The Facebook Windows 10 app for PC may be an iOS port, but it's not working just yet

Early this morning, some users had reportedly found the expected universal Windows 10 app for Facebook. Although we have that app for mobile the version for PC is reportedly coming in December (along with Uber and Instagram).

Update: Facebook has reached out to Windows Central and have confirmed that the app is authentic:

"We're testing Facebook for Windows Desktop, a new app for Windows 10 computers. We look forward to rolling this out more broadly next year."

Alternatively, @NotCassim, who writes for FraWin and is well versed in Microsoft, broke down the app with Florian B. to find iOS components in it. These files imply this could be an Islandwood bridge project making it a port from iOS that has been recompiled for Windows 10. Adding to the mystery Zac Bowden from WinBeta noted the screenshots in the Store come from Michael Boswell, who is a Facebook engineer. We have heard from our sources that Project Islandwood is working well, Astoria however, is a different matter (more on that later).

Update 2: New evidence has come forward and we do not believe this is an iOS port. However, in this early beta stage, they are likely re-using iOS graphics as placeholders.

Either way, since you cannot log in and use the app, this is a bit less interesting. After all, we know the app is coming so it is just a matter of time. We'll wait for Microsoft and Facebook to make an official announcement, but it should not be too much longer. As a reminder, from the October Microsoft event Facebook went on record that they are supporting the new OS:

"Facebook is all in on Windows 10 – we're excited to build Universal Windows Apps for Facebook, Messenger, and Instagram." -Mark Zuckerberg

As far as trying to log in if you download this app, just have a replacement password ready in case you notice any suspicious activity.

Thanks, @NotCassim, for the info!

Supposed Facebook Beta app for Windows 10 (opens in new tab)

Daniel Rubino

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  • Awesome... But I doubt that the recompiled apps may not become a UWA ... Correct me if I'm wrong ..
  • Even Daniel had mentioned that Islandwood will only allow Windows 10 Mobile apps and not UWP.
  • I thought project islandwood was for desktop and project astoria is for mobile.
  • Correct name is driftwood
  • Threepwood.
  • Morningwood
  • Guybrush? :p
  • Mighty Pirate!
  • @FarStrider2001, or in it's original form - Zatara :P.
  • No, Islandwood is for iOS ports, Astoria is for Android ports.
  • Islandwood is to create UWP apps with Objective-C code.. also they are adding support to IOS APIs for compatibility.. It's not working on phone because they don't have support for ARM yet..  This is the info they give trough winobjC project on github... I don't know how they made the ports for Candy Crush on phone...
  • Islandwood is for ports from iOS and Astoria is for ports from Android. Both for mobile. I don't know if you can move an Astoria or Islandwood app to the desktop.
  • Islandwood works on phones and desktop like Candy Crush Saga. Astoria only works for phones, but it's a mess right now.
  • I'm interested to hear what the "more on that later" part about Astoria is. This app gap is the real achillies heel right now and Any news about Astoria is news i want to hear.
  • I was pretty sure I read that Islandwood would make UWP apps since it was a recompile in the MS compilers, but Astoria would not, since it was just a repackaging of the Android APK. In fact isn't that how Candy Crush got on Windows 10 desktop? (Port of iOS app.)
  • This is about the only correct statement here ...
  • Astoria (ie Android) is for mobile Islandwood (iOS) is for tablets, laptos and desktops Coming soon ... Microsoft Office ported from iOS using Islandwood.
  • @Ricardo Dawkins: Why port Office apps from iOS? Windows has the superior mobile experience (well, W10M, though, I feel like its ridiculous to assume Windows would write a Windows 8 app at this point)
  • Islandwood has already brought a port over to our phones. Candy Crush, probably more as well.
  • Islandwood is phones too.
  • Islandwood makes a UWP app. Astoria does not.
  • Astoria also does a UWP app and the original idea was that it should work with Mobile first, and later with the desktop too. Microsoft said that at the Astoria's forum. But right know, I don't know if that's still the plan.
  • Just to correct myself. Project Islandwood allows UWP too.
  • When is instagram coming for phones?
  • Soon™   Obviously.
  • Well, Instagram BETA is out there. Not sure if you were unaware or if this was a potshot at the lackluster app that is available to WP at this time, which is definitely a problem. Though, my guess is if things go well with Facebook in regards to their UWP app, we may see them do the same with Instagram...
  • They already announced they were bringing over UWP's for Instagram & Messenger as well as Facebook. Hopefully by next month.
  • There is always 6Tag, which is an awesome 3rd party app...arguably even better than Instagram's own...give that a try :)
  • yeah Rudy Huyn
  • So is this app different from fb beta for windows 10 mobile. I mean last update of fb beta apparently brought continuum support,meaning it would scale to pc version, so why won't they just realise that on pc, and have one app on pc and mobile already (maybe even Xbox one)
  • Current Mobile beta is developed by Microsoft if i remember correctly.
  • yea i know, but not that long ago i read thread by daniel stating this is the new universal app as someone from microsoft's offcials tweeedted it. 
  • Ok, then I will correct you. The Ios bridge is universal.. I was at the Build conference and they was very clear that Ios code is Universal Apps, (Like the web bridge) The only exceptions was the Android bridge that was only phone, and the w32 bridge that is (at least now) only desktop.. The videos from Build is up at the channel9 website..  
  • Wow finally we might get a full featured app. Excited
  • No, not a fully featured
  • Why? I think they will port the entire app. Won't they?
  • Not initially. Slowly, maybe.
  • If it's an Islandwood app then they are more likely to port the entire thing in one go than slowly over time.
  • If it's an islandwood app, there is mo such thing as porting. It's cross compiling.
  • I'm curious.......what the hell do you do on the Facebook app that is unsupported on the W10 version??
  • Waste time, no difference from the fully operational battle station, er, application.
  • Access all the setting, reply to comment etc
  • Code generated in mobile app for authentication when using 2-factor is also missing in the windows version IIRC
  • You can use Windows Authenticator instead.
  • The current MSFT beta app is turning out to be good. Will this be replaced with the one made by Facebook? Because I don't want current app to be replaced with something shitty.
  • Yes
  • BecUse the wp facebook app is so much better than ios app
  • Probably they'll share the code with FB.
  • I beg to differ. If you have multiple pages, you need a separate third party app to share across them.
  • You need that on iOS, Facebook Pages
  • " Although we have that app for mobile " ? What? We dont. Facebook beta app dont even have reply to comments and I highly doubt Facebook on iOS dont have that feature.
  • Android, and ios both have thi feature to reply to comment and it shows properly like web, but as you know - Windows always gets little late , so wait and even you can't edit your own status in App 
  • Should be the same app from phones so Continuum can work. Right?
  • Probably yes.
  • Much prefer apps be ported from IOS as they are generally higher quality so if that bridge is working well thats a welcome development.
  • This^
  • My thoughts exactly. Oh, what a DAY this is turning out to be. First, I wake up and it's Friday the 13th. Now I find myself agreeing with theefman in the comments section! haha! ;)  Not only are the iOS apps higher quality, but an actual recompiled for W10 UWA will run native on Windows 10. So much better than emulation through Astoria. Since iOS has all the apps and better apps than even Android, this is definitely the direction MS needs to push before even bringing up Astoria to talk about again. Let's see how Islandwood works out first.
  • It's hard to disagree with that, very good points
  • I dont use facebook app and use basic fb on edge so idc.. :P
  • Let me start a slow clap for ya. Never mind, not worth the effort.
  • How do you know someone doesn't use [insert popular app here]? Don't worry, they'll fucking tell you.
  • When is insta coming to mobile?
  • Read the article.
  • Its written pc version for dec..
  • It works, but you have to be part of Beta through Facebook invitation :)
  • Could you explain a little more please?? And can i see some screenshots please??
  • You receive an invitation from inside the facebook web page. Then you can login. I'm using the app right now, it is nice!
  • I'm not really sure what this article is about. Are we talking about a counterfeit app in the Windows Store? If that's the case, why does Microsoft still allow this sort of thing to happen? Everybody seems to be missing the point. If I download and install something from the Windows store, I expect it to be authentic and work as designed, for the most part.
  • It's authentic.
  • It's shitty ported ios app...we don't need it
  • Guess you'd rather have a shitty ported android app, right?
  • Don't know about you but since those shitty ports you mention will have fully functionality over the current windows native apps I'll be happy with it.
  • I'd consider myself lucky to have the ios apps quality ported to the platform
  • Islandwood >> Astoria
  • Wait, did I read Instagram app is coming in December?? By Rudy or Instagram themselves?
  • By lord Jesus himself
  • Lol
  • I only believe in our lord and savior Gaben, all hail!
  • I don't think this is the offical app, Messenger on mobile its published by "Facebook, Inc." not by "Facebook Inc"
  • Read the article.. Please read carefully this time.
  • In the coming weeks ™
  • Hell with ported apps... Better late then be shitty
  • Not sure if that's a genuine comment or just a troll, but that's just stupid. I'd take the entire iOS store ported over to W10 (properly) in a heartbeat. Beggars can't be choosers and at this point, we are the platform with the weaker app store.
  • LOL! Are we beggars now?
  • Well, almost!
  • Whatever we say now is only our thoughts, it's better to wait to hear what is going to happen from Microsoft out Facebook or both.
  • All my girlfriend wants to know is when Project MorningWood is gonna pop up!?
  • Soon™
  • the loading speed of the app is so slow............! and I thoght that the regular facebookfor windows pc loading time is slow..
  • I'm curious about the support going foward for these apps.  FB on iOS gets updated every two weeks with either bug fixes or new features.  How do I know that? Facebook tells us that right in their update logs for iOS.  Are they going to be that committed to Windows support?  They haven't been.  Are they going recompile this port every two weeks and submit for us?  Every month...6 months?   Then there are the platforms that Facebook haven't mentioned.  What about Paper and Notify?  Are those coming to Windows?  360-degree news feed videos  Does Windows get that?  What about the mobile payment system and video calling built into Messenger?    
  • I'm reading some of you guys claiming that Facebook app for Windows phone it's better than ios and android apps, well i used to have a Galaxy s3 as a main phone, and guys even a year and a half ago Android app for Facebook was superior from recent facebook app for Windows.
    For starters, uploading photos it's imposible if we close the app!!, we cannot download files i mean like pdf (i realize about this when a profesor upload severeal pdf as notes and i tried to download them, i couldn't), the posts of our Friends on Facebook are not ordered by time, i understand some of you guys think this disorder is not a problem, but when a friend publishes anything sometimes i cant see it on time. And we have not a complete settings section on this app, even Facebook Mobile page its better on this.
    In my opinión, Facebook and windows have too much to do for his app.
  • In reply to Car Mount article, cant seem to post on it! Thought this was Windows Central? Don't see how a charger boosting a Samsung device helps my Lumia 1520 charge wirelessly?! Oooooo, this is a hint to switch. I get it now and see what your intentions with this article. #YesFrustrated
  • There's an overuse of the word "reportedly" in WC's articles that it just became annoying to me :( I swear I try to ignore it and keep reading but it's almost everywhere
  • 222 MB..seriously?
  • I cannot find this article anywhere on the front page.
  • People Hub is still the best... on win 8.1 when fb was integrated and on wp7.8/8. Win10 is a compromise so that fb can pour ads on us.
  • Background link please!? It looks awesome!
  • The app got updated and now instead of error message it tells you only a few ppl can use the app because it is still Beta... Got me excited.