Fan favorite Mehdoh Twitter app gets the Win Phone 8 treatment in latest update

We’ve seen quite a few of the “big players” in Twitter apps for Windows Phone get their respective Windows Phone 8 bump in the last few weeks, so it’s great to see reader favorite Mehdoh get its due.

Mehdoh for Windows Phone 8 get quite a few new additions with the latest update, which is of course, free if you previously purchased the app (or locked it in when it was free). From lockscreen notifications to fast-resume, the Twitter app certainly gets the performance boost from Windows Phone 8’s new APIs and beefier hardware.

The full changelog was posted on the Mehdoh site, which we’ll share below:

  • lock screen notifications (icon + text, WP8 only features)
  • voice commands (WP8 only feature) - UK only at present
  • twitter profile banner images
  • twitter api 1.1
  • changed menu options around
  • fast app resume (WP8 only feature)
  • lots of small bug fixes
  • removed several retweet homescreen options (due to 1.1 API)
  • temporarily removed custom themes (WP8 only)
  • unfortunately removed tile options in order to provide lock screen info (WP8 only)

So why get Mehdoh over some of the other choices out there? First and foremost there is always preference: Mehdoh has always been a clean, minimalist Twitter client and a lot of folks just like the “look” of it.

Another big pro that is unique to Mehdoh is the image/URL preview ability. Lots of times when you someone Tweets a weblink, in order to read it you need to click it and have it handed off to IE on the phone. Sure, you to see the site but you were also just pulled out of the “Twitter experience”. Mehdoh allows you to view webpages within the app just by sliding over—it’s super convenient and faster than opening up the browser. Same with image preview.

If you’re a fan of Mehdoh, head to the Store now to get the update and if you’re looking to try something different, make sure you give Mehdoh a spin. Windows Phone 8 only. Thanks, Michael O., for the tip!

QR: Mehdoh

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