Dropbox security, how secure is your data?

The more we come to rely on cloud services with our Windows Phones, the more we need to have assurances that our information is protected from unlawful or unauthorized access. The tie in with SkyDrive is obvious but we are also seeing more apps incorporate Dropbox support to store and share data. Password Manager for example is an app where you can manage all your bank account information, passwords, and PIN numbers. Password Manager supports Dropbox to backup and share that information with your home computer. We expect Dropbox to protect this data from unlawful and unauthorized access.

Dropbox Reader is a new tool that gives us pause. Dropbox Reader is a forensic investigative tool that basically breaks through the security encryption on Dropbox and allows anyone with the tool the ability to view your data and account information. At first we thought this might be a tool limited to law enforcement investigations but in reading the licensing information,

"You may use this software freely for forensic investigation purposes, personal study, or research and development."

I guess identity theft could be twisted to mean "research and development". Such programs should be regulated to prevent the average joe from hacking into your information.

Cloud services such as Dropbox and Skydrive have the customary clauses in the Terms of Service that allow for the lawful access to your information by a third party (e.g. search warrant) which is reasonable. What isn't reasonable is allowing a third party app to access your information without permission or authority.  We'll always have hackers out there trying to by-pass cloud security but it shouldn't be this easy.

Dropbox Reader is another reason to be careful on what your put out in the cloud as well as what service you choose. We hope Dropbox will address this issue to prevent anyone from downloading programs such as Dropbox Reader and accessing our accounts without the proper authorizations.

source: betanews

George Ponder

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  • So glad I never put anything in my dropbox account.
  • I'm glad I don't even use one.However if you do, and you aren't encrypting the information on your end before uploading, you're a fool.You shouldn't rely only on Dropbox's encryption algorithms. Encrypt what you want to upload, then upload it. Even if they break through Dropbox's encryption, it shouldn't matter. Your stuff is already encrypted before it was ever uploaded.
  • How does this app affect Skydrive? Personally I am waiting for Mango and WIndows 8 to really start using the sky drive feature. Apps like DropBox seem to be more vunerable. I am not saying my Hotmail account is not vunerable, but I does use a 20+ character password with caps, numbers and special...Am I wrong???
  • So what does this mean; is it not safe to use Dropbox but safe to use SkyDrive or what? Would appreciate an explanation on this.
  • Both are vulnerable to searches by LEA (with a warrant, but with the Patriot Act, that barely means anything anymore), but Dropbox could be less secure on an open network (wifi), work, school, etc. where someone could use these scripts.
  • Shameless plug but stories like these is the reason why we came up with the idea for this http://mindspace.ms (WP7 client is also in the work)-
  • So just avoid Dropbox altogether and use Mesh and Skydrive.
  • Yeah but Dropbox does so much more than Skydrive. If Microsoft wants people to use Skydrive primarily they need to add more functions and create an app for it.
  • I was looking for a password manager for my WP7. I use eWallet on by desktop and was looking at purchasing eWalletGo for WP7. Well, eWallet only supports GoogleDocs and DropBox. But since I already use Skydrive for storing my files I found SkyWallet. Its a great password manager which seamlessly integrates with Skydrive. So I purchased this instead and have been happy with it. In hindsight, I'm glad I didn't purchase eWalletGo. I hope they support Skydrive soon because eWallet is also a nice password manager.
  • So can this tool look at all Dropbox folders or only Public Dropbox folders. Either way, really don't care if someone can see; my resume, some family videos, a record of my car's gas fillups, and a few text files with shopping lists, replacement bulbs for my car, and some other stuff. Today Dropbox is still 1000% easier to use, both on the PC and WP than SkyDrive, so I will keep on using it. Of course Sky Wallet if you want your password data to be secure.
  • Usability and other subjective criteria are important when choosing Dropbox over SkyDrive or vice verca. When it comes to security, unless your data is encrypted military grade while in transit and at rest it is NOT safe. Dropbox and security? To these guys security is HTTPS... JokeThe only way to secure data in the cloud is by using services like certivox.com or PrivateSky.me There is a whole new breed of security infrastructure services out now that change the paradigm. They secure stuff hardcore (and most of it is free!)
  • Binfer is a great option to send large files directly from computer to computer, without uploading to a server. You can send hundreds of files of any size with a simple drag and drop. Binfer will manage the transfers with auto resumes, encryption, notifications etc. Check it out: http://www.binfer.com