Fenice for Twitter picks up new hearts for likes on Windows 10

For those looking for a good Twitter app in Windows 10, you have Tweetium, the official Twitter app and also Fenice. Fenice was recently rebuilt for Windows 10 after being an 8.1 app, and the desktop version continues to be refined.

Version 2.4.19 is now live in the Store and with comes two small changes:

Fenice for Twitter

  • Likes FTW!
  • Minor fixes and improvements

Fenice is currently only available on Windows 10 desktop. However, the mobile version is due soon as the developer puts some finishing touches on the code. Being built on the Universal Windows Platform it is a buy once app, and we look forward to running it on Windows 10 Mobile. Some of the main features in Fenice include:

  • Interactive notifications: reply, add to favorites or retweet a mention without even launch the app! Works for direct messages too!
  • What You See Is What You Get when composing a tweet
  • Predictive HashTag suggestions
  • Text Snippets
  • Pin the Tweet Page to start to tweet quickly without opening the full app
  • Memes are everywhere. Add them to your tweets from the app
  • Add tweets to your Pocket or Instapaper account
  • No internet connection but with a good tweet in mind? Send it anyway even without connection and we'll tweet it as soon as you get connected again!
  • Streaming! You don't need to refresh to see new tweets, Fenice will show new tweets automagically!
  • Listen to SoundCloud music from tweets without leaving the app
  • Create and manage your lists
  • Powerful filters: mute hashtags, Clients and Users
  • Create and manage drafts

There's lot to like in Fenice including its overall design, which looks great. I've been using Fenice increasingly more over the last few weeks, and it is a great alternative if you want a different style Twitter app for Windows 10.

Fenice runs for $1.99, which also grabs you the Phone version (you can still download it for Windows Phone 8.1) and there is a free, full-featured one day trial to give it a spin.

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