A few Microsoft execs have some fun [Video]

MGXFY12 Kurt D Comedy Video (opens in new tab) from Buttercuts Editorial (opens in new tab) on Vimeo (opens in new tab).

While Microsoft may often come across as a monolithic corporation, it's sometimes good to remember that behind the company are individuals and personalities. So it's always nice to see them have a little fun, which is what you see above.

The video is taken from MGX FY12 and like Long Zheng who found this vid, while we don't know the context, we still find it funny nonetheless. The four unlucky carpoolers are Kurt DelBene (President of Office), Qi Lu (President of Online Services), Chris Capossela (Senior VP of consumer marketing) and Andrew Lees (President of Windows Phone) who we briefly spoke with in Barcelona. Yeah, that Andy Lees, which is what makes the Windows Phone comment that much more funny.

via: iStartedSomething

Daniel Rubino

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  • Hahaha... That is awesome! Love the passing Google part :D
  • Hahah, awesome dudes, laughung dead at the part with the iPhone :D
  • These guys are terrible actors but funny dudes all together.
  • Context="Hey fellow MS staff members, carpooling is cool. Do it."
  • Not bad, worth a chuckle or 2. =)
  • haha andy is funny!
  • Over the years microsoft have made so many funny videos for their shows and other occasions. And they are not afraid to give everybody a laugh at their own expense. This for me is a company with a healthy normal view of itself.Have anybody any links to videos like this from Apple? You know to show that Apple is also a healthy normal company ;-)
  • hehe Cute."I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, but somebody's breath isn't quite right. So, why doesn't everyone take an Altoid? Qi, one for you. Kurt, one for you. Andy, why don't you take two?"
  • "SorryThis video does not exist"wtf???=(
  • Sorry, "MGXFY12 Kurt D Comedy Video" was deleted at 5:33:01 Tue Aug 9, 2011. We have no more information about it on our mainframe or elsewhere.