If it's one thing our platform needs is fan love--that unabashed desire to share and espouse the greatness that is our OS. For that, we'll always encourage people to show their devotion, no matter how geeky or nerdy.

So it's with great pleasure and a hearty smile we bring to you the Windows Phone 7 rap. The idea was spawned by @MobieChick on Twitter, who pinged us with the idea if anyone would watch. We basically dared her saying we'd run the video and the rest is history. What made this fun of course was that MobieChick solicited lyrics from other Windows Phone fans on Twitter, making this a community project.

Lets give the ladies a big hand, especially for putting themselves out their on Vimeo like this. Takes guts! (And lets be kind in comments to our sistahs!).

So do the guys now want to make a response video?