FeedLab for Windows 10 gets big update with new languages, interface tweaks, more


FeedLab, a third-party Feedly app for Windows 10, has made a big jump to version 3.0 with a whole host of tweaks across the board, including new keyboard shortcuts, settings options, and methods for interacting with lists of articles. Additionally, one of the bigger changes in this latest update is that the app is now translated and localized to German, Portuguese, and Spanish speakers.

Generally speaking, FeedLab's developers say you should see better and more fluid performance in several areas throughout the app. FeedLab also now includes some subtle elements of Fluent Design, including a blur effect when the app's menu appears over content. That's in addition to general tweaks to the way articles are presented, fixes for bugs with article sharing, and more.

Here's a look at just some of the highlights from the official release notes:

  • We added the German translation
  • We added the Brazilian / Portuguese translation
  • We added the Spanish translation
  • We improved the menu for better performance
  • We implemented a new scroll bar and a blur effect to adopt the Microsoft Fluent Design when the menu appears over the content
  • We redesigned the setting, with a blur effect to adopt the Microsoft Fluent Design, and with the total removal of green color
  • Sharing - Your accounts are now synchronized between your Windows 10 devices
  • Sharing - Now, there is an option to disable the advanced sharing of FeedLab, to use only the Windows 10 sharing
  • We simplified the action to mark all articles as read
  • We added the action "Mark as read older than one day"
  • We added the action "Mark as read older than one week"
  • We fixed the issue to share an article via Facebook
  • We fixed the sharing of article to avoid encoding errors of Window 10
  • We added the possibility to pin the number of unread articles on your lock screen
  • We improve the live tiles

If Feedly is your RSS reader service of choice and you're on the lookout for a native Windows 10 app, FeedLab is worth checking out. The app is available for free from the Microsoft Store now, and you can also check out the full release notes for a look at every tweak that has gone into the release of version 3.0.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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