Techland reveals Dying Light's hard mode with drivable vehicles as part of future plans

Techland's open world survival horror game Dying Light continues to be a success. The game holds firm at the No. 1 spot in the UK charts, and today received Patch 1.5 - which includes a ton of fresh content.

Dying Light players can test their skill (and patience) in the game's new hard mode. Rather than just increasing zombie strength, hard mode brings various other tweaks to create a more immersive experience. For example, no longer will the inventory menu pause the game, night-time periods last twice as long, and volatile monster types no longer appear in the mini-map.

The patch also adds a new 'gold' weapon ranking, which are even rarer and more powerful, in addition to new character skins, unique weapons, and various other under the hood tweaks.

Perhaps even more impressive is the below video, which appeared on Dying Light's menu for players who download the game's latest update.

Techland's Paul Milewski takes to the mic to praise Dying Light's accolades, and thank the fans for their continued support. Following that, Milewski offers a tantalising glimpse of upcoming content. The first clip contains a brief peek at a new bow and arrow weapon time - considering how much weapon noise plays a part in Dying Light, this could be a significant addition. Following that is a sequence showing gameplay inside a new stadium, followed by what appears to be a Parkour time trial. The internet is ablaze with chatter about the latter clips, which show off drivable dune buggies and glorious vehicular zombie slaughter.

"We've got lots of amazing stuff in the works that will let you experience our game in a completely new way. So stay in Harran for more awesomeness." - Paul Milewski, Techland

Are you still pulverizing the zombies of Harran? Or have you moved on to new gaming pastures?

Jez Corden
Co-Managing Editor

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