Facebook updated to v2.2 and spooks us all with Mango

Happy Halloween everyone, as a present from Microsoft we have Facebook version 2.2 being rolled out. This update, as previously covered, contains the fast-switching capability as well as the introduction to the deep linking feature. Users can now pin messages, news feeds and more to the home screen. Toast and tile notifications are now present too.

A fairly large update to keep the app on par with other Mango apps. You can download Facebook (opens in new tab) from the Marketplace. Wonder when groups support will be added?

Note: Also of interest, the app now supports right to left languages like Arabic or Hebrew, which is a big deal for those new markets. (Thanks, Amir)

Thanks @techjunky79 (opens in new tab) for the heads up!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Finally!
  • They Also let you pin the "events" page... but not individual events.
  • The moment I saw this post, I checked my phone, and there the update was. :D
  • There are so many updates that, an omnia 7 user on T-mobile uk, still don't have access to. :(
  • Im confused as to what you mean by this...Being on any Windows Phone on Any Network shouldn't stop you from accessing apps/updating them.They are not device/network specific.and for one, my GF has the Omnia 7 on T-mobile UK, and she got it not problem, and any other app update i have ever got on my Mozart on Orange.
  • T-mobile are only now sending out the mango update, I haven't got it yet, which I'm assuming is the reason why I've not been receiving many of the updates which have been reported for most apps.
  • I wonder when Twitter will update their app. Probably between never and the day the sun swallows the earth.
  • Seriously, I miss using the "official Twitter" app as it has one of the better UIs in my opinion. Maybe MS will get around to showing it some Mango love in the near future.Been using Seesmic as a replacement (I'm not hardcore enough to pay for a Twitter app yet).
  • Is there supposed to be live tile functions (I can see it in settings and have it turned on but...)? I've had news feed, messages and also the main facebook app pinned for the last couple hours since updating... can't see any numbers or updates popping up on any of the tiles. All completely static (even tho there has been new items and messages on my feed).
  • Because of the improvements to the people hub in Mango the Facebook app has actually become a bit redundant.
  • I agree. But through the 'Me' Hub, is there a way to tag people with you when you check in, or even add photos to check-ins/Updates?
  • unfortrunatley i tried putting @ before names but it would not work through me hub.
  • I thought I read somewhere that there were some limitations to using Facebook through the People hub (something about not getting updates since it's not considered an "official" app)? If there's no such limitations, I may give it a shot. I've not been too pleased with the Facebook app, even after this update.
  • Yes, there are some issues. You likely won't get the same feed results in the People hub as in the Facebook app because it is treated like a third-party app. So anyone who has privacy settings that exclude third-party apps won't show up. There are other minor issues too. You'll get notifications that someone likes your post, but you can't see likes on any posts. There are other minor issues too. But it is more than serviceable. I rarely use the Facebook app.
  • Thanks for the information dakranii! Much appreciated!
  • Still useless at best to me without groups support. It's a PITA the need to use IE to reach my groups
  • So does deep linking mean that if I get a notification that someone commented on a photo, then clicking the notification will take me directly to the photo instead of just launching the app?
  • If we go by the definition of deep linking, theN that should be the case.
  • About time. Now I'm just waiting on Twitter to finally update their app. And a Google+ app wouldn't hurt either. EDIT: the update isn't showing up in my marketplace. Even searching for the Facebook app and going to it doesn't show an update either. Any help?
  • Uninstall the app then reinstall from marketplace. That is what i had to do.
  • Scrolling is finally smooth. Still can't like individual posts within a thread. I just don't understand why they can't add this.
  • Can anyone confirm the notifications and tile updates have been improved? For the past couple weeks I haven't been getting tile updates or toasts for messages and other things. And if you pin Messages on the start page do you get a little 1 in the corner if you recieve a message?
  • has it updated for orange users in the UK?
  • This app should be updated monthly. More improvements please!