A quick follow-up to our rumor smash from this morning: The video of the PDC Day 2 keynote is available. Here's exactly what Kurt DelBene said regarding discussion of Windows Mobile 7 at MIX 2010 (look for it at the end, about 2:30:

"We will be talking about Windows Mobile7, you know, kind of talking about Windows Mobile 7 and where that's heading ..."

So, we were right. Nobody used the word "announcement" or anything like that in conjunction with MIX 2010, which takes place March 15-17.

And file this under "duh," but it reasons to stand that Windows Mobile 7 will be announced before that. Mobile World Congress (Feb 15-18 in Barcelona) again is a possibility, though CES (Jan. 7-10 in Las Vegas) may be a better bet, with Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer scheduled to deliver the opening keynote the night before the event starts.

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