer version?
  • Updated my Lumia 928. No problems encountered.
  • Installed and working great on my AT&T Windows Phone 8X.  Well done Microsoft.  Well done.
  • I have it!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayay
  • Oops...must have pressed the wrong button to update. I now have IOS7????
    Oops...didn't realize I have an Iphone.
    Sorry guys.....just kidding!!!!
    Happy GDR3 to u all !!!!!
  • Awww, I don't have a dev account and it costs to get one so no GDR3 for me :(
  • You can get a dev account for free. Review the App studio program.
  • Ooops, nevermind, found the free one! Installing now!!
  • I'm flashing mine as HTC isn't releasing anything new for the 8X
  • One little addition I've never seen before: a setting in the advanced keyboard settings that will switch your keyboard back to letters after typing a smiley. Still no DVORAK keyboards, but hopefully those will come with 8.1 considering they're already on RT.
  • Update waiting for me when I hit my home WiFi. Sorry AT&T, going dancing without you.
  • finally installd on my lumia 620 and 920 i just love it :D and of course the lumia 1520 will be my next wp8 phone :)
  • Ooh, interesting new internet sharing feature.
  • Done on my L920 :)
  • now when you do a hard reset it lets you connect to wifi during setup so you don't use your mobile data when downloading the back up, nice touch !!!
  • To those asking if Field Test works, aka ##3282, seems like it!
    Works just fine here.
  • The close out multitasking screen is exactly what I needed. Now on to notification center.
  • Things I noticed. Whole process took 20 mins. When you active multitask, the theme color is alot darker so you can focus the cards beyter. The OS size is now bigger, 2.96gb
  • Cant wait-99% :D
  • Works superbly, custom MMS!
  • Notifications are 1000% better! Gotta see if there is a battery drain issue now.
  • how are the battery doing with the update
  • I have to say, the only real benefit, to me, is a custom text sound.
    Why did they go with the x to close programs?  It seems like a downward swipe would be a lot more intuitive (plus it would match more with how you close on Windows 8).
    One feature that I'm still missing is reminders of missed notifications.  I'm not talking about a number on a tile or the talked-about lighting up of the Windows button.  I want audible notifications (between 5 and 15 minutes apart) that tell me I missed a call or text.  A light and/or number doesn't help when the phone is in my pocket or I'm on the motorcycle.
    This was supposed to be a new comment, not a response.
  • I bet they thought of the swipe down judging by Win 8 and the way they are trying to tie them together but Apple sadly beat them to market with it. 
  • OMG! My live tiles started working again after the update!  They haven't worked on my phone since December!  But they are working again!  Hurray!
  • I love having a dev device, Installing right now >=]
  • It's like an early Christmas. First the Amber update last week and now this!  Woo hoo!
  • I lost my ATT tethering - I pay for the 5GB plan solely so that I can tether.....
    (ATT 920)
  • Hellz yeah, just need wifi
  • Disappointed with this update. Come on Joe... what is the problem with you.. It has been more than 3 years we still cannot create photo album, music playlist (easiest way), separate volume, attach multiples docs files through email, delete all mails at once, ... And more.. Really disappointed..
  • I found a bug. Now in Line can't see the text bar when am writing.
  • Will doing this voids the warranty ?
  • Does anyone updated a L720 already? Can I have a feedback please?
  • Yeah baby. GDR3 goodness... Mmmmmmm.... Complete with new phone smell.
  • Will i get the bittersweet shimmer update from nokia after registering a developer device?
  • Question, does it still allow you to install or get the Nokia specific updates??
  • I hope this fixes my Bluetooth problems. Give me two days of testing and I'll know. Also the mircro SD atvis reboot error. Hope it fixes it.. So far I've rebooted 4 times with no problems. Time will tell. to think i was tempted to buy the 1020 today. This update might have saved me for now. I hope. Running well so far :D
  • Just got finished downloading to my 920. Wow I've never received 2 awesome updates to my phone in less than a month before!!
  • I just have one question: will this void my warranty, yes or no?
  • Looks like GDR3 also fixed the unstable Live Tile updates in my Lumia 920. Woot!
  • got GDR3 on my lumia 620 :) 
  • For those who want to take a look at some of the news, I updated my Lumia 720 for new version GDR3 see the video on YouTube: /watch?v=i2fVkWK1Kyg   or
  • From India, I installed it on my NL620.. it&#39;s all running fine..
    My Analysis on this update,
    being an ardent Windows phone fan&nbsp; buying their phones from the very first day launch of WP7
    -None of the Nokia apps are affected, all the nokia apps are working fine without any issues
    -in new phone storage update, &nbsp;there is some issue with the temporary storage, since it&#39;s not actually removing the temp files even after requesting it to delete
    -Rotation Lock which is a welcome addiiton
    -&nbsp;Pretty disappointed with this release I mean no big game changing features like
    ability to attach multiple documents like photos from mail app
    No universal search
    independent volume controls
    erratic notifications from Skype
    subtitles for the video
    very bad call record management could use a better technique
    very bad phone record management I mean with a number i should be able to call and message instead it has Call Mobile , Text mobile, but no Call home text home.. no consistency ... why not just mobile, home.. total frustrating
    name retrieval from the dialler
    I mean I'm almost out of patience.. I dunno how long i have to wait still for Windows Phone to become a mature platform.
    --Also tired of posting in the microsoft &quot;user voice&quot;.
    Anyway it is a welcome change .. waiting for next major release WP8.1...
  • As u may have already notice, the "Temporary Storage" freeing-up is a Background Process. It may or may not free up your memory. But if it does, it will not be done instantaneously, because its a background process.
  • Amazed that I can by pass my carrier and do an ota os update without a pc.  Does IOS or Droid do this?
  • Downloading now, am dying to have a play....  exciting or what
  • Please help.are there any bugs or smth else in this uptade.uptade or not uptade?
  • Still waiting for GDR2...
  • Everything feels faster in GD3 on my Lumia 720 compared to GDR2/Amber
  • I wanna become a developer for #WP8 etc.. How to get started, because I know very little about it?
    sign up! & u will be one.
  • How long does it takes to update,guys?5 hours?i need to use my phone by tomorrow morning,lol.1 hour,possible?
  • Love the update! Seems like the location service indicator comes on quite a bit now for some reason. Anyone else? Also seems that my battery (Lumia 920) drains faster, quite possibly due to the location services, or perhaps 're-learning" the battery?
  • Must have been a fluke, or, the unexplained WP battery rollercoaster. Been off the charger for 15 hours now, and sitting at 56% with an estimated 12 hours remaining.
  • Will this update kill all of the Amber/gdr2 updates such as glance screen and Pro cam?
  • If I update my TMO 925 will I lose wifi calling?
  • Getting this update was so easy and had no problems with installation. Now I laugh that I waited to do this.
    First order of business? Changing my incoming SMS tone to Virgil's delightful beeps from Halo 3 ODST. <3
  • Any noticible affect on battery life?
  • well, downloaded and installed last night. Bluetooth is still broken. seems MS is more concerned with adding new features than swatting bugs. this is a deal breaker for me. I am mobile and require a Bluetooth headset but when the voice connection between the headset and the phone drops for no reason and I need to pull the battery to get it to use the headset again just sucks. I had no problem with my old Samsung Focus. I should have stuck with it but I wanted lte speeds. I have given MS lots of chances with this, but they have dropped the ball.
  • I have a Rogers Lumia 920, I have two questions….
    I have flash my phone with the euro Dev GDR2
    If I wait for a official GDR3, will I receive the Rogers GDR3 or the EURO DEV GDR3 ???
    And if I install GDR3 preview, will I get  the official DEV or Rogers GDR3 ?
  • Is there anyone who has had any success on the Nokia Lumia 1020? Will I lose any of my Nokia apps and perks with this update? Will the restore feature work after this update?
  • is it safe to download and  install it on my nokia lumia 920  all i mean it is preview not full version yet :S   and  how i can know mine if it is gdr2 or gdr3 anyone can help me  with that ?
  • Installed. But what about BT4.0 support in Lumia 920?
  • Installed last night on my Lumia 822, no issues.  Took longer than I expected but everything seems to work at this point.
  • hey guys i bought nokia lumia 520 last night, it came with no update even gdr1, i have a devloper account so what should i do eg. start updating one by one like first gdr, gdr2 then gdr3 or can i update direct gdr3.  sorry for bad english.
  • Can't install on Lumia 920 with dev account
  • I can't download the update because when I'm going to register from the appstudio it says "Temporary problems etc..." on Microsoft. Can anybody help me?? I'm a Lumia 520 user should I try it or not?? Appreciate it if anyone could reply on me.
  • My question that seems no one is answering or even asking.
    If I install GDR3 on a Lumia 820 unlocked with Amber installed, will I be able to install Lumia Black when is it launched later this year? 
  • glance works perfect now but my battery is very annoying. i'm pulling off when it's %100 but in 5 minutes it's suddenly %80. do you have any ideas for solving this problem?
  • I see a few questions about data sense. It wasn't showing on my 8x when I updated it on GDR3. After reseting phone, I had it! Try that! BACKUP BEFORE DOING THAT!!!
  • When it will be coming out for other users?
  • Get gdr3 for 19$
    Can i factory reset, and install gdr3
    Again, without buying once again?
  • Are all languages there? I can´t find any info about that...
  • Which option are most people using to become a Developer?   To download the app and start getting early access to Windows Phone updates, you need to be a registered developer or be running a "developer unlocked" phone. Register as a developer: Register as a Windows Phone Developer – $19 USD, and publish apps in the Store 
    Register as a developer with App Studio – Free, and create apps to run on your own Windows Phones
      or   "Developer unlock" your phone: Download the developer tools to register and "developer unlock" your phone   Thanks for your comments. -Rich