Dynamic Theme for Windows 10

Microsoft's Windows 10 and Mobile OS offer users lots of ways to customize the Lock and Start screen, but all is not perfect.

One area of contention amongst users is Windows Spotlight, which sets a curated image as your daily lockscreen. The feature is fantastic. Nonetheless, it is not available on Windows 10 Mobile and users cannot directly save those images for later use.

Dynamic Theme is a new app built for Windows 10 and Mobile, and it solves these problems.

What it is

Dynamic Theme is a free app for phone or PC. It UI design heavily mimics the Windows 10 system settings layout making it feel quite native.

What the app does is pull the daily Bing and Spotlight images to your device. You can then set those as your lockscreen or background. You can even have the app save those images to your device with ease for later usage.

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Why it's cool

The app just works. It's simple and straightforward.

To use, just select Background for options to set an image for the Start screen on phone or PC. Choose amongst System Settings, Photo, Bing, Windows Spotlight, One Bing image, One Windows Spotlight image or Slideshow.

Do the same for Lock screen and decide whether you want those choices local or to sync to your other Windows 10 devices.

Not sure what the daily Bing or Windows Spotlight image looks like? Just hit the preview button.

Under the submenus for Daily Windows Bing and Spotlight images, you can enable notifications for when a new photo is released including a particular time and set it on the Live Tile for Dynamic Theme.

You can also optionally have the app auto-save either the Bing or Windows Spotlight images to re-use later.

Why get it?

The app is free and ad-free and very well designed. It fills a hole in functionality left by Microsoft and does it well. The options are robust, and the app does what it says it does.

There is nothing not to like about this app.

If you like Bing or the Windows Spotlight images get it now on your phone or PC. It's an outstanding addition to the Windows Store and it should be in your app collection too.

Download Dynamic Theme for Windows 10 and Mobile

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