FIFA 20: New MLS uniforms available now ahead of new season

Fifa 20 New Mls Kits
Fifa 20 New Mls Kits (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • FIFA 20 players can find the new MLS uniforms in the game now.
  • Adidas designed the new kits with a unified retro theme to honor the 25th anniverary of the MLS.
  • The 2020 MLS season kicks off on Saturday, Feb. 29.

It won't be until this weekend that MLS fans get to see the new uniforms — or kits, if you call the sport football and not soccer — that Adidas cooked up for the league's 25th anniversary season in action, but FIFA 20 players can get a look at them sooner. As in right now.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell which jerseys are the newest for any soccer team, but Adidas made it simple to pick out the new MLS kits at a glance thanks to the three stripes (some of the most iconic branding in sports) on the right shoulder of every team's 2020 shirts. You can get a quick glance at them in this video PlayStation shared:

Better still, you can simply go play FIFA 20 right now, as the new MLS uniforms are available in multiple game modes, including FUT. To see them on the field, catch the beginning of the 2020 MLS regular season this weekend, as all 26 teams are in action either Feb. 29 or March 1.

Nick Tylwalk