Elden Ring's network check and co-op is broken on Xbox (update)

Elden Ring Offline Networking Error
Elden Ring Offline Networking Error (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Elden Ring is the latest action RPG from Dark Souls devs FromSoftware.
  • The game was unfortunately broken for many on Xbox, with online services not working.
  • Bandai Namco has issued a fix addressing connectivity issues.

Update, February 27: Bandai Namco has issued a fix, allowing Elden Ring players to access online services on Xbox consoles.

FromSoftware needs to call up Garrus Vakarian, because Elden Ring needs calibrations. Elden Ring is an amazing game, hitting some of the highest metacritic scores ever seen. As a FromSoft "souls" game, it's also incredibly tough, demanding players learn fight choreography down to a meticulous degree. While most of Elden Ring's challenges can be overcome with practice and patience, this problem sadly has no solution.

Elden Ring, for many Xbox fans, is broken right now. A version mismatch on Xbox Live is causing the game's online systems for co-op, messages, and PvP to fail, and Bandai Namco has yet to acknowledge the problem.

Users on Calibrations Ver. and app Ver. 1.02 should be able to connect to the Xbox online systems just fine. For example, my copy of the game was correctly updated, but many, many other users have yet to receive the update. For whatever reason, many are stuck on Calibrations version 1.0.2, stopping them from accessing the game's networking features.

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

Elden Ring is made all the more fun in jolly co-operation, but since these features aren't yet working, those of you who are looking to play the game in co-op may want to hold off. Thankfully, there is a system in-game to call upon AI companions, called Spirit Ash summons, should you wish to make boss battles a little easier. Some bosses even have NPC AI "players" that behave uncannily like real players, in some situations. The first major boss, Margit, has a summonable knight sorcerer right outside his boss door, for example.

We'll keep an eye on the situation and keep you updated if anything changes on Bandai Namco's end. But for now, we'll just have to be patient, or ride Torrent into the wilds and grind up some runes for the journey ahead.

Update, February 27 — Bandai Namco issues a fix

It appears as of this morning an update is rolling out to repair the issues described below. Xbox users should now be able to connect to the FromSoftware networks as normal.

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For a guide on how co-op works in Elden Ring, head here.

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  • Ah cool, I thought it was an issue with my Xbox, I can live without online seeing as I've never played with coop in mind on any FromSoft game. Be nice to get a fix though, if only to spank some invaders.
  • At least you don't have to pay for xbox live as a premium networking service for this game.
  • Honest Query: Is that sarcasm?
    If so, directed at whom?
  • So many reports of broken things and performance issues. How did it get such high scores?
  • The same way The Witcher 3, your holy grail of RPGs, did although it also had many issues at launch and arguably more showstoppers: it's a great game and potentially a transcendent one. I'm playing on XBSX and so far, the frame rate isn't bothering me but I also have a TV with VRR. The other big XB issue, online, is a minor annoyance b/c I don't do a lot of co-op or invading.
  • "While most of Elden Ring's challenges can be overcome with practice and patience, this problem sadly has no solution." Hopefully this time you're wrong Jez, and patience will be the solution :D
  • So...another "great game" released unfinished/untested?
    At least Halo campaign was honest enough about coop.
  • I need more info to appropriately reply to your comment so which is it, or possibly all three? 1) You haven't played it 2) You're misinformed and possibly too lazy to actually get the correct information 3) You're prone to hyperbole
  • I no longer buy any games on release, much less pre-order, since ANDROMEDA. Too many developers have adopted a ship first, patch later, money-grabbing strategy.
    Should I list all the games that ship with broken parts to be fixed later or just mention Cyberpunk as the exemplar of the practice? Where they shipped only the best version to reviewers who never saw the broken console versions until after gamers had dished out their hard-earned cash? Nope.
    I'm not paid to be a gamma tester, much less a beta tester. Quality control is part of software developers' duties, not gamers.
  • To be fair, I 100% agree with you on this. I think that the term "triple A" is meaningless these days, it's just an excuse for a company to release a half finished game.
  • Please, get over yourself, and comparing Elden Ring's launch to Cyberpunk's is laughable. The difference is night and day.
  • It was an issue with an update that wasn't dropping for all players, the reason people couldn't connect online is because the version number wasn't the latest. They would only have known it was a bug when the update dropped, it's not something that could have been picked up in testing (because it's doubtful they would have done OTA updates for the development units). It also got fixed within days.
  • So its a day one patch issue?
  • Yeah, either day one or a mini patch that released shortly afterwards but that seems unlikely.