eFitFashion wins Microsoft's 2015 Imagine Cup with platform for custom-tailored clothing

The winner of Microsoft's 2015 Imagine Cup competition has been crowned, and it's a marriage of fashion and technology. The winners are a student team from Brazil that created software called Clothes for Me that automatically creates custom clothing from a user's measurements and then puts those users in touch with tailors to produce and sell the result.

As winners of the Imagine Cup, the team, whose company is called eFitFashion, won $50,000, entry into a startup accelerator, and a meeting with Satya Nadella. Overall, eFitFashion came out ahead of two other competitors in the finals, each of which also came away with $50,000 for winning their categories. The first is Virtual Dementia Experience, which won the Imagine Cup World Citizenship title with an app to help caregivers understand the impact of dementia. The second was IzHard, which won the Imagine Cup Games competition with a black-and-white platforming game.

For those out of the loop, Imagine Cup began life in 2003 as a way to spur and reward innovation from student teams across the globe. eFitFashion follows last year's winner, Eyenaemia, which created an app to help diagnose anemia in patients.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab); Via:GeekWire

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