The Falconeer gets Xbox Series X upgrade, runs at 'a minimum of' 4K 60 FPS

The Falconeer
The Falconeer (Image credit: Tomas Sala)

The Falconeer

Source: Wired Productions (Image credit: Source: Wired Productions)

What you need to know

  • The Falconeer is an upcoming airborne adventure from Wired Productions.
  • The game is getting some serious Xbox Series X upgrades.
  • The Falconeer is an open-world role-playing game.
  • It's coming to Xbox One and PC too.

The Falconeer is an upcoming open-world role-playing game from Tomas Sala and Wired Productions. Today, the team released a new trailer and confirmed that it would be upgraded for Xbox Series X. According to Microsoft, it's the new "most powerful console ever" and features 12 teraflops of computing power.

The Falconeer will release day one on Xbox Series X. Combining classic dogfighting mechanics, with a breathtaking open-world environment and a cornucopia of fantastical enemies, The Falconeer will support a minimum of 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and will dazzle your eyes with glorious High Dynamic Range. Smart Delivery will also be enabled to ensure you can play The Falconeer on your favorite Xbox console.

Leo Zullo, Managing Director at Wired Productions, said the following.

Having worked closely with the Xbox team over the past year, The Falconeer has found a natural home on the Xbox Series X. It's a technological marvel that coupled with Tomas' passion and genius, constantly astounds us. With Smart Delivery, we're ensuring fans get the best version of The Falconeer, on any Xbox at no extra cost.

Tomas Sala, the sole developer of The Falconeer, added the following.

Working on the Xbox Series X has been a terrific experience. My focus – my passion – is to create worlds that aren't just epic landscapes and backdrops but are dangerous and haunting places. Where the action ties you to the fabric of these worlds. Time spent with the Xbox Series X has allowed me to harness the creative and technical power to take the player on a wondrous journey into such worlds, straight from my imagination, free from limitations.

The Falconeer costs $40 and should launch soon.

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