It shouldn't be hard to imagine that the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace will have over 2,000 apps at launch. The list of apps being developed for Windows Phone 7 continues to grow with eWallet from Ilium Software being the latest.

eWallet is a popular Windows Mobile application that helps you manage passwords, PIN numbers, account information and other personal information you need to manage.

While Ilium is working on a version of eWallet for Windows Phone 7, the developer isn't offering much beyond that. The Windows Mobile version of eWallet allowed you to synchronize things between your computer and Windows Phone. There is some speculation that Ilium will go to a cloud based solution with Windows Phone 7. Maybe you could backup your file on Microsoft's Skydrive and then access it through Windows Live on your computer.

Regardless how Ilium tackles such issues, it's nice to see the list of Windows Phone 7 apps continue to grow.