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Enjoy a more unified notification experience with Unification, now available for Windows Phone 8

We somehow missed the release of Unification (we searched, believe us), but the app by Liquid Daffodil is now available on the Windows Phone Store. Should you own a smartphone running Windows Phone 8, you'll be able to enjoy a more unified experience with a new notification centre.

Liquid Daffodil has also made numerous apps available for free, to celebrate the launch of Unification. We've covered the new concept a handful of times while it was still in development, so we'll not continue beating the drum. Be sure to check out the video below for a quick look at what it's all about.

How can you (the consumer) get more developers on-board? The most effective way to do so is to request the authors of your favourite apps to either get in touch with Liquid Daffodil or implement the support. Also, be sure to check out the sale that Liquid Daffodil currently has going on for Unification Ready apps. 

You can download Unification for free from the Windows Phone Store (for Windows Phone 8 only - we're told the WP7 and Windows 8 versions are expected shortly).

QR: Unification WP8

Rich Edmonds
Rich Edmonds

Rich Edmonds is Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him over on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • This better not be an April Fools Joke.
  • LOL! That's exactly what I was thinking!
  • i dont know if this is right place to ask this, but im wondering, are there a lot of apps which needs 1gb or ram, or are most working with 512mb (windows phone 8)?
  • Most are
  • can you find from which isnt and where do you see this?
  • 512mb of ram is good enough for most if not all apps. Games however are an entirely different story. If you're going to be gaming a lot on your WP device, you'd better go with 1gb ram since a significant number of games require that much. WP flagship devices are strangely underspecced and that makes them far less future proof than comparative Android devices. I mean I know WP works just fine with their "recommended specs" but you gotta think about 1-2 years down the road when apps will have higher requirements to function.
  • not realy. im pc gamer :)
    thanks for reply!
  • Not worldwide..
  • Not in uk. :-(
  • Also those free apps are also not free in the uk. Most disappointing.
  • I'm in the UK and have just downloaded it. Search didn't find it, but scanning the QR code above found it.
  • And now it is in the uk.. They mustve heard me ;-)
  • Maybe I have misunderstood this app's capability, but as far as I can make out it does not give notifications for calls, messages, Skype, emails... is that right?  If so, what exactly is the point of it?
  • App notifications. The devs of any app would need to put a line of code into their app to make it work from what I remember being said when this was first announced.
  • That's what I thought it was too. Like notification center on iPhone. Oh well, I don't tweet and have no reason for locksider plus to send me notifications. Bummer.
  • Yeah, not ideal.. BUT you prob have messages, phone, and mail pinned to the top of your start right? So you'll see those notifications easily. I know that it'd be more ideal to have everything integrated into one notification center (and I'm sure that's coming in an update from MS, maybe even GDR2), but hey it's something.
  • Sorry UK.... The app is rather nice though...:-D
  • It is in the uk store and its absolutely free. I downloaded and installed. Loving it. Great work by the dev.
  • i really hope to see other notification center concepts, this is just one.. and it just felt different.. why not the developers make the home button to be able to open notifications? twice of the tap, another window (notification) comes in.. i wish windows would thought of that for once..
  • thats too much iphonish, i hope microsoft finds an other unique way, like swipe from home screen to left.. or something else what can be used in every occasion
  • How about swipe from the left bezel anytime, no matter what screen? Like a charms bar, with the added bonus of the "swipe from the left on homescreen" functionality is still present!
  • did you ever swipe left and right in a windows phone app? - if you need - then you see it does not work. buttom swipe up will not work and top swipe down will also not work.
  • iphonish? shouldn't the logo deserves a new method than just speech? damn i just need a way to quick review my notifications. double tap would've been simpler period.
  • I'm saying swipe onto the screen from the bezel. It'd be easy to implement, just take a look at a windows 8 tablet and you'll see what I mean.
  • Its not and LD has done a great job on the WP platform. We just need Facebook, kik and other apps to start using the service
  • This app not available in indonesia..
  • switch your region trick
  • And that's why I set my region to US
  • After downloading it, when it comes to install it says there has been a problem completing your request. c101a029
  • Ok. I'll try.
  • same thing happened for me, try after 5 minutes again
  • The certified app is very poor. Hope....
  • Well this sucks. I'm still on a WP7. I'll be upgrading in less than two weeks too. Why'd this have to come out so early, lol. I hope those WP8 apps aren't that expensive.
  • Coming for 7.x as well
  • i just downloaded but it doesnt support most of the apps?
    i mean can i active masseges to come on it? and whatsapp masseges and other things? or only those some apps which there is?
  • Devs need to OPT IN.
  • so its useless for now, when it supports viber, whatsapp, skype , normal masseges, facebook, calls then it would be great but right now , no use
  • I agree. Totally pointless as of now. Only an interesting download for developers.
  • It has only been available for one day. Devs need to support it. Liquid Daffodil. Is trying to make our lived better because Microsoft is too incompetent to get things done properly.
  • + 1,000 :)
  • ...or users are too incompetent to understand that live tiles already notify them of everything that's important.  This app is useless.  If all it does is gather notifications from no-name apps and devs have to opt in, then it has very little value.  If it doesn't also grab phone calls, texts, emails, tweets---the CORE reasons we have a smartphone--then it's less than useless.  Meh.
  • +1
  • Apparently I've downloaded an app that I don't use enough to put on the homescreen, but want to complain about not knowing if the app I never use sends me a notification.
    Also, I've bet a large sum of money and my first born child on a time-sensitive game of Draw Something... so those notifications that pop up and go away, that are easily missed, may lead to me having to jump in my big rig truck and physically take down the bad guys who have my daughter... first via a street brawl, but then in a final face-off involving arm wrestling.
    So...uh.. you know, EVERY notification is paramount and important.  
  • We really need app developers to opt in. Feels like a barren land
  • WPCentral needs to expedite the certification of its app for unification! :-)
  • Don't see this getting support from the major apps. You know what devs are like
    Why didn't it also pull e-mail, text People hub information in too???
    A lot of people want this app (I'm not one of them), but the 30 minute update is the stumbling block, as I have pointed out in the discussion thread. It's not 'real time'.
    Not knocking the developers at all. It's always great to see new apps for WP8....
    Use live tiles people. It's the Notification Centre!!!!!
  • They're a developer, not god's of the OS. They can only do what the dev tools allow and that doesn't include intercepting system  notifications for texts, missed calls, etc.  Same with the 30 min update "stumbling block" you think they want that? Blame Microsoft, not devs doing what they can as patchwork.
  • ...and as a note, any Notification that gets sent to Unification is REAL TIME. Try flyby! for example. All notifications are immediate. There is no connection between 30 background agent timing and Unification.
  • Yeah... real time, because FlyBy is an LD application!!!
    The fact is the Live Tile only updates every 30 minutes. You would still have to open the Unification app to get notifications.
    As I said, I'm not knocking the developers, but until MS 'unlocks' the 30 minute app update limitation, these sort of apps are useless....
  • Exactly... so until MS decides to unlock the 30 minute update limitation, learn to use the 'in-built' Notification Centre. Namely WP8!!!! If devs correctly follow the guidelines set down by MS for writing correct Live Tile applications, then there wouldn't be this problem. The good apps use the Live Tile function correctly, and I've never missed a notification yet!!!
  • Totally agree. People who complain and moan for a faster live tile response rate also don't understand how detrimental to battery life it would be to give developers free reign to live tiles.
    i like the idea of unification, but the reality is by the time there is enough apps available to make it a decent service, MS will probably have their own system wide version. Also due to the somewhat adversarial nature of the developer, don't expect Rowi or Mehdoh adding support anytime soon. The only real winner in the long run will be windows phone 7.5/7.8 users since their platform is no longer being actively developed.
  • Did you see the article here that stated MS is supporting 7.x AND 8 until 2014? Guess not.
  • Oh yes i did see that article, thanks.
    I guess you don't understand the difference between DEVELOPMENT and SUPPORT.
  • I like the idea but I'm not about to change twitter clients because of a notification center...I'm liking the Flyby! concept though. neat. But flyby's own live tile will work well enough......i'll have Unification installed anyways until it is useful.  For now Live Tiles are more than enough.
  • I think this app is a great idea
  • Good effort but not useful since it does not include email, messaging etc. Doubt major apps e.g. Facebook, Twitter will support this. 30 minute tile refresh makes no sense. Wanted to like this but couldn't. Just uninstalled.
  • Yeah its a neat idea but I can't quite understand why they'd go to the trouble of making it.
  • To sell to MS.
  • MS is already working on a Notification Center per the tweet from Joe Belfiore...Microsoft doesn't need LD for that.
  • I'd love to see this tweet. Lets not jump to conclusions when Joe only tweeted they ran out of time. Its been 6 months now
  • So it's like Growl? App devs have to write notifications specifically for this app? Makes it kinda useless if you ask me, and quite the waste of time since MS is working on their own notification centre
  • There's no evidence that Microsoft is working on it a notification center, nor that it will be ready anytime soon nor that it will come to 7.x devices. That's kind of a big deal. And what's wrong with Growl? It's popular, works well and fills a gap in operating systems.
  • A big deal would be a REAL notification hub. A central place for ALL of your notifications. The whole point of a notification hub is to not have to jump around to different places to see what you may have missed.
    Of course WP8 homescreen pretty much does that already, so the only real benefit this app could have is to pool all your non-pinned app notifications. That in itself would be cool, if of course there was more than a hand full of apps.
    Unfortunately LD publicly calling out or devs on twitter for not immediately supporting his service is probably not gonna win a lot of dev converts. Especially with his history of taking potshots and mocking other devs.
  • App not available in india
  • It is. I already got it. Try it with the barcode given
  • Just got it. Lets see how it grows.
  • Cross platform. So says not available for your phone.
  • I love the layout of this app, very smooth and in due time, will be a very valuable application on my phone. Just need more app support from other devs! Come on other devs! Lol
  • Is it true, that the Live Tile gets updated only every 30 minutes? If you check the screen shots in the WP store, it seems like this is the case. That would make the app totally useless for me!
  • I just noticed in the unification app that there's a list of upcoming apps with unification option, including WPcentral. I know that developers can add the unification but,what about phone calls and text messages?
  • It doesn't work, using gleek as a twitter client and locked in to Microsoft accounts on both app's I don"t get any notifications in Unification "center".  
  • Finally... ... ....
  • Update your tile every 30min? Too long. Make it different options like 30seconds, 5min, 10min, etc....
  • Its a limitation from MS. Nothing the dev can do
  • It won't recognize any of the supported apps I've installed. Anyone else having this issue?
  • Same here. I have activity in my Twitter feed but nothing shows in Unification.
  • I uninstalled everything and then reinstalled the apps from Unification. Still nothing. I then powered off/on my phone and then they were there. Seems a little much but I guess they have a lot of traffic. The "bugginess" bothers me so early on.
  • <p>read the description of the app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!</p>
  • And....
  • And yes I read it and waited 30 + mins Jason94. No need to be nasty!
  • Seems pretty useless...
  • it works only with its own certified apps, not of any use to me, yet! :-/
  • So no email, SMS notifications and it only updates every 30mins,..installed now being uninstalled. No good to me at this point. This crack with tiles updating every 30mins needs sorted out. Live tiles isn't very accurate a description....
  • I cant download it, pathetic
  • I'm not sure which is worse: people needing to complain about everything, all the time or doing so without knowing what they are talking about. I hope other devs don't read these threads and think all of us are negative, impatient, entitled and unappreciative of effort. These devs are working to fill a gap left by Microsoft. They also have to work with the limitations imposed by Microsoft. In addition, the app is HOURSold and you expect every app to have already jumped on board or you claim "useless" and you publicly declare you "uninstallation"? The app needs some legs and support from users while they ask other devs to make the code alteration. There is a thing called BIG PICTURE. I hope enough of us are savvy enough to see it. Oh yeah, nice work devs I'll go INSTALL now.
  • +1 bunch of whining ass people and not one of them would be able to write up a script to make it work for them. Lets all agree that yes there's some issues that need hammering, yes it has have other devs write into the app, but what do expect it to do? There's limitation in the OS HENCE the need for devs to feel they need to write an app for it. Sometimes reading the whining of WP users make me not care about the progress of the OS. I hope this app gets pushed forward to get changes. In due time. Its barely the first version made public. Get the panties unstuck.
  • As I've said many time, kudos to Liquid Daffodil for trying to give people what they want. It's always great when any new app is written for WP8.
    No limitation in the OS, just some people want an app for every little thing, instead of learning to use the in-bulit functions fully. It's all there!!!
    Some people want this sort of app. Great. Hope it serves you well.
    Some of us don't and we shouldn't be flamed for not wanting it. Live and let live, dudes....
  • If the OS does not support a centralized notification center that is a limitation. Not sure what else it should be called. Personally I'm fine with toast notification since I'm not heavy in social networking. But I can easily understand why people want this to work so badly. But don't trash a dev just because it has to written a certain way. If it was able to capture the notification that appear that would be great, but it can't hence the limitation of the OS. So let it grow. Smh
  • I'm not certain that you've been "flamed", but I do find it interesting that we always have to hear from people when they have someting negative to say.  I don't want an iPhone, but I don't go to those forums bashing it.  I don't go to those all.  If the app in question is not something that you'd be interested in, then why bother reading and commenting negatively on it.  It's got to be discouraging for a developer who GIVES AWAY an app for FREE only to hear people who think their wants are the only one's that count say "useless" and give a bunch of criticism.  To answer your "no limitation" argument, I would say that in some cases (email, SMS, Facebook, basic Twitter, LinkedIn), there is built-in functionality.  In other cases like 3rd party (and feature packed) Twitter, WhatsApp, News sites (CNN always gives me half of a breaking news story then vanishes), Pinterest apps, etc., just give a toast and vanish. It also seems pretty convenient to go to one place and catch up.  I've never had Android or an iPhone, so I don't know the joy of a notification center, but the benefit seems real.  I think this is the case of significant modern smartphone functionality that is missing and someone is making an app to fill the void until and if Microsoft decides to put it into the OS.  I'm not sure that this is just another "app for every little thing", but that's just my perspective. I just wish the communication was more encouraging of developers actually taking time to develop for our ecosystem.  Maybe some warm-fuzzies will make other devs feel like this is a place worth their efforts.  I would  be a bit hesitant to try something out if I saw a vocal majority that tends towards being cynical and negative.  Those voices attract too much attention and can make an app look bad.   I get it, if it's written poorly and crashes or has some security issue, but just because YOU wouldn't use it doesn't make it "useless".  There are millions of people using this platform and I'd like developers to develop for them all. "Live and let live" - great advice.
  • *applauds*
  • I appreciate your comments. 'Useless' was probably a poor choice of words.
    I don't think I was being negative or critical, just pointing out a few things from my point of view.
    I DO applaud LD for offering something that users may want, as I pointed out. I'm on the flip side of the coin when it comes to 'notification' apps. All well and good, but due to the limitations imposed by MS, it just makes it harder for devs to fully exploit the OS. Maybe that is what MS wants. To keep a tight rein over app functions.
    I don't have a problem with any of the apps you mentioned. I have fully functional live tiles and notifications in ALL apps that use it. No bugs or half messages either....
    Obviously the Unification app fills a gap in the market for those that have problems with notifications.
    Let's see if other devs support it. It would be good if they did, All WP apps need support. I'm all for it!!!
  • I definitely wasn't targeting you or anyone in particular. :) You are definitely more thoughtful in stating that your preferred method is live tiles. I get where you're coming from. I prefer my email live tiles and actually wouldn't want a notification center plastered with all of the email I get. I don't think MS is going to join this project, so that worry isn't worth further discussion.
    I just hope this community, at large, can be constructive. For example, can we start listing email addresses of where to send our requests. Like if you want Rowi go support this, please include the support email for Rowi in your post and maybe we can all email them. (I'd love if we did that for apps that we want too).
  • thumbs up!
  • It is quite useless if the app is not doing what supposed to do. ( I did read through how to set the app up, and using geek as a twitter client and locking in to my Microsoft account on both apps) Receiving notification one hour later, and even not all of them, which makes the app useless until this is sorted.
    If you think that  other developers are going to make their apps working with Unification, you might have to have a look at IRELAND'S TECHNOLOGI BLOG ( sory can't post the link, as this site wont allow me to ) and here you will see that it isn't  sure they are going to work with​ Liquid Daffodil.
    Here is a part of what's on the blog :
      Developer Issues
    This is not about issues the developer has encountered but more that the developer Liquid Daffodil has been some what critical of other developers in the ecosystem and even of users who critique their apps.
    Personally we have experienced these same issues from our conversations on Twitter and email and Liquid Daffodil need to ensure professionalism moving forward.
    The developer of the brilliant Mehdoh had this to say about Liquid Daffodil today:
  • ^This.  Totally agree with you on the 'Developer Issues'.  Reading some of their comments on this site is quite unprofessional, in my opinion (I don't follow them on Twitter, so I can't comment on that).  I simply can't support that type of behaviour with a download or purchase.
  • i agree with you guys. i notice that about multiple things. the app is installed on my phone and ill download gleek when i get home (since my data usage is pretty high at the moment! :P) and use that as my primary twitter account to show the developer support. Thank you liquid daffodil for your hard work in bringing an app that will eventually do what microsoft should have did with the release of portico.
  • This app is useless... interesting, but completely useless...
  • useless, none of the apps listed in the certified section is relevant for me, no twitter no facebook etc etc 
  • the developers have to add a line of code to their specific applications to get it to work, how about you cut a dev whos app has been on the store for a couple of hours some slack and not blame him for the limitations made by microsoft.
  • +1
  • Hopefully more apps jump onboard.
  • This thing didn't unify anything! I've received 6 emails and 2 texts and it didn't tell me that ANYTHING had come thru! Dave
  • Only apps developed by liquid daffodil are available with more to come. I doubt phone calls, texts....etc will be made available unless MS allow it.
  • All kicking off on twitter between Mehdoh & Liquid Daffodil.
  • Am I the only one who chuckled after the conversation between dalydose, Geddeeee and WinFan1 with the two comments afterwards which completely replicated the problem which was so fluently covered? I think that this app should have an up vote and down vote option so that people who blindly comment, ignorant of anyone's comments before theirs, can receive the negative reputation their comments deserve.
  • Haha. Perfect!
  • I'm surprised all the whining. Wpcentral explained that developers must opt in weeks ago assuming most of the posters read wpcentral on a consistent basis. What's with the whining. Also, there is not going to be a phone email or message notification allowed with unification, that is an os thing.
  • Not what I was hoping for and really the things I want in a notification center is calls, txt, FB messages, twitter, email etc. BUTTTT you have to give the developer credit for making and showing the potential of this app/function. kudos to Liquid Daffodil. 
    like this I want an option to disable the sms toast notifications and surprised someone didn't make an app for it BUT like Liquid Daffodil I'm sure it has to do with Microsofts restrictions.
  • Well this sucks.
    The app can only take notification information by only a cirtent number of apps. Major apps like
    Wattsapp, messaging, Facebooke, e-mail, calendar, and soo many more apps that this app does not work withbyet
    I guess its a good try to get a proper notification.
    Microsoft SDK has so many limitation it need to get rid of them in order to help their developers.
  • I gave myself a missed call and it didnt appear in my unification notification.
  • Pretty useless app. Not useless as in it is the app's fault in trying to replicate Android's notification feature, but useless as in it adds no value at all to the Windows Phone 8 experience. Particularly since there is not one app in my phone it works with. 
  • Wy not for WP7?
  • Unification is a great idea and I hope more developers support it but unfortunately it destroyed my battery life. I went from 12+ hours of battery life to under 8 with light use on my Lumia 810. Only after I uninstalled it did it go back to normal.
  • nevermind. Deleted the apps. They just flat don't work and wouldn't add value anyway. Not worth the headache.