Fallout Mash-Up Pack brings the wasteland to Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions

Minecraft fans who have an affinity for the Fallout universe can now mash the two together in Minecraft Pocket and Windows 10 Editions. Mojang has announced that the Fallout Mash-Up Pack is now available on both platforms, coming just a few months after hitting the Console Edition of the game.

The Fallout Mash-Up Pack mixes in mutant mobs with multiple heads, ghouls and iconic landmarks from the Fallout universe. A total of 44 new skins also let you dress your character up as one of many iconic characters from Fallout, and more. From Mojang:

As with the console release, the mash-up pack brings a total overhaul of the game's textures, turning the glorious greenery of the overworld into a blasted wasteland. But life goes on! Heavily mutated life, at any rate: two-headed cows, gruesome ghouls and outsized scorpions are among the mobs you'll find roaming the blasted landscape. Wait until you see what's happened to the poor llamas!

If that sounds like it's up your alley, you should be able to grab the Fallout Mash-Up Pack now from the in-game Minecraft Store now for $6.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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