Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 7.x is now available in the Store

Earlier this evening we reported that the updated Facebook app for Windows Phone 7.x was submitted to the Store. At the time, it was unclear from Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore if the app still needed approval or how long it would take to be published.

We can now report as of 10PM ET, the new Beta of the app is available for download.

The app uses the same Beta link for the Windows Phone 8 version, found below, though its version number is, as opposed to the 5.1.02 found for newer devices. Otherwise, the app appears to be exactly the same besides a few subtle differences.

Being that this is still a beta of the Facebook app, featuring a new UI and added features, presumably users will be getting more frequent updates to keep it up to date along with the Windows Phone 8 version. Likewise, being as this is still in testing, users may expect bugs or oddities with this release.

If you have a Windows Phone 7.x device, head here to the Store to grab the updated Facebook Beta, version 3.1.02. You can also scan the QR code below or swipe to the right in our app.

Let us know in comments how it is!

QR: Facebook beta

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

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  • Yeah I know. Lol
  • Sometimes I tip an article a day before you post it, and I still don't get credited. I don't really mind, I just like you guys to know what's new.
  • Hey, can we please not start the "First" stuff again? Thanks.
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  • Welcome to the club. The first rule is you DO NOT SPEAK OF THE CLUB.
  • Am I the only one who thinks the performance on WP 8 still kinda sucks?
  • Yes
  • Damn that does suck then. Hey can I get the bigger half? ;)
  • hi black, my name is tomahawk
  • What's up dude. You have an awesome name :)
  • This isn't Match.com you two.
  • It still has many issues in spite of being much better. So no, it's not wrong to think that.
  • My Lumia 928 is superb. My only gripes are with missing features, not performance. And those gripes are pretty minor, not applying to most folks. My biggest is no iCal sync (I'm a Mac user). But there are workarounds for even that, like Google Calendar. I used a WP7 phone and it was garbage. HTC Arrive on Sprint. What a train wreck! But the Lumia has supplanted my BlakcBerry (10+ year BlackBerry user) and my iPhone (2 years). 
  • http://www.wpcentral.com/facebook-beta-windows-phone-8-also-updated
  • Every time I go back to my Focus Flash I'm amazed at how much smoother it is than my Lumia 810
  • I love my 920. But I after almost a year I wonder if I really need such a big phone. Wonder if any Focus Flash sized phones are coming out. The live tiles really do their job for my uses after all - just need a screen large enough to get details as necessary. Maybe I'd get a 1520 sized device with no cell for roadtrips and the like. Shrug. On a fence!!
  • I have finally given up on a high-end "small" phone and getting the 925, on AT&T. But I would love to have a killer Focus Flash sized device. Now that Samsung has come out with a GS4 Mini maybe it will catch on and spread to WP8.
  • does the ATT LTE network work on T-Mobiles 925? 
  • So the 920 is top big, you wish a focus flash sized phone came out and your on the fence for a 6" phone? Schizophrenic much?!?!
  • I wish it was 5 inches, I don't want a Lumia Mega. 5 would probably be the highest I would go.
  • Yep.
  • I really like it! It feels fast! :D
  • I think it is a lot better and faster..good update.
  • One day they might put out a Windows Phone Facebook app that can get message notifications properly....
  • WP 8 version still has notification issues :-/
  • +1000 but i discover a app out of 1000 nd 1000 fb app in market place that can show u any notification ie offline msg, nd more... And its shows live tile and toast notification.. And the app is jdb for facebook just try it.. And dont forget me to give a thanks...ohh one min this notification is not real time.. But u can get an alert after 5-10 mins.. So be patience.. :)
  • Now i can unfriend, yes! Its Unfriending time
  • It feels much faster now on my Nokia Lumia 822. :D
  • The "download app" button isn't working in the app for me. Edit: nevermind, my marketplace had crashed. I'm downloading now.
  • My prayers have been answered finally :-)
  • This is great!
  • Finally an incredible fb app for wp7 users..
  • Couldn't find it, so thanks for the link guys!
  • Still useless to me, can't upload pics to pages I manage. It can't be that hard can it? Third party apps seem to manage it
  • No wide tile is a bit odd.
  • This is still in beta.. So send this suggestions to ms.. Dont frustrate here...
  • One slow app
  • Don't bother! JDB for Facebook is the only option if you want a comprehensive and fully featured Facebook experience on 7.8 You can download pics to your phone and the push notifications work great and keep you informed, the live tile works great too (although sadly no wide tile.. Yet) its not perfect and has some bugs to squash but it is miles better then most of the other options in the store and the best I could find! And the best part is it gets updates very frequently so the dev is obviously taking this app seriously, it has a free and paid version, I use the free version as the ads are not that much of a nuisance at all. I have waited long enough for Microsoft to sort their shit out and am VERY DISAPPOINTED!! So forget them and go download and check out JDB FOR FACEBOOK  for yourselves guys, its worth it if your a dayly facebook user ^_~
  • You r not the first i already mentioned about this in previous comment.. Nd completely agree wid u.. :)
  • Not sure how much is better or worse right now. Just installed it. I did note that I'm missing "Interests" and I use those groupings for people or pages for which I want to see all updates. That shows up in the JDB app for Facebook (which I know is nothing special, but it works for me). I'll need a bit more time to play around with it to see how it works.  I'm glad that 7.8 finally got an update, even if it's still missing some features.
  • okayyy... because its here nao, i'll stop whining. nyap nyap nyap...
  • No works on Lumia 610, 510, 505 
  • Yep, not available on 256mb RAM devices, hopefully it'll be updated to support those three devices as well. ._.
  • Am I the only one here who prefers the original fb app by MS. This one doesn't embrace metro UI like the original one and looks like a knock off of android version.
  • +1
    doesn't look like a wp app. old one is better.
  • I would rather have an app that actually works than one that looks good but doesn't do anything
  • I love WP for it looks. its consistency. if I want craps interface that actually works I'd go with Android.
  • Android doent look crap and neither do most apps.
  • It does and they do.  
  • We've had this debate on length when beta came to WP8. You lot were lucky to have a beautiful app this long. Welcome to the ugly apps club.
  • No disponible para teléfonos con 256 de ram...
  • It loads about 2 seconds faster than the current version. I do miss the Metro interface though.
  • It would be better if they developed the older apps.. Do u ppl agree wid me??
  • Still can't upload pictures to pages that I manage. 
  • slow.....
  • The people's hub is still better! I just need the app for inbox. If the people's hub had inbox and could play audio files from it I wouldn't need the app.
  • Positives: Has many features that previous app didn't.
    Negatives: Speed is still bad and it feels more laggy than before, UI is nice but it's not metro, missing the stickers from messages.
    In general, performance is still not good. But i feel, updates may be coming so let's see. P.s. Does anyone know how to enable chat on and off, am I missing something?
  • Too late, most of us are on wp8.
  • Not available for 256 mb ram device like L510 & L610
  • exactly... not fair !
  • too bad.. not available for Lumia 610.. arghhh.......
  • After Long time, they came with this app for Windows phone 7.8?? :/ Bloody hell!! There's no Fun in using it.... last one is better than this one... I'm not able to reply to the messages, flickering while scrolling and lots of issues in the app.... :/
  • Then send feedback to Microsoft. You realise this is a Beta, don't you?
  • I know that! That's what I'm saying, after a Long Long time.. they're bringing Beta version? I know this app will get updates time to time.. But at this time? where WP has to compete with iOS and Android.. they are working very slow man!! :/ They need to speed up the things... fb, whatsapp are the Basic requirements of people to remove Boredom.. U know how does it feel when you're getting Bored and you don't have fb perfect app to remove your boredom?
  • I do know how it feels having used WP7.x and now WP8, I used the old version on WP7.x and now the beta on WP8.
  • Damn! Not available for the lumia 510 cuz of low ram.
  • Oh yeah! Downloading now.
  • Sloooooowwwwwwww
  • Woohoo!!!
  • Anyone who knows how to show 'online'status? I can't find...On my app I can see all people who are online(in chat), but I heard they can't see me  being online...I'm offline all the time...
    (working with a Lumia 800, with the app from above)
  • i wish rudys gonna give us an update on 6tag for 7.x... that's the only thing i feel that lacks in my phone right nao... i've been on hiatus in my IG for quite some time.
  • I've been using it for the past 14 hours on my Amazing Lumia800 , and it's just pretty Awesome so far with No problems, and it's so Freaking Fast compared to the Old one....Is there room for improvements ?! No Doubt. and that's why its Called BETA... but as it is right now ; all I can say is (( THANK You Microsoft for not leaving WP7.x behind. ))
  • WP7.x users have been left behind, these apps are ones that were promised to you guys before WP8.
  • No. FUD.
  • Really, why the focus on WP8 then?
  • It seems pretty stable on my mother's Lumia 900 ... 
  • Love the app.. Something better then nothing eh? :)
  • I like the larger pictures and improved layout. Easier to see what you want to see. The flickering when scrolling is terrible on my L900 though. Can't believe they even put a beta app out that scrolls so poorly. MS needs to do much better with these FB apps. Better yet, why not improve the embedded FB features in the people hub that were once one of the selling points if windows phone? That area is still the same as at launch I believe.
  • Have you submitted feedback about the issue you're having? The integrated features are meant to be basic, even on WP8, as the app is there for more advanced functions. Remember that this app is a beta, it's going to have issues!!!
  • Lol I asked them on twitter yesterday when they will make it for wp7.x and today is here..OMG
  • The Metro version is still available if you want to use it.
    And it's called beta because it's well, in beta stage. It's still being tested, this isn't the final product.
  • getting real tired of this s**t.
    why in the hell there is no option to load pictures in coversations or stickers?
    the beta is nowhere near faster that the old one. just the same.
    also can't send massages the post button is greyed out.
    and on top of all no RTL support for hebrew\arabic.
    really facebook? really?
  • Perfect timing. Just smashed my 920 screen and had to revert to my 800 until I get it back from insurance!
  • Really guys? It doesn't work on Lumia 610, due to unsafficient RAM... Since you make an update for 7.8 software make sure that ALL the devices, supporting this version (7.8) are able to take the Facebook app... 
    We have been waiting for so long, this update and you cut us down, cause of the RAM...
    DO SOMETHING FOR THAT ASAP!!!! ~Lumia610 User