Here is how to find out if Lumia Cyan is available for your phone

The good news is Microsoft (through the old Nokia mobile) announced today the global availability of the Lumia Cyan update and Windows Phone 8.1. We have been waiting for such a proclamation as it means that officially the 'update season' is starting. Note how we call it a season, because, like previous updates, this is a staggered rollout based on your device, region and carrier (if applicable).

Indeed, heading to the official Lumia Software Update page, which lists the update by region, device and carrier you can see how everything is "under testing ." Translation? No one is likely to get an update today. Instead, you are going to have to wait as the carriers give the green light to the update. How long it is going to take is not known, though it could be days to weeks.

Here is what you can do in the meantime

  • Keep checking Windows Phone Central – We are posting as many update articles as we can as we get confirmation from users that their update is being pushed. Almost without fail, these updates begin weekdays at 1 PM Eastern Time
  • Use our Tracker page – If you missed the story, you can always use our tracker page. Unlike the Microsoft one, our page is going to tell you which updates are live now
  • Windows Phone 8.1 Tips, Tricks, and How to – Want to learn all that you can about the 8.1 update? Bookmark our topic page that has all our tutorials on the updated OS

Note, if you are using the Preview for Developers, you will get the Lumia Cyan update as it becomes available just like everyone else. You will never have to downgrade the OS or rollback anything. You will simply get the update (OS, if applicable) and new firmware.

Daniel Rubino

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