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Dual-SIM RM-1090 breaks cover at China's TENAA sporting Microsoft branding

After passing through the FCC last month, the RM-1090 has now broken cover at China's TENAA. Considered to be the first device to sport Microsoft's branding, the RM-1090 is rumored to be a mid-range device that offers dual-SIM connectivity.

The FCC filing from last month revealed that the RM-1090 would feature similar dimensions as that of the Lumia 830. Other rumored specs include a qHD resolution of 960 x 540, as well as GSM and 3G with HSPA connectivity. There isn't much else we know about the device, although the photos do suggest that the device sports a similar design as the Lumia 530.

What kind of hardware would you guys like to see in the RM-1090?

Source: Weibo

Thanks hengxiang32401 for the tip!

  • Is this gonna be the upgrade the 1020 phone owners have been waiting for?
  • Are you serious??? This is another low end device. MS doesn't seem to be that interested in high end market.
  • They JUST released the 930 and the 1520 is still a fan favorite so stop whining..
  • JUST? You kidding me? Almost half a year have been passed... Oh wait! 1520 was announced like an year ago as well as 930(Lumia Icon)...
  • Yeah!
    Microsoft should release as often as gayPhone!
    Once a year
    have pride in rainbow colors!
  • Lol, oh my, that there's funny...LGBT commune will be up in ...arms? Maybe different anatomical region.
  • I'm quite sure no one will ever be satisfied until Microsoft releases a device called Lumia Flagship.
  • +Lumia Flagship
  • Hello mr. Oxide
  • No one knows what is in the pipeline, if they do as they did with the Microsoft Bank we could (hopefully) be in for a suprise. Let's see.
  • Do you realize the iPhones are released just once a year? The 930 is not old, so get over your insane obsessions of having phones released every month. That is how phones come out half-done.
  • The 930 is just an Icon, so almost 1 year old and the 1520 is too big for many people. It's been discussed more than once, we don't have a flagship at the moment. That's a matter of fact. Aside from the fact that he wasn't whining, since 'McLaren' was canceled WP users looking for a premium upgrade now have no real choices.
  • As far as we know McLaren didnt even exist.
  • If Microsoft had released a flagship for all carriers so anyone can go and get it there wouldn't be that much complaining from its beloved customers.
  • Which means we'll continue to lose market share. Honestly, I'm almost to the point of switching to another OS. Microsoft is just stupid. They ignore their most devoted fans over and over. *sigh*
  • A flagship device wouldn't fix Windows Phone's market share problem anyways.
  • Almost a year still means not a year.
  • Whether or not you or others prefer larger handsets isn't the issue, the 1520 is the flagship until Microsoft releases a successor however niche it is.  This is based on availability and specifications (otherwise the 930 might be a contender).  Do I want a smaller flagship?  Sure.  But saying none presently exists... that's not a fact. That's a lie.
  • WHAT? lol  they just release what? lol   that shit old both running snapdragon 800  there is 801 and 805 this days with rapid charging tech   
  • None of us in the US can get the 930. To get the Icon we would have to deal with Verizon.
  • I'm going back to Android I need a high end device and it seems m$ doesn't get it
  • Ridiculous overreaction.
  • The Lumia 930\ICON and 1520 are high end phones in two different sizes just like the iPhone. Unfortunately they are not available on all carrier so stop whining about we do not have a high-end WP. Snapdragon 800 chips.
  • Precisely. The carriers and exclusivity are our problem.  It's creating a perception issue and right now the optics are quite bad.  I wonder WHEN the 930/Icon was released, whether all of these people complaining right now would have bought one.  I even wonder more if they would be complaining this instant that no flagship exists with a 930/Icon in their hands.  I wonder if people are equating phone releases/refreshes with firmware/OS updates... thinking the two should be in sync.  Thank goodness that isn't the case, but it might explain why people want new phones every 4 months.  Or they are confusing Microsoft for the ENTIRE ECOSYSTEM of manufacturers that offer android phones - all of which have different models and release dates, etc. No one the second largest phone manufacturer this kind of heat (for releasing phones only annually).  That, or the insta-grat consumerism that is just getting quite ridiculous these days.  This is one reason that Christmas stuff is out in the stores before Thanksgiving and during Halloween!!
  • I bought mine from China (the HK variant) at a LOPT less than the local price and provided you aren't on any backwards-as-hell network that uses CDMA it'll work anywhere. Just make sure you DON'T buy the AT&T version as its got 1/2 the RAM and no QI/wireless charging (gotta love the carriers).
  • They down grade the windows phones so it don't get into direct competition with their Andriod pride.
  • I think high end devices will start to pop up around the end of November. It'll be Christmas shopping season, and people tend to spend big bucks then - and why not buy a new smartphone as it's fresh out?
  • I thought this at first. However this is the internal part number, not the "Lumia" brand model number.
  • Obviously it is not. Looks like it is yet another low end device from Microkia.
  • Microsoft logo looks ugly in that picture
  • Yeah, I always liked how Nokia kept the logos and branding clean and classy. This looks cheap.
  • Reading title :) 1090 i got excited that it would be new flagship for which i was waiting for but reading complete article :(
  • Lol
  • Its the Lumia 535. It comes with 5inch OLED Display, 960 x 540 reso, 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory with SD Support and a 5MP Cam. Available in the colors cyan, white,orange, black/grey. Available at 24. November. Some onlineshops still listed it as Lumia 535.
  • Probably without clear black polarizer and snapdragon 200 quad-core too I think. It will be a good buy because it has a front facing camera though, something that's missing in the 635, 1GB of ram would be killer! way better performance than a faster processor with 512mb. Hope you're right ;)
  • 1130, perhaps?
  • Lumia 1330? With a 6" screen.
  • This was my initial thought too. The 1320 was a budget alternative to 1520. This could be the budget alternative to the 830. It has an LED flash on the back, which would indicate an upgrade to the 630, but doesnt appear to be pureview.
  • Successor to 625, the 535?
  • Budget alternative to the 830 is 730.
  • I feel that would be redundant between the 830, 735, 730, 635, and the 630.
  • Lumia 1337 ;)
  • 835.
  • If 835 then it's for tmo USA
  • What the heck is that
  • The ugly is strong in that one.
  • Lol
  • The only ugly is the black logo on the back, it should have been white or like the nokias have now, glossy and a little deeper in the cover
  • That damn Microsoft branding on the front❗❗❗❗ That is by far the worst thing I always thought might happen, and I always hoped they would just replace Nokia with Lumia... SMH.. Nevertheless, I know the MS brand is more powerful, and more popular....
    But, a device that says MS on the front isn't going to do anything if it's not properly marketed, and MS doesn't run a huge marketing campaign to change perception of the company into a more modern, and hip, company... Still SMH....
  • Personally I think having the logo on the back is worse, got no issues with the front of the device, it's the same as Nokia.
  • Lumia is the same amount of letters as Nokia.. They should've just put Lumia on the front, and the MS symbol on the back.... Nevertheless, I understand why MS did this... They have to establish a name in hardware with the average consumer.. I guess the average consumer will view the hardware as quality... At least MS has the perception of quality going for them..
  • oh dear jesus god. what a tragic device to launch the microsoft lumia brand. this summs it up perfectly.
  • Agree I so hope Microsoft aren't gonna kill Nokia's Lumia's #MissYouNokia
  • Where is Superboy Micah when we need him?
  • I'm here,never fret lol. Besides this phone doesn't look that bad to me but I am obviously not its target audience. Doesn't look much different than my 1520
  • There you are!
  • Agreed. Sad state of affairs. We have no device to be proud of, just minor variations of the same crappy low end phone that isn't even priced that competitively
  • I'm proud of my 1520.
  • I just hope the 1030 comes along the same day this one get's official
  • i bet you won't see 1030 or any high end phones until they finish windows 10
  • I just hope they do someting about it. April is way too long...
  • Agree. The new brand should launch on a flagship, not a rowboat. lol
  • Nooo, please no more low end. We want new flagships. I guess I am going to buy nexus 6 and use it until lumia flagship show up.
  • Why would you expect a high end device when its been said time and time again that we shouldn't expect one anytime this year?
  • Yeah, I no Daniel said there will be no new lumia for 2014 and now we get this!! So Daniel is wrong and he doesn't know much lately as he mentioned in his articles. But its still a disappointment as I wanted a new phone for Christmas and I am a bit board of my lumia 925.
  • Danny Boy does not work at MS. We need a rumometer for him.
  • And I didn't imply he did. Neither did I site him as my only reference.
  • I know. I needed your comment as a placeholder.
  • Ok, I'll concede he didn't know about this one but MJ Foley is usually in the know. She also seems pretty sure there won't be any new flagship device released this year. But then again who knows?
  • This isn't a "Lumia" phone and it is for China only so Daniel isn't wrong.
  • How is this not a Lumia?
  • Because Microsoft doesn't use the name Lumia any longer. They are known as Microsoft Phones now.
  • And the strangest thing is that they are naming all their social pages et al Microsoft Lumia.
  • I'm sure you've seen the numbers. You and I want flagships and I strongly believe the brand desperately needs flagships, but flagships have not sold. They fall in the "other" section on the WP device use graphs. They are right to focus on low and mid, but they cant keep neglecting the flagship side forever.
  • More an upgrade of the 530..and yes its hideous
  • 640 perhaps
  • Probably 650 more than 640.
  • The design is quite mundane
  • At least it is not a massive departure from Nokia style. This I am wondering about. Even then this phone was probably around in the pipeline so we'll see.
  • From the looks of it: No clearblack screen, no pureview camera. Low end.
  • Lumia 1330?!
  • Another mid range as it has front camera n back camera with flash .. That's y instead of waiting for newer flagship I purchased Lumia 930
  • Not interested, I think this phone is a BS!
  • Look fake Windows doesn't have this logo
  • On screen buttons???
  • but Microsoft has that logo..
  • Noo please no more low end devices for now. Everybody's waiting for the new flagships to be released!
    I'm actually waiting for the 1020 successor.
  • WOAH WOAH WOAH DAT LOGO! I guess this is the first Microsoft Lumia device...
  • Lumia 535?
  • I just want dual sim capability (and a replacable battery) in my current 1520 please.  Dual sims in my Moto G made it easy to free myself from the outrageously expensive voice+data plans that a single slot forces you into. Plus more apps.  I wouldn't have bought the moto if the WP app selection was as good as it deserves to be.
  • ^THIS! I want to combine my work line and private line in one phone and will happily switch to whatever high end device allows that by mid next year.
  • Why is "Microsoft" in itallic?
  • You must be holding your tablet/laptop/phone at an angle. Try holding it straight.
  • Lol
  • I am referring to the smaller text on the top of the phone's display. Please check again. Appears itallic to me.
  • He's just playing.
  • It's written"MICROSOFT" not italic ..
    this time even wear your glasses too.. Lol.. N dont forget to hold your gadget straight...
  • As someone above has said....TRAGIC! First Microsoft Lumia and this is what they come up with?! I know they're going after the low end but enough already, where the hell is the hero/halo/flagship device? 920 2 year contract up in 2 weeks and nowhere for me to go :(
  • McLaren was it, MS had no plan B. That is the tragic part.
  • Why would they release a new flagship right now. There going to wait my guess would be for windows 10 launch.
  • Well, as we know they had planned to but the plan (McLaren) failed and they had no plan B.
  • I really don't see how 10 will help WP. I just don't. Sure, maybe some nifty features, but is that enough? Apple and Android could offer less, yet many would say, and particularly in Apple's case, be praised as an innovation.
  • It will help windows on phone out for the following reasons. 1. Instant market share boost. Unified OS unified market share. Just like they count android on PC and watches and tablet in the same market share they will also have to do the same for windows 10. 2. More market share more developers more apps. 3. Universal apps write it once for all screen size. 4. Microsoft dont have to win in the short term. This is a long term race. So in conclusion windows 10 will help windows on phone by leaps and bounds.
  • I think opinions are already made. WP phone could offer time travel (there is an app for that) and we still will be bottom feeders. Ultimately, no one will know until well after the release.
  • It will help about as much as 8.0, and 8.1 did.
  • I think it's the MICROSOFT LUMIA 535! Wait, are they gonna keep the numbering scheme?
  • smells like 835 for me... or perhaps 1230/1330...
  • This is 835. Remember the rumors of having different versions of 830 - with lower spec camera, etc. This is it.
  • Does low end smell like shit? I have a cold today and can't smell anything.
  • I understand that Microsoft wanna cater to Joe Blogs and provide him with low end phones but please don't forget about us Technology freaks that have stood by you through thick and thin. We love the next best thing, high performance and the wow factor. Is it so hard to make a flagship phone and a baby sister version of it?
  • Right now?
    No, Microsoft is still in transition.
    The branding?
    There is no word to describe it but "Moronic", given what has happened in the past in China the branding will be the biggest killer of sales. Plus the Microsoft branding on a phone is going to put of alot of people, you will be surprised how many mistake Certain Lumia models as Samsung phones and the latest 930 as an iphone. If they had 1/1 vision, that I could understand but with 20/20???
  • Yeah, like 1520, except a smaller size.
  • Lets just say I'm glad to have bought Lumia 830, likely the last great looking phone with Nokia branding
  • Pity the word Lumia is not on the phone at all. Oh well, I guess that makes sense. If the price is right, this should do well. Nice small bezels too.
  • Only other words will be the carrier
  • it will be 250 dollars. approx
  • as if "Galaxy" is on SamPhones.
  • Yes, as if, that's why I said I guess it makes sense. However, they could in principle have branded the whole line up as Lumia and just have MS logo or a very small print on the back. Similar to the Surfaces.
  • People looking for Lumia.
  • Accept it or not these are the devices that will drive the market share upwards if the pricing is right. Just take for example the no. of Moto g and e out there compared to the Moto X. I accept high end devices are needed but these are important too
  • What an ugly font, and long name, i wouldnt be as mad if they called it MS or whatever the hell that is not that long and unsexy...if that means anything at all
  • But that's Microsoft's normal brand font. MS would be too short, and sounds incomplete... unlike for example LG.
  • Lumia 535, probably for selected countries, just like the Lumia 525 was. Hope some carriers in US can get this two.
  • This isn't going to launch in this planet, it's china's only! To me, this is the lumia 535, with flash and with 1Gb RAM. I only hope these leaks have nothing to do with those recent layoffs!!
  • It may be Lumia 535
  • MS only has two markets in their mind. The US and the post developing countries or BRIK as we call Brazil, Russia, India and China here in Denmark. Nokia, MS and virtually every other WP manufacture spam out one low end device after another. Ever competing to make the crappiest phones at the lowest possible price. Don't misunderstand me, I truly think its great that almost everyone can get onboard the WP ship. But why would any Android user ever consider switching their high-end Quad or Octa core device for a Snapdragon 200 or 400? Android needs an extreme amount of CPU power to work smooth, WP doesn't, but how are Android users suppose to know? And why are we WP fanatics forced to stick with the same phone 1-2 years before another flagship comes out? Are MS really not interested in our money..? Please make both low-mid -high device...
  • McLaren.
  • And what happened to the McLaren project... Its not going anywhere...
    Please give us a phone with specs like the new Nexus 6. Now that's a flagship phone!
    I could understand why MS wouldn't be making flagships if that would make them to big of a competition to the other manufacturers. But since no one is making flagships, MS really needs to pull some weight. Otherwise the purchase of Nokia is also utterly wasted...
  • I know, sorry I wasn't clear, did not mean McLaren is the solution - it is in fact the problem. Like I've said many times its mind-boggling and tragic that MS/Nokia did not have the foresight to have a Plan B high end phone ready to go/ready to be finalized quickly in case/if/when! the "highly innovative 3D features" would turn out to be a failure/not ready any time soon.
  • The Microsoft logo on the back is particularly wretched. Why they can't have Lumia as a brand (like Audi is as part of the VAG group) and keep the Microsoft name off the devices is beyond me, as MS doesn't exactly have much of a strong market perception.
  • .... They are going to launch a device with Microsoft Branding despite with everything happening in China right now. One would have thought, the Lumia branding would have been more appropriate lol.
  • MS hav't thought a lot about the branding :(
  • The phone looks ugly.
  • 535?
  • I wanna throw up....
  • Microsoft should never avoid front camera, Flash and compass.
  • Boring..ios and android both have sweet new phones to choose from this holiday for us high end phone lovers but none from ms. And please stop mentioning the 930 as its not available here in us and in many places .here in the us it just 2 phones 1520,m8 and the 1520 is already 1 year old so no its not a new phone
  • Maybe a 535 , or 640/50
  • Terrible. Should have no brand on the front and Lumia on the back. Like Surface.
  • If a phone has no branding on the front it's a no-buy for me. It looks weird. It's ok for tablets but phones?
  • Totally a no-buy. It's not like the iPhone and Nexus devices are popular or anything. Why is it okay for tablets but not for phones? Sounds like an arbitrary distinction.
  • Which is why I said "for me". After I typed that I actually thought to myself "Would I buy an iPhone". The answer came back as a no, so I posted it. As for the branding... A brand name is pretty prominent on a phone as opposed to a tablet because of relative size. The screen on a tablet is enough of a distraction to not notice the branding, be it presence or absence thereof. If it's not there on a phone, one will definitely notice and the phone (in my opinion) will just look naked.
  • You actually think the iPhone and Nexus 5 are ugly because they don't have a logo plastered on the front? You are very weird.
  • I didn't say ugly. I used the words "weird" and "naked". It looks like something's missing. As for calling me weird: Thanks; it's a new experience.
  • 1330?? Lol
  • I think this phone nothing but a test for the new brand
  • I bet it will be called 535, and it will be just follow up to 625 (635 already exists as we know therefore 535). 1000% I'm accurate. And it looks nearly identically to 625, that sold quite well,  so I don't know where all this moaning comes from. All that is different here is a Microsoft instead of Nokia in front, pretty much changing nothing (other than your sentiments)  also we can all guess the specs in here: 4.7inch screen qHD, 512mb ram, 5mpx camera, 8gb of built in memory plus SD slot, Snapdragon 200, WP 8.1.1. $100/150. Done.
  • I think at least 1 GB of ram and a quad core processor is needed....also it'll be good if it has a front facing camera......
  • I bet this phone have front facing camera, look at that circle at the front corner of the bezel. If this is low-end device then there is 50/50 chance of having 1GB of RAM.
    I just wondering why it still have camera hump design though, if this is low-end device then likely won't have large sensor so why the hump? I'm not fond of camera humps especially without any good reason, I prefer no humps as it feels and looks sleeker that way.
  • Sorry I take it back about this is low-end device, I misread the article. D: So since this is mid-range device, then 1GB of RAM is a must for this device. 512MB RAM should be for low-end category.
  • That Phone was not looking cool with Microsoft banding
  • It seems to be successor of 625...
  • No clear black display like Lumia 625 & camera flash position just like Lumia 625 .... Hoping it would come with Snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2ghz quad core unit and 1GB of Ram
  • Could make a nice upgrade phone for many 520 owners who still want to buy cheap. Might be reasonably thin given that the 3.5mm jack at the top is seen to that extent on the pic of the back.
  • So this is why wpcentral is now windowscentral. 
  • Looks like 625
  • It seems a fake, In front, wrong "M" of Microsoft..
  • I've had this phone :) it's low end, onscreen buttons, 5'', camera is nothinh much, i have few pics, but i was asket not to publish them...   Anyway, Microsoft branding :) and startup Miscrosoft logo is bit odd to see on lumia design... And it's WP Denim OS.
  • how come you didnt throw up ;) ?
  • It's not so well built, back cover is bit thinner than lest say 820, and display is not as i could see gorila glass. I think it will be around 125€ in my country. So it's definetly not succesor to 1020 :)
  • I boubt it will be that cheap (unless the 635 is even cheaper in your country). After all, it has a bigger screen, a FFC and a flash over the 635 specs. Btw, does it have 512MB or 1GB?
  • I would really love a Lumia 520 looks with 820 hardware specs
  • There're enough budget devices... And this one seems just as terrible as 530.
  • This phone will come with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 2 and Denim :) Welcome to the Lumia Family. Little kid ;)
  • And you know that how? :) So does update 2 have sortable settings/app lists?
  • I really hope they are ditching numerology of the Lumia branding if this is going to be called 1090! That would have it sound like a successor to the Lumia 1020, which it clearly isn't going to be.
    If its not named 1090. Then for god sakes MS please stick to something we all know and love! Call your phones Lumia something-number and have them follow a strict and simple line.
  • That's the internal name. It's not going to be Lumia 1090.
  • Microsoft could have just put Windows symbol in the back to show that microsoft owns it! Instead of writing "Microsoft"
  • Lol... Squinting won't make the new logo synonymous with old. Alternatively, "wax on wax off"
  • Who the heck leaks such images videos? Microsoft? And how the heck you know that it is dual sim?
  • No camera button:
  • WTF? Another mid range phone?
  • Damn. The Microsoft brand in front looks cheap. It should have been LUMIA then Microsoft at the back. Shit. Will it mean, my 1520 will be the last phone I'll have to avoid the MS brand? Please, just stick with LUMIA in the same way as you're promoting Surface.
  • I agree! They should just stick to Lumia branding just like Surface tablets, they can just put Microsoft logo with typeface or logo only at the back but smaller and far from Lumia logo at the center.
    Lumia for me is better choice as people can still feel that this is same Nokia Lumia they known before, only different is that no Nokia brand at all, but replaced with Lumia. Most people calls my phone "Lumia", some actually forget it was made by Nokia until they see the branding, heck some who haven't seen one thinks Lumia is a new brand of smartphones.
  • Another midrange phone. Hmmm.
  • What the hell I thought that back of phone Lumia name will be there. It's too bad....
  • Something like a 535 I think, but it just doesn't make any sense
  • Why not? Could well be a nice option for e.g. those on the 520 looking for the next phone and wanting a bigger screen at an affordable price.
  • Bezel logo looks ok, but the back is too big and really should be Lumia or small like Nokia had it my 1520 has a tiny Nokia logo on back as have all my other Lumias
  • They need to remove "Microsoft" and only keep the logo on the back.
  • Or shift the branding to extreme right
  • WOW!! What a beautiful phone, said no one EVER!
  • They should simplify the back with just the windows logo and the word Lumia.
  • We all Want Lumia 1030
  • So I take it that was the leaked bezel doing the rounds a couple of weeks back? Disappointed it's attached to another low tier device.
  • What if it's the successor of the 525?
  • More like the 625
  • My eyes are paining. That MS branding is so damn ugly. Like others have said they cud have jst stick with Lumia, with a small Windows logo.
  • That phone would look much better with just the Windows logo and the word Lumia. I don't know how anyone could think" Microsoft" looks attractive on a phone... At that size especially!
  • the device is bad in looks. Microsoft make better hardware like 830 for such device in mid range sectr ppl will go mad behind that device
  • Please tell me we have another 6 inch device on the way soon. I'm in love with my 1520, but I'm ready for the next big thing!!!!
  • How many more mid ranges?
  • This is probably it for the time being, with the exception of a possible follow up to the 1320.
  • Most likely be a 64x . Probably same processor, 1 gig ram , the flash , same camera and longer screen to accomodate onscreen buttons.    
  • What kind of hardware?
    Lumia name on front.
    Windows name/logo on back.
    Not, I repeat not, MS emblazoned everywhere
  • Hey guys, zoom in at the Microsoft logo in the second one. Doesn't it look like it has been photoshopped? Any experts here?
  • Probably 535.. Nothing more.!
  • Omg it just looks like Lumia 625
  • We need nokia$ innovative mind and creativity in phone models...if MS isn't going to do that its going to be Samsung like stupid models
  • I thought the higher the first number, the better the series, 9xx series better than 8xx and 8xx better than 7xx and so on...
  • glossy back yikes!!!
  • Personally, I like the branding and design!
  • nope theu should make it look better. how apple makes their logo look better. we need a colorful Windows logo on the back. That will attract ppl.
  • If Nokia was still here, they would have already released atleast 7 flagships right now....
  • Err, no. McLaren was as much their product and their mistake as it was of MS.
  • Maybe 640 or a new series for a new beginning
  • They haven't given us the 935, the 1030, the 1330 or the 1530 yet and you expect them to go to x40? Oh helll no..
  • No more low end, please...
  • Damn, was really hoping for a high end phone... i´m kind of depressed now. 
  • Take note. Not everyone in the world has Verizon, not everyone in the world has huge hands, and well the 930 which should be a true successor to the 920 isn't. 2 recent mid ranged devices released plus a couple low end devices. Its almost the holiday's and I want my flagship.
  • This might be like high mid range with almost flagship specs
  • Waiting for quad-core, with 8 MP main camera and 5 MP front-facing camera #dreaming
  • You don't need a high MP front facing camera with the Lumia Selfie app. Try it out. You can use the better rear camera automatically for selfies and with the software enhancements like bigger eyes, whiter eyes, whiter teeth, thinner face etc
  • This is NOT the 535. The 635 only came out 4 months ago with no front facing camera and no flash... Unless they axe the 'hundred numbering system' with the new Microsoft branding names and upgrade the base offering. This phone is designed to compete with Xioami and Lenovo in Asia, not Apple or Motorolla.
  • this is almos certain to be something like 645.. follow up to the 625, but at a somewhat or even significantly lower price point.
  • I want dual-SIM, LTE, and North American frequencies. High-end specs would be nice, but not a requirement. Why are all dual-SIM phones HSPA-only? And no Lumia yet has dual-SIM with North American frequencies, we have to look to Blu and Yezz for phones like that. Millions of people travel between Canada, the U.S., and Mexico every day. Not to mention people with both personal and work SIMs.
  • I hear you but seems like US carriers still have too much power over the major brands to allow for that.
  • I am waiting patiently for a 1520 successor. Hopefully its not just a bump up in specs like every galaxy note iteration. The 1520 successor needs to have software optimization to take advantage of the screen.
  • It maybe Nokia Lumia 535 with 1gb ram , VGA front camera and 4g LTE like Lumia 635 snapdragon 200 with lumia deniem update .
  • Nope, much more likely to be a 6xx phone (follow up to 625, essentially, but with a lower price).
  • Wake me up when we get a 1030. I have the lines that are ready for contact renewal at AT&T from 920s. And nothing to buy. One of those people may be satisfied with an 830. The rest of us will give this a couple more months and reevaluate... MS, this is not the position you want your most ardent supporters to be in. Every month spent is like wasting money by paying contact pricing without getting the benefits (new phones). Do something... at least tell us the 1030 is coming... if we wait another three months and they're is still no sign we will feel even more like we need to move. This is just silly... you need to support your high end customers... they get lots of people to give your low end devices a chance.
  • That a weird resolution
  • Come on people!, Microsoft is mainly a software company, that also make hardware. Ask to the phone makers design an high end lumia.
  • I'm guessing...
    1. 1320 successor, 1330. 13xx series is for big screen but with mid range specs. 5 inch and above consider big screen device.
    2. Microsoft changed the branding and they will also try to get rid of Nokia's numbering pattern. Microsoft Lumia ________
  • I wonder why they just don't use the Lumia brand instead of Microsoft. Surface line use Surface branding at the back of the device. Lumia smartphones could just have Lumia branding with Microsoft logo with typeface at the back, or just the logo only and maybe not having branding at the front. Making it more minimalistic.
    Also I think I prefer engraved typeface logo at the back a bit more than just painted on top of polycarbonate plastic. I feels bit more premium that way especially on matte/rubbery finish.
  • I agree with you
  • Kudos, they should consider this!
  • This is not a flagship Phone .its is a budget phone you see the display it's not clear black display (CBD) so we can expect its a mit range Phone
  • It's really like Nokia Lumia 625.
  • Plz MS dnt use logo+Microsoft on the back. Just use only one.
  • Looks like a 535
  • No, like a 645.
  • Can someone explain this wacky numbering system used for names?
  • The 1090 is just an internal/certification code name. As for the rest, yes, I agree they should have launched 530 as a 430 (silly superstitions on "4" be screwed! :) and 630 as 530 etc.
  • So explain to me how this is better than a 1020? What does the 10 mean? Or even the last two digits. There seems to be no reason to any of the numbers.
  • The internal, certification code has nothing to do with specifications or features. I would guess its just a basically running number, i.e. every subsequent model will have a higher number than the previous recardless of specs etc. Or a combination of e.g. a region/country code and some other identifier.
  • So we really don't know for sure then.
  • We know for sure this has nothing to do with the product number that will be used in the marketing. Plus, I am sure some others may know more about the rationale/system used for the internal numbering.
  • But you can't tell me why one starts with a 15 and one starts with a 10 or 9. Or what the requirements are to justify such a number.
  • Are you talking about marketing model numbers or the internal code numbers? For marketing model numbers, the numbering is indeed quite unclear as well. Generally speaking it seems they are just broad slots for line up placement, with a higher number generally denoting higher specs and/or some distinctive feature. Like for 10XX it may be the latest and greates in camera tech, and 13XX and 15XX denoting phablets. 9XX appers to be the high end "all-rounder/complete balanced package" flagships. 5XX bottom of the price and specs range, 6XX a step, 7XX another step up and 8XX the "stripped down flagships".  
  • Well, its should have at least 1gigs of ram, a ziess optics, glance screen, and 16gigs of internal memory.
  • Well, at least this one will have a flash.
  • Debut MS Phone a midrange?
  • You know Microsoft cant afford designers so their engineering team has to design
  • Another failure from Microsoft Nokia designs phone better.
  • This is a Nokia design. MS has owned ex-Nokia devices for only 6 months, this was designed before that.
  • This is gonna be Lumia 1330! Highly possible as the design is much similar to 1320.
  •   No, this is a 5in screen device. More like the follow up to 625.
  • So all you people either want to spend $600 multiple times a year for new out of contract high end devices or are complaining just to complain
  • Microsoft should produce a phone which shall top in its particular cost category.
  • Call me a weiredo - but the specs reminds me of an improved Nokia XL Dual-SIM. That would be okay.
  • The upgrade to 625.
    This is 635.
  • I'm liking the Microsoft branding.
  • Hopefully we will get the Surface Phone as the premier high end Windows Phone...
  • was expecting something shiny
  • Lol
  • What a hideous looking logo on the front...err...on the back as well..are we looking at doom, my fellow brothers??
  • IF this phone uses the snapdragon 410 chipset it would also get the new hey cortana feature that was announced.
  • Same as 625
  • Lumia 938?
  • Lemme guess: 512MB of RAM and not in the UK   Also, I think it'll do away with the numbers.
  • Man, that sh*t is ugly! First device branded Microsoft and such poor quality? Really? Let's hope those photos don't do honour to real beauty of this phone... Maybe it was bad lighting, bad camera, drunk photographer...
  • Another middle range phone. We want at least one high end device such as 1030 and available to all carriers.
  • MS 1! Will arrive in stores mid 2015, without earphones & USB cable, specs include mp main camera with flash, 5gb main memory and 512 ram @ a prize of $340 DU, gst included. I will be lining to get one. Anyone else interested?
  • Well it would be very nice to have a quad core 1.3GHz processor,1,5 GB of RAM 8MP camera and a 3MP front-facing camera....and also a 4G LTE connectivity! I think that it would be a very nice release!!!
  • in china, people are all looking for 4G device, i do not understand why MS is releasing this one. MS never understand China market, that is why wp market share is falling.
  • Looks like the Lumia 630 with a FFC.
  • everyone's waiting for the 1020's succesor, and yet they are spending time and money on making something so irrelevant as this... FTS
  • I hate Microsoft, why do they release so many low end phones in one year? I am looking forward to the next 1020 for h6 months, seriously, there is only one real flagship this year which is 930. I guess they want to attract new users by selling cheaper phones, but they should still care about what their fans want. And by the way, Microsoft logo is pretty ugly, Nokia is better. I am wondering why did they buy Nokia brand and not planning to sell windows phones using nokia brand? They said they will use Nokia logo on normal cell phones, what's the point? I don't get it. Even google let their manufactor keep their brand, such like Motorola, it doesn't hurt Google at all. And windows phone all already have Microsoft logo which is on the control panel. I always don't know what they're thinking They only do such a few things good recent years: Buy Nokia brand and they technologies(but they don't use Nokia brand...) Focus on great camera phones Low down the price and upgrade their hardware Make several updates in WP 8.1 But they did many dumb things: Remove Nokia brand Sell too many low end phones, and all of them looks the same Update WP OS way tooooooooo.... Slow! Release android phone for a while then gave up Take many years to have background image in UI They don't allow other companies to customize UI, and they rarely update new functions Their decision as slow as a dinosaur Only 720 p on Xbox one, not like ps4 has 1080p in every games, this mistake is just like what they did in wp 7, wp7 not even support 720p They use metro on windows 8 and none touch devices, and now they remove metro on windows 10, they simply have no idea to combine these two. They sell their usage rights of WP just too expensive in the beginning, it cause no companies want to make their phones. Wake up Microsoft, wake up!  
  • Hey Guys, the RM 1090 will be called Lumia 535. It comes with 5inch OLED Display, 960 x 540 reso, 1GB RAM, 8GB Memory with SD Support  and a 5MP Cam. Available in the colors cyan, white,orange, black/grey. Available  at 24. November. Some onlineshops still listed it as Lumia 535. 
  • Looks like my Lumia 625 with no capacitive buttons on bottom
  • R.I.P dear nokia :D
  • Where is the flagship to replace my AT&T 920???? These low end phones are nice for world domination but I want something with wireless charging and high end internals. Also 164 gig or at least the ability to add memory. Let's go!
  • I don't know why everybody keeps complaining about a new flagship, It makes total sense to launch a new flagship, with a new itteration of you OS, Like the Nexus 6 for example. Mark my words, expect the new flagship at around MWC 2015 or slightly later, together with the launch of Windows 10. And besides what's so wrong with the 930. I have an Iphone 6 now and a 1520 (same internals as 930) Ad my 1520 is easily capable of keeping up with it in terms of speed. Camera although slower is just a few nudges above the Iphone in quality. So again what's the big deal? Also their strategy makes total sense, their far more succesfull in the Low -end range, and need those sales to expand the brand 'Windows Phone' only after you've done that can you climb up higher and maybe even expect you're high-end product to sell well.
    Something that none of the Lumia Flagships since the 800 has been able to achieve as of yet. So be patient everyone, im sure something big is comming together with the new Windows ;) Gesh-out>
  • I don't want to set the world on fire or anything, but that looks like a piece of plastic shit for me, hope it's all fake & stuff... (BTW, my 520 and 710 look way more coll than that, plz Microsoft brimg us some badass stuff)
  • Ow come on....give us some flagships
  • Found these leaked specs about it. It's definitely the 535
    5 inch qHD Screen
    1.2GHz Snapdragon 200 chip
    1GB RAM
    8GB ROM
    5 mega pixels primary camera and VGA front camera
    1900mAh battery
    Dimensions: 140.2×72.45×9.32(mm)
    Weight: 145.7 gms
    Frequency support: 900MHz,1800MHz,850MHz,1900MHz
    Colors: black, white, grey, blue, orange, blue, green
  • By its size, it could be the 631, as in the case of 620 to 625 the display in 625 wasn't clear black as of 620