FDA approves HoloLens powered medical augmented reality system

Microsoft's HoloLens is an incredible piece of technology with a number of real world applications and the FDA has recently approved a system for medical use.

It concerns the OpenSight Augmented Reality System, a platform designed for HoloLens to help surgeons plan procedures using the headset.

From Healthimaging.com

OpenSight specifically utilizes the Microsoft HoloLens headset that allows simultaneous visualization of the 3D patient images in AR and the actual patient and their real-world surroundings. The technique may decrease operative times and improve surgical planning and the understanding of anatomic relationships.

HoloLens allows not only a single user, but an entire group, to view a patients medical images laid onto their body in real time, as well as having implications for training. The system can also enable the surgeons to view an accurate internal representation of their patients without the need to open them up.

Medical students can use the system to perform practice procedures, too, and while HoloLens remains an extremely expensive device, its potential uses continue to impress.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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