Download the Preview for Developers and get GDR3 right now

Earlier this morning Microsoft outlined their new Windows Phone Preview for Developers. Remember the Enthusiast Program announced with Windows Phone 8 in the summer of 2012? This is basically it. If you’re a registered developer for the Windows Phone Store or a member of the Windows Phone App Studio Program you can download GDR3 starting today. That update is now live. Link below.

We’re in the process of downloading right now, so we can’t completely comment on the progress overall process. But so far after downloading the Preview for Developers app from Microsoft we’ve had no hiccups. Head to the Store and download the app, but first note these requirements from the app:

  • You must meet one of the following three requirements: (a) have an active Windows Phone Dev Center account; (b) have an active App Studio account; OR (c) be running a registered developer device (‘dev unlocked’ phone)
  • Updates will only include the Microsoft update, and not additional OEM drivers/firmware
  • To ensure the best experience, your device must be running the latest OS release (currently 8.0.10322.71) or greater to receive early updates via this program
  • You will be required to accept additional terms & conditions within the app prior to opt-in
  • You CANNOT REVERT to a prior OS version once you have taken an update via this program

Key features:

  • Access to latest pre-release Windows Phone updates
  • Ability to opt-out of pre-releases and only receive production Windows Phone updates  

Ready to take the plunge? Head to the Windows Phone Store to download Preview for Developers from Microsoft. After downloading, head into the settings of your phone and go the phone update section and do a check. You should begin downloading GDR3, but not any other OEM features like those that will be found in Bittersweet shimmer. Don't forget to check to what's new in GDR3 and head to the GDR3 Forums to talk it out. 


Thanks for the tip JD!

Sam Sabri