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easyTube Ad-Free completely free through September

easyTube is a slick YouTube app for Windows Phone. It’s got some nice features like playing 720P videos, remotely loading videos on a PC from the phone, the ability to play only the audio stream from videos, and downloading videos to the phone so that they can be viewed later without an internet connection. Plus you can play your YouTube Favorites continuously without having to select the next video, which I love.

easyTube was originally available in a free ad-supported version only but a paid ad-free version came out in August. Right now they are both free, enabling everyone to get the proper adless version at no cost. This promotion lasts until the end of September - plenty of time to give it a download.

You can get the new ad-free version of easyTube here (opens in new tab) (Zune link) on the Marketplace.

Thanks to Timmy Bouwmann for the tip!

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  • Not to look a gift horse in the mouth, but economically, how does this make sense? I guess it boosts your download numbers, but it's a pretty big gamble if you're really trying to monetize the ad-free version at some point. I really wonder what their strategy is with this. Anyway, I appreciate a free app haha!
  • My bet: LazyTube and SuperTube pretty much own the 3rd party YouTube app section. Giving this away will (1) boost numbers (2) gain more reviews (3) become more visible. If it's a solid app (and it looks to be), then the gamble could pay off in higher visibility in the Marketplace. Basically the more popular the app, the more it's featured, the higher it's ranked and the more people talk about it.
  • THere are two versions in the MP one with a Sept release date one with an older one. Version is the same though and both free. Not sure if they have any differences.
  • One has ads, the other doesn't ;-)
  • Yeah but they don't specify which is which. It was just trial and error for me. Download both, open both to see which one has adds and then delete that one from my phone.
  • To determine which is the ad-supported app, expand the "Show Details" section. The ad-supported one will say something like "This app is completely free!" at the bottom (I don't recall the exact wording.) The paid version (which is now $0.00 for this month), will not saying anything about it being a "free app" in the "Show Details" section.