Fhotoroom for Windows 8 updated, adds support for RAW files

Fhotoroom is a popular Windows Phone photo (opens in new tab) editing app that is also available over on the Windows 8/RT platform. That version was recently updated to version 1.4 that offers a few new editing tools and RAW image file support.

For those not familiar, RAW image files are basically unprocessed .JPEG files. Many prefer to shoot in RAW format to do the image processing themselves (exposure, contrast, saturation, color temperature, etc.) before converting the image to .JPEG as opposed to allow the in-camera processing to handle the task. Each camera manufacturer crates it's own RAW format specific to each camera model.  Think of a RAW file as a digital negative that needs to be developed.

Version 1.4 of Fhotoroom supports over 150 RAW file formats from camera manufacturers such as Canon, Olympus, Nikon, Kodak, Pentax, Sony and Panasonic. While this is a huge feature, the downside is that Fhotoroom automatically processes the RAW file, eliminating the appeal in using the format.

Fhotoroom for Windows 8/RT

Along with the RAW support, the updated version adds a few bug fixes and the following features to the mix.

  • ColorSplash Threshold option added
  • Highlight and Shadows option added
  • 5x7 and 7x5 crop sizes added
  • Undo, Redo and Original controls added

The update adds some nice functionality and features to Fhotoroom. I would have liked to have seen more control in the RAW file conversion but until we see something along the lines of Adobe Photoshop coming to the Windows RT arena, Fhotoroom will come in handy for processing RAW files while on the go.

Fhotoroom is a free app for your Windows 8/RT device that you can find here at the Windows 8 Store (opens in new tab). Fhotoroom for your Windows Phone is also free and can be found here at the Windows Phone Store (opens in new tab).

QR: Fhotoroom for Windows 8/RT

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  • This blows instagram out of the water. People on iOS, and Android don't know what they're missing.
  • Boy, that's a very messy Win8 app: menus are all over the screen, never hidden, not even when not needed. Also, there's no support for any Charm. However, in its stubborn pre-windows-8 way, it does the job, and is quite versatile
  • Wow. That is quite the unnecessarily dumbed-down explanation of what a RAW file is. There were much better means to accurately and simply explain what the format encompassed. Especially considering that anyone interested in that feature of the app would likely be aware of what the format was.
  • Fascinating. And where would one find your much simpler and more accurate blog posts?
  • Actually a raw digital image may have a wider DYNAMIC RANGE or color GRAMUT than the eventual final image format, and it preserves most of the information of the captured image. The purpose of raw image formats is to save, with minimum loss of information, data obtained from the sensor, and the conditions surrounding the capturing of the image. People who use digital camera know better than someone who snap blindly using their smartphone (maybe you ) . And for your information, not all software can handle RAW format.
  • Personally I use Adobe Lightroom to process my raw files, but I would still have liked to use the Fhotoroom app to access my account, messages and all. But... Unless it's well hidden, you can only use the app to modify your pictures, unlike the Windows Phone app. You can't even see the latest pictures uploaded by the community. They need to fix that quick if they want people to understand the real purpose of Fhotoroom.
  • that's what i'm looking for too, I wish I could log into my account and use the app that way too.
  • I wish you could make HDR photos like with the desktop app.
    Then this would be my favorite photo edit app.