Dragon Mania Legends updated, noticeably increases the cost of playing

Dragon Mania Legends is an entertaining city builder game from Gameloft where you build up your city, breed dragons and battle neighboring Vikings. The Windows Phone game was updated today to version to add a few more gaming features but most noticeably increases the cost of playing the game.

There is no change log listed in the Windows Phone Store for this update but if you install the game and tap the Gameloft symbol in the upper right corner of the screen you can find the changes listed under News.

While Dragon Mania Legends is a free game in the Windows Phone Store, you do have in-app purchase opportunities for items used during game play. These consumables can be earned during the course of gameplay but that can take some time. For example, to level up a dragon you have to feed them food grown on farms you build in your city. With the update, the amount of food needed to level up your dragons has increased.

Dragon Mania Legends

You are also seeing an increase in the amount of scrolls and gold needed to train a dragon and increase their abilities, an increase in the cost to upgrade habitats and the amount of gold needed to remove obstacles as you clear land to build new structures on.

As a result of these increases, it will take you longer to progress through the game or require you to make in-app purchases, all of which takes a bit of fun away from the game.

Another downside to the update is that it is 99MB, and an additional 19MB are required after you launch the updated version of the game to complete installation of graphical content.

On the plus side of things, the update does decrease the amount of energy needed to use the Focus Attack in combat, adds cleaner looking graphics, and breeding tips are now accessible from the Map. It also appears you have more opportunities for online battle (six instead of three).

Dragon Mania Legends

I am puzzled by Gameloft's strategy with this update, just as I was with their decision to drop Windows Phone support for Spider-Man Unlimited. Here are two games that are (or were) showing signs of success in this format only to see the rug pulled out from under them. It is almost as if Gameloft has someone actively seeking out ways to screw up a good thing.

If you are a Dragon Mania Legends fan, let us know what you think of the updated version in the comments below. It is still a fantastic game and city builders by nature are a long term gaming project. I just fear that this update stretches game play out too far.

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George Ponder

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  • Seams pricer...
  • Food is expensive, dragons eats too much XD
  • Lol!!!
  • Haha
  • A huge let down. It's obvious no one likes this update. This game is quite popular (it's full of youtube videos). So idk why they'd screw it like this. And you are prompted to update when you enter the game so there is no way of avoiding it.
  • I downloaded this game about a week ago to play with a friend. Upon downloading I also noticed updates with it as well. During the short time that I've played this, it has become very apparent to me that this app is just like most others out there: designed to make money off the players by making progression throughout the game ridiculously slow and irritating.
    For one, the costs in gold and food needed to level up your buildings and to feed your dragons is retarded. Not only that, but the time it takes to breed and also to hatch the dragon eggs you've breeded is downright stupid. As I see it, the developers of this game, like most others, are depending upon players becoming increasingly impatient and tired of waiting for game progression that they'd give in and pay the absurd real money prices to buy gold, food and gems- and if you take time to do some math and use logic you'll clearly see that you will not at all be getting your moneys worth.
    Secondly, the pop-up ads and videos pop-up literally every 2 minutes, if that! They pop-up virtually in the middle of everything. But when you go to watch the "free videos" to get a free spin at the lotto wheel, all of a sudden those very same annoying pop-up videos will not play, as you will get a message informing you of a bad internet connection. Horse****. The developers are so greedy that they don't want to give away even just 1 measly gem! Even for 1 gem, they still want you to pay! And not to mention the very frequent crashing of the game, some of which happens coincidentally upon the very near completion of a hardearned goal and/or hard fought battle.
    This game is clearly aimed at draining your wallet and bank account dry. And Gameloft, in appreciation to and of their devoted gamers, decides to ignore fan requests and jack up the costs and times of items and quest completions in hopes you'll become impatient and fatten THEIR wallets.
  • Also, I forgot to add in my previous comment: the VIP levels are a rip-off! I can honestly say that THIS is the first game I have ever played that features VIP levels that are not permanant upon purchase... these here in THIS game are only TEMPORARY! Granted they do give you some decent perks, but once the VIP time expires then you're required to spend gems AGAIN if you want the VIP perks back. The developers are hoping and counting on you to be stupid enough to keep spending your real money on this game.
    For $99, for example, you get 3800 gems. With this amount of gems you can go stock up on hella gold and food, as well as use some to skip past those long ass waiting times on waiting hours on end for your dragons to finish breeding and finish in the hatchery. Onward down the spiral, a very good number of dragons require gems in order to buy them. (Buying doesn't include them NOT having to NOT still go through the 1 hour to 2 days of hatchery time). The amount of gems required to buy even the cheapest in gem cost of the dragons is just flat out bull****. So, the $99 spent for 3800 gems just got completely used up in one second. And no, I haven't spent one dime on this crap, and I don't intend to. Ever.
    The costs of upgrading dragon habitats level to level very quickly becomes very expensive in terms of having to spend gold coins. And even to remove a small rock (??!!) costs 500 gold coins. Worse still, to remove a tree costs 16000 gold coins! WTF??! The first of the new islands that you have to unlock? 300,000 gold coins!
    Then there are those "event only" dragons. Yes, that's right: the dragons in this category can ONLY be acquired in certain events such as being first place in Arena Mode, or spending the most gold or gems in a certain amount of time. Basically, your chances of getting these "event specific" dragons is a hairwidth from f***ing impossible unless you give in to the "pay to win" temptation.
    Quite frankly, I'm very damn surprised that there are STILL players out there who have gotten very far into this game WITHOUT SPENDING ONE CENT ON IT. Those poor souls. The excruciating agony they surely endured and experienced whilst doing so.
    I can honestly say that the chances of me continuing to play this game much longer are slim to nil.
  • One last thing: This game should be fun, and it is but... the ridiculous waiting times it takes waiting for dragons to breed and eggs to hatch, and the ever increasing amounts of food required to feed the dragons and the constant grinding to earn the insane amounts of gold to level up and even to buy tons more food to even fill the level gauge just a notch? This would make Mother Teresa, were she to be alive, to lose her patience and use profanity.
    And I shake my head in disbelief at people bragging about how high up in the game they have gotten (no offense intended) and can't help but think of the loads of money they had to have spent. I have someone on my friendslist on the game who is at level 20 (wait for it...) and this person has EVERY map, havitat, temple, nearly every dragon, and all else unlocked in the game AND myriads of ingame decorations/ornaments all over each of their maps! ALL THIS AND ONLY ON LEVEL 20??? Can someone say "pay to win" and (very possibly) "game hack", because there is just no way possible to be only on level 20 and have everything like that.
    Then the decorations, while most are very nice looking, are pointless in my opinion as far as just decorwise. They add no benefits to gameplay progression and on top of that, they are overly priced considering that they don't do a damn thing at all.
    It's a shame that Gameloft has sucked a huge chunk of enjoyment out of this game by jacking up the costs of nearly everything in it. Yes, games are also designed to be challenging and requires some patience and planning ahead as well. But motherf***er!
  • It's also very difficult and frustrating to level up any of the dragons pass level 10 because the higher the level, the far more amounts of food are required to feed them.
    Speaking of food...
    When you actually pay attention to the amount of food you get for the amount of gold and time required to grow it, you'll notice something. Not only will you notice that you're getting ripped off (go figure..) but also it's like the developers are either f***tards at math or they designed it as it is intently counting on players not to realize how they are being screwed.
    And it's just too easy to give in to the urge to spend real money in order to get tons of gems, food and gold. That's exactly what the developers want you to do. True, they have to make a living too, but don't let this happen at YOUR expense as you can already know that they make far more than most players on here do. Don't make them happy by screwing yourself by paying the absurd prices the game developers are charging for the little barely a handful of gems, food or gold. For the prices the developers are charging us players, they very well ought to be giving us far more than what they do.
    You're probably thinking 'then why is this guy playing this game then?'.
    Because it IS fun, but yet its ridiculous and I'm not far at all from giving this game the middlefingers.
  • My girlfriend has this game. Great.
  • Your girlfriend and I have something in common. Want to be a good wingman and introduce us to each other. Thanks.
  • Lol.
    Even I won't have any problems learning any tips or tricks from her.
  • LOL
  • ROFL
  • She's busy playing Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate.
  • Seems we have even more in common..
  • Nice! Currently playing that too. Such an awesome game. :D
  • I'm sure she's happy with your dragon❕❗
  • You didn't state if it seems faster or not. 3/10 would download.
  • The graphical updates are good but the price increases and extreme decrease in gem payout for completing achievements is terrible. If they had made these changes before I was only a few gems away from an upgrade this update would have made me quit the game. As it is, I'll play for a few more days to determine if I feel like slogging through the game to get any upgrades, especially with feeding my dragons which was already getting expensive.
  • I thought I would open three new dragon farms in the next 6-7 hours of gameplay⤵
    Now my dreams have been ko'ed❕
  • >Gameloft
    >increases cost of playing
    Why am I not impressed
    Maybe because mercenaryloft likes to make pay to play games, dragon mania didn't have this feature so they added it
  • The cost of feeding was ridiculous before hand, now it's just out of control. Another money grab.
  • I can't wait till the F2P games burn in hel...
  • I hope they don't do this with Dungeon Hunter 5. This is my first Dungeon Hunter game and I have been playing it until the battery dies on my 1520, so much so that I then continue to play it on my other WP device. So far I have spent $10 for 100 Gems and the in game reward, an overly powerful 3 Star weapon that shoots lightning like crazy and an 3 Star armor suit that has ridiculous defense, was worth it as it has allowed me to breeze through Normal and Hard stages and simply destroy basically every Stronghold I have encountered, racking up 100s of thousands of gold, gems and rare items. Love those Bing Rewards bucks! I only spent $5 of my own money and the game is infinitely more enjoyable. The fun I have had is worth the price of a hamburger that would probably make me fat in one day. Sure, I could have simply played the game and earned those items but my schedule doesn't allow for much gaming. I used those two items to advance my character to lvl 18 in 2 days. It was great to go into battle knowing I could beat the boss with relative ease by managing and upgrading my weapons. Alternatively again, I could have just played without paying anything, using the appropriate 1 Star weapons and armor and my character would probably only be level 5 by now. Why am I writing this about Dungeon Hunter 5 when this article is about Dragon Mania? Simple, just as the Author said, it seems like Gameloft has someone diliberately trying to mess up a good thing, someone that has the power to make decisions to still undercut the progress of WP. It is like asking for a promotion to get a specific career title with more pay and benefits and your boss says "Sure, you can have any title you want, BUT YOU ARE NOT GETTING ONE DIME MORE!!" Gameloft: Sure, we will support Windows Phone, BUT WE ARE NOT GOING TO CONTINUE SUPPORT OR YOUR EXPERIENCE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.....FOR THE WORST. End Rant.
  • Gameloft is the game developer version of false apps, their goal to lure you in with the promise of a product for so much money only for the consumer to discover the product was the promise and there is nothing more to the transaction. Their tactics for Windows Phone is nothing less than shameful and is arguably a con.
  • Classic gameloft, awful company with even worse support.
    Some of their games are good fun, but they ruin almost everything with in app purchases.
  • At least they support Windows Phone. The fact that they think they could make a quick buck with the Windows Phone market share is a good sign in a way.
  • Stuck on lumia 535. Can't open it
  • same, just with my windows 8.1 laptop. it is sooooooo annoying since i only just got to level 20. lol  btw i know this wa posted AGES ago
  • It was expensive before this augmentation. Players asked for more cheaper food... Now it's the complete opposite. I'll keep playing, but not the same way. Finally, It's not a bad thing at all... It's a money saver update for me :) Update: I installed the update and the graphics are a little bite better, but it's slower. +1 Kovaelin ... It's all about making more money
  • It doesn't matter how they sugar coated it; this update had nothing desirable about it for players. It was simply a list of price increases and a borderline threat of making enemies more difficult to defeat instead for one of the items. I don't like it. I'm out.
  • I uninstalled it yesterday.
  • +1 today
  • Dragflation
  • Embarrassed with new update mostly for the scrolls made expensive
  • I have saved money for training and fooding.Now the game doesn't allow me to play before updating.I m feeling fooled by GemLift.Ridiculus update.It would be better to leave the game alone and drop your kind support GL.But I know you will leave only when you are completely satisfied with it being ruined.
  • The update is suck.Alot of force closed after update for my lumia 520.everytime i enter the game scrolling became more heavy and when u want to breed dragon the game just crashed all over time.open map crash,send gift to friend crash,everything crash,if gameloft dont fix this better uninstall it
  • DON'T PAY THE CROOKS - in Dragon Mania Legends (by Gameloft) I PAID for certain features with VIP option, now (after update) the company reduced my benefits - something I PAID FOR !!! (+ everything become so much more expensive that even having VIP status the game is no longer attractive to play) - I am afraid ANYBODY CAN EXPECT SUCH CHATING IN THE FUTURE OR WITH OTHER GAMES FROM GAMELOFT - shame on them..... ps. I WILL NEVER PAY ANY MONEY TO SUCH A CROOK COMPANY... WILL YOU?
  • Bad update. They should reduce costs, not increase it. If I can only play a game for 10 minutes and then wait hours to play another 10 minutes then its definitely shite.
  • This game used to be a good game, but GL is just being GL. Update is the worst one ever, the cost of playing increases to the ridiculous level, or more likely forcing players to pay to play. Now you need pay 2-3x the gold to learn skills, either the price of upgrading habitat and clearing obstacle. While the gold income by clearing map and even the VIP status bonus that I paid for, greatly decreased by whatever reason they can think of. The result? 2-3x the out come and 0.5x the income have made the cost and time of playing this game basically 5-6x than before, you either deal with it or pay for it. Last one is the arena, they most likely stab "hard" opponent who is impossible for you to defeat at your current state, you will have no choice but of course pay to refresh opponent list or pay for dragon fury. You messed this good game GL, just like whatever games that were made by you, simply suck. As I said, GL is just being GL. NOT RECOMENDED GAME.
  • This update has ruined the game. It reloads in the middle of battles, pits me players with dragons many levels higher than mine in pvp contests, and won't load unless I use Wi-Fi instead of just my phone internet service. This makes it pointless even letting the app take up space on my memory card.
  • "Otto's Lotto wheel" is complete and utter crap. 99% of the time none of the videos will play. Let me explain why that is an example of Gameloft's bull****:
    Nearly every minute video ads are popping up, some of which you can't exit out of for the first 15 seconds....
    But yet when I go to that crap "Otto's Lotto" and click the "watch videos for free spin", guess what? I get a message telling me that my internet connection is too low to play videos! Gee, whenever video ads pop up they play just fine. Therefore how can my internet connection be low then? It's not. It's the cheap scamming bastards at 'Lameloft' simply thinking I'm a fucktard to believe that the problem is on my end when in truth and reality, it's their way of saying that they are too big of tightwads to give away a freespin and the videos to watch in order to get a freespin, but yet they'll put a button there inviting you to push it to get one.
    All in all, the cheapskates don't have anything on the wheel worth their bull**** hassle anyway. Rip-off c***suckers.
  • One more thing: Gameloft, like Netmarble, doesn't care at all about listening to their gamers. They make a game attractive and playable enough at first in order to sucker people in to playing their bullshit. Like Netmarble, you basically are telling your customers '**** you' by not listening to them and by ruining a good game and testing the boundaries of what you can get away with. You are pretty much showing through your games what you think: "we have tons of players, a growing number of which are gullable enough and easy to fool and take advantage of that they'll become impatient and pay the crooked prices to buy items they need to progress further into the game. Even if some leave the game, **** them, because others will fill their spots and then we can take advantage of them too."
  • Prices for everything has got out of control. It's tripled then quadruple. A clam of jems for 30 days cost 3.99, that was awesome. Now they want 19.99? I can find another game, just as eadily as i found this one. Unconnecting from contacts, faceboik etc. Not advertising for this game any more. Bye bye.