Femtocell in a picture frame? Why not!

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We've talked a bit about femtocells, namely in the form of the Sprint AIRAVE. For the uninitiated, think mini-cell tower in your home, hooked up to your Internet router.

Here's where it starts getting cool. Motorola apparently has popped a CDMA femtocell inside a digital picture frame (along with WiFi and a VOIP videophone (!) for good measure). This would keep a gaudy router-like box out of your living room while giving you central coverage.

Femtocells are still very much in their infancy - and we're talking prototype in the above video - and we're still not all that cracked up about paying extra for better cell reception. But there are practical purposes for the things. And this is truly Jetsons-type stuff here, with video calling built in. Guess that means we'd have to start wearing pants around the house.

ConnectedHome2Go [via Engadget Mobile]

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