Everybody Who's Ever Made a Touchscreen Device Gets Sued

Ah, summer. A time for basking in the sun, taking (now painfully expensive) roadtrips, and suing the everloving crap out of anybody and everybody you can think of. That's what Typhoon Touch Tech and Nova Mobility systems think, anyway; they've filed suit against pretty much every darn touchscreen manufacturer on the face of the dearth, from Apple to HTC to Samsung. You might just want to check the lawsuit to see if you're named there too, dear reader, because the list is long. The patents are for “Portable Computer with Touch Screen” and the plaintiffs contend that the infringements are “willful” (read: extra bad) because the defendants should have known about the patents; or did know; or whatever.

The best part? Typhonn Tech exists solely to create just this sort of excitement. When the 2nd link in your header is “licensing & litigation highlights,” you might be a redneck patent holding firm.

Where do you suppose these lawsuits were filed? Do we really even have to tell you? Yes, you guessed it: in East Texas' rocket docket.

Touch-screen lawsuits hit Apple, HTC, Dell, Toshiba, others [via PocketPC Thoughts]

WC Staff