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File-sharing service Xender is coming to Windows Phone

Popular file-transfer service Xender has announced plans of making an app for Windows Phone. The cross-platform service allows you to transfer documents, music, videos or any other form of content easily between devices. Xender works off of Wi-Fi, facilitating faster transfer rates than Bluetooth.

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You'll be able to transfer files as large as 10GB up to four connected devices simultaneously. Any content shared between devices will be sorted based on file type. Since the service works on Wi-Fi, you won't incur any data charges when using Xender. For more details on the functionality offered by the service, head here.

At this stage, there isn't a definite date as to when the service will debut on Windows Phone:

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Source: Twitter (Xender)

Thanks Prasanna, Saumen and Sandeep!

  • It Il rule windows only if it works better than sharit
  • Meh... Shareit is much better than xender...
  • Xender isn't even available right now on wp and you're passing the judgments.
  • Easy Transfer..
  • The Beta is still open.
  • Shareit don't work in my phone like in Android. Does my phone even have that type of WiFi hotspot. Using Lumia 520
  • We're going to Windows 10 mobile soon.
  • Shareit cant send app to another windows phone, hope this works like that
  • You mean pirating apps? I hope it doesn't work. Would you go to work and have someone steal your wages?
  • Doesn't necessarily mean pirating... You can install legit xaps as well.
  • It's irrelevant. If you allow people to share apps between phones without using official channels like the Store, you're facilitating piracy.
  • No. Like what you could do by downloading xaps from the Store and installing legitimately. Like, for saving bandwidth/time with huge apps/games.
  • Yeah, but how would you pay for the apps? Don't be ridiculous, sharing apps can't and won't happen.
  • Paying for shared xaps could be similar to how you pay for regular paid Store xaps.
  • You can download Paid app from store but you have to pay while installing. But anyway this feature is no longer available. Check it
  • Duh if you dont have data and want to install a free app ? then its piracy ? Downloading XAP to pc from WP store and then transfering it via BT/USB to phone is piracy ? Phone to Phone XAP (the one downloaded via WPstore via PC) sharing is piracy ? LMAO !   By the way in my knowledge paid apps can also be downloaded directly from WPstore via PC The installing bit is the tricky part because installing the xap is done via store (install apps from sdcard) which checks if you have brought the app or not)   So there is actually no piracy going on !
  • Yes, its called piracy.
  • This isn't piracy. I download XAPs from the WindowsPhone store and install them, obviously installing games from XAPs requires authentication. So I was pirating till date? Oh yeah and Microsoft on the Windows Phone store had a link saying "Download and install manually", so Microsoft is supporting piracy, I guess?  
  • Wait..cant we send .appx files just like a file and let the store decide Everything will be able to get installed only if its updated and the reciever has already purchased the app but has not installed...i means ownership of the app is linked to microsoft id.This way we can save data charges.
  • Unfortunately this feature also not going to work as you can't download xap files on PC anymore. I tried it. Lumia help on twitter also confirmed.
  • What about free apps?
  • Android user found....!!!!! If you want that kind of function , then use UC browser to download xap and appx files and share them by Bluetooth... And install genuinely....
  • -_- how would one save time/bandwidth then. You shouldn't need to download twice.
  • This feature is gone. I tried today. You can't download xap files from store web anymore.
  • That's good
  • How is it good? I am having trouble installing apps directly from the store and  I get an error every time. If downloading apps and installing them manually was available then I would have easily downloaded and installed them, but now I cannot install half of the apps I want to. 
  • Not working anymore
  • Hope, it never gona happen
  • Finally
  • Yea I Already Sign up for Beta Version :D
  • Link for beta signup
  • Thats been reported as fake
  • mag esh there's no beta version of xender available on windows phone. Today only I received a mail from xender support community in that it was clearly mentioned that "Currently we are working on the xender app for windows phone. The app is still under development. Important point - kindly do not sign up for any beta version as currently their 's no beta version of xender available for windows phone."
  • It's not MS. It's Xender. MS isn't always responsible for what apps WP gets.
  • MS approves apps for Store
  • But people blames MS for non-available apps. But when some apps get available MS not getting Credit. Haah
  • Agreed!
  • Do you know Dukto? Its worked, free, opensource and crossplatform. But...not updated since 2014, like most WP app.
  • But its perfect, not buggy. I think there would be an update of changing the design of application when windows 10 launches
  • Universal app please. This app would be great if one can transfer files from phone to PC and vice versa.
  • Use Easy Transfer for that !!
  • That needs wifi direct I guess.
  • Hope so!
  • Dukto does it. Search of it in store :)
  • Zapya works well for me.. Cross platform sharing also possible
  • "Feem" does the work till then
    Free, and can share files between pc/android/ios/wp anywhere
  • Everyone getting error while downloading candy crush
  • Maybe it's a sign, telling you to take a break from candy crush :P.
  • Everyone huh? Not I
  • That's my name there !! :-)
  • Register for beta app Xender :D
  • Fake! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is to register, it is not the official App. Fool Mohamed :P
  • Check the other apps from that dev. He is trying to get everyones mail id, and who knows what he will do with it.
    And try to give some respect, and maybe you will be a better man. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Idiot, You are the fool here
  • Diego Bautista, there's no beta version of xender available on windows phone. Today only I received a mail from xender support community in that it was clearly mentioned that "Currently we are working on the xender app for windows phone. The app is still under development. Important point - kindly do not sign up for any beta version as currently their 's no beta version of xender available for windows phone."
  • You got scammed
  • Please report that app to Microsoft.
  • I think every Lumia user will wait for official version, otherwise they already have Easy Transfer...
  • Let's see how it works
  • Good news :)
  • I love that app, hope it becomes available as a windows 10 app
  • May I ask, what are use cases for this type of app? I know that it transfers files to and from your phone, but I can't think of why to do that, using an app like this. The files I transfer and use on my phone, (PDF, Word, Excel) all are easily emailed to/from coworkers. What am I missing?
  • May be large videos...and that too locally without internet connection...!! Don't think everyone uses email for data transfer..
  • Ya it can send files of gbs at the rate of 1-2 mbps
  • Why would you have large files, on your phone. AutoCad files can be huge and there would be no reason for them to reside on your phone, even if they would fit. Puzzled!
  • A FHD video recorded on your phone maybe??
  • its good news for all lumia phones...thanks Microsoft
  • When in india!!!!
  • Tomorrow
  • The day you stop asking such shi* questions :)
  • •"Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go." ​The reason for posting "when in India" ..... ​ ​ohh I don't need to explain this....only right ppl will get it!! If u knw wat i mean. ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​
  • I hope i don't have to fiddle with it like shareit, to get it to work. I hope MS will one day allow sharing of apps
  • Microsoft can't allow sharing of app. The only way is if there can be something like jailbreak
  • Well on Android that's the only thing I used these types of apps for.
  • You have shar it and zapya
  • So slow to load files compared to shareit
  • Sounds good! I wonder if I can also do this with music with the app.
  • Try Flick or Feem lite
  • We have been waiting for this. Reallly slowly but steadily windows phone getting more and more apps. Thanks.
  • Wow .. What more can we say .. Time to shut Dem up ..
  • Guys now days you are concentrating only "ADVERTISMENT". this news reported 2 weeks ago.
  • Thank God now we can switch away from zapta!!
  • Sure is will not be able to share apps. Same like sharit.
  • When ll be laughing it
  • Wow..what pleasant news
  • Sounds good