FCC Shows HTC Touch Pro / Raphael, Nov 30th Availability?

Well, it looks like the HTC Touch Pro/Raphael has popped up at the FCC! You can take a gander at the FCC documents here, though a quick perusal doesn't appear to show anything out of the ordinary: the standard sort of “here's where we'll put the label” and “here's proof it won't melt your brain” sort of thing. The really juicy details aren't available because HTC's confidentiality request to the FCC asked that they keep the rest under wraps until November 30th, 2008. Ain't that a nice little date to mark on your calendar?

Still, though, nice to see the RAPH100 show its face, makes it a little more likely we'll be able to use it to impress our friends and bludgeon our enemies. That bludgeoning might be cathartic, too, as there doesn't appear to be 3G testing results in these documents. TmoNews speculates this means it's bound to (3G-less) T-Mobile, but we're still hopeful that those tests just haven't arrived. Of course, “hopefulness” is just on the other side of the coin from “denial,” so your guess is as good as ours.

read: TmoNews [via]

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