It’s Friday and that usually means Facebook beta updates and while that may still happen, this morning we have the non-beta app getting an update instead.

As you can imagine, Microsoft dogfoods and tests out new features in the beta where they eventually find their way into the official app for the masses. It’s usually a monthly event and that seems to be the case here as version is now available, putting it slightly ahead of the beta (version

While there is no changelog from Microsoft for Facebook, we could surmise it includes those performance enhancements, greater language support, improved chat options and more, which were all found in the beta.

Should you now opt out of the beta version? Probably not as we imagine Microsoft will begin the next round of development for the Facebook app with new weekly updates for that branch.

Head to the Windows Phone Store to pick up the official Facebook app, version 5.1.1 for Windows Phone 8 and version 3.1.1 for Windows Phone 7.x users. Want the beta version instead? Head here to pick it up.

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Thanks, Aaron C., for the tip

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