Ex-Apple exec is now at Microsoft to help with HoloLens, AI and more

HoloLens and Microsoft Windows logo
HoloLens and Microsoft Windows logo (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft seems to be ramping up its team for HoloLens, Mixed Reality, and AI. Bloomberg is breaking the news that Ruben Caballero is now corporate vice president, Hardware Design & Technology at Microsoft, according to his updated LinkedIn page (opens in new tab).

Caballero worked for Apple until early 2019, where he had been focusing on wireless tech. Specifically, …" developing wireless technology, such as antennas inside of devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. He also oversaw Apple's global wireless product testing efforts." For the last year, or so, he had been doing advisory work:

After leaving Apple, Caballero became an adviser at several Silicon Valley-area startups, including wireless company Keyssa and Humane, a startup run by former Apple employees.

It is unclear what work Caballero will be doing at Microsoft. His LinkedIn profile states he is part of Microsoft's Mixed Reality and AI division, focusing on "HoloLens, Special Projects, and more to come...."

The news is particularly exciting because Bill Stillwell, who worked on Xbox until very recently, is also now working on the Mixed Reality team.

In a tweet posted on March 28th, Stillwell noted he was "Moving over to the team that makes HoloLens! Going to focus on producing world-class consumer AR/VR experiences in the MS ecosystem."

Stillwell's LinkedIn profile (opens in new tab) hints at his work, which is "Driving deep technical engagement and on-boarding for Mixed Reality HW and services, including launching v1 products into nascent markets."

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The recent hires of Caballero and Stillwell suggest Microsoft could be moving to a new phase of HoloLens and Mixed Reality, perhaps finally making its long-awaited push into the consumer space.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Oh, it goes both ways. Nice.
  • It would be absolutely great if they were finally going to do some type of consumer version. I'd say it's about time. I've wanted one (reasonably priced) since I first read an article about them.
    Please say it's so!!
  • It baffles me that Microsoft has Windows for VR, but not VR headset of their own.