Enjoy comics featuring popular characters from SAB TV shows with the official Windows 8 app

If you watch some of the shows on SAB TV in India, you obviously love their quirky characters in the slice-of-life comic dramas.

Shows like Chidiya Ghar, Jeannie aur Juju, FIR, Lapataganj, R.K.Laxman ki Duniya, and Golmaal have built a huge fan following despite having very basic production quality. Some of the characters of these shows like Prasad, Gopi, Gulgule, Chandramukhi, Jeannie, and Juju have carved out an almost cult status.

The SAB Ke Comics app for Windows 8 features over 100 comic strips, essentially short three frame jokes featuring these characters in cartoon format. The app description does not suggest if more comics will be added in future, or that’s that. All the comics are in Hindi.

SAB Ke Comics

You could browse through comics for individual shows, or head to the most viewed or featured sections. While reading the comics, you can mark it as favorite, comment on it, or share with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.

If you are a fan of SAB TV shows, grab the free app. Otherwise, the plain, vanilla jokes might fall flat on you. For some great comics, you might want to check out the official Amar Chitra Katha app that I absolutely recommend. Download the SAB ke Comics for Windows 8 devices from the Windows Store (opens in new tab), and let us know how you like it.

  • Seems India has great support for WP with official apps announced frequently, unlike in WP's hone country. Very refreshing to see. :)
  • There's a bigger market share in India than the USA. So that alone says why Indian devs. would support the platform
  • I had been a Nokia man since I first owned a cellphone. Had N82 for 6 years & recently switched to L925. Loving every bit of it.
  • same app on windows phone from past april 2013 http://www.windowsphone.com/en-in/store/app/sab-ke-comics/faa72c37-9762-4155-9715-52513f39d332 the apps from multi screen media http://www.windowsphone.com/en-IN/store/publishers?publisherId=Multi2BMedia2BLtd.&appId=b6539301-d245-44bd-9e5a-9dd97c0f1ffa
  • "India support wp and Brazil doesnt" comments are coming.
  • Glad for the app, but these shows...
  • Haha. I agree
  • Finally! Yey
  • And there comes another app for the India region...... ;)
  • Windows Phone has seen huge growth in India thanks to affordable phones. Phones like 620, 520, and 720 are eating Android's market share.  This is encouraging developers to deliver experiences on Windows Phone as well.  I do not watch SAB TV at all and I do not like it's content much. It's all comedy. But it's hard work nonetheless and I appreciate another app in the fold.  India has definitely played a major role in the development of Windows Phone. By the way I use Lumia 820.  Get the Official ESPN F1 app for Windows Phone. It's a dream come true. I haven't seen anything more beautiful than that app.
  • The shows are kind of meh..but bring it on more apps India