Fenice for Twitter gets huge update with lots of new features and tweaks in tow

Third-party Twitter app Fenice has snatched a giant update to version 4.0, bringing along a ton of new features and tweaks for fans to check out. The update is slowly making its way to a "small percentage of users" on Windows desktop now, with an Xbox and Mobile rollout coming after.

With version 4.0, Fenice has been completely rewritten from scratch. Along with the total rewrite comes a slew of tweaks and improvements, one of the biggest of which has to do with the home screen. Now, if you have more than one Twitter account, you can use both at once with an unlimited number of columns. There's also a new way to quickly check user information by clicking or tapping on the account's profile image in a tweet.

New quick actions that appear under a tweet give you a fast way to interact with specific tweets on your timeline, and private messages can now be opened right on the home screen. And if you need to mute someone, there are improved mute filters that can cover users, hashtags, clients and more for specific time periods.

Fenice Quick Actions

There's a whole lot more here, including custom accent color personalization, automatic OneDrive backup, and multi-language support for English, Italian, Russian and Spanish (and if you'd like to contribute here, Fenice is looking for translators). Fenice is also gearing up to roll out on Xbox soon after this release on desktop.

To celebrate the launch of version 4.0, Fenice is in in line for a temporary discount to $1.75 before moving up to its regular price of $2.49. The app also now offers a 7-day trial, if you'd rather try it out before buying. Keep in mind that, as mentioned, this update is slowly making its way out to a small subset of users at first in order to catch any potential hiccups. Consequently, it may take some time to show for everyone.

Download Fenice from the Windows Store

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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