Events for Me: Third-party EventBrite app for Windows Phone gets revamped

I'm relatively new in town, having just moved to Boston a few months ago. I still trek to New York every other weekend, but I've been exploring the new area, looking for things to do and places to see. One service that's especially helpful is Eventbrite ( It lets you browse and join events. There isn't an official Eventbrite app for Windows Phone, but third-party app Events for Me does a great job.

We've covered Events for Me before, but it has just been revamped. It now allows users to browse and see event details without having to login. It also now has a more streamlined search and filter screen plus localizations in French, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. Check out our hands-on video to see it in action on the Lumia 930.

When you open Events for Me, you immediately see a list of nearby events with the dates and locations. Tap the Filter button at the bottom to change the location and narrow down the results to specific interests. You can also filter the results of the date to events happening today, tomorrow, or all.

Tapping an event gives you more details. You can see more information about the time, location and what to expect. The UI for this section isn't pretty, but tapping the Get Ticket button at the button brings you to the event's page on Eventbrite.

Even though you don't need to log in to view events in your area, you'll need it to view your upcoming events. Swipe toward the right on the main screen to see the My Tickets section. This lists the events you have signed up for. Tapping one of the events also gives you the option to display the barcode you need to show at the event. You also have the option to pin the ticket your Start screen or even add the ticket to your Wallet. The Wallet integration is an in-app purchase for 99 cents, but the app is free to download.

Overall, Events for Me is a great third party app to have while we wait for an official one for Eventbrite. It's a quick way to browse events happening in your area. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Download Events for Me for Windows Phone (Free/In-app Purchase)

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Mark Guim

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