Finland-based Eve Tech reveals 8-inch Windows 8.1 tablet, the Eve T1

A newly-revealed start-up company in Helsinki, Finland called Eve Tech plans to launch its first product, an 8-inch Windows tablet called the Eve T1, on December 8. The company has yet to reveal the price of the tablet.

The Eve T1 will have a 1280x800 resolution display and an Intel Bay Trail Z3735F processor inside with a clock speed of 1.8GHz. There's 2GB of RAM in the tablet, along with 32GB of onboard storage, a 5MP rear camera and a 2MP front facing camera. The 4000mAh battery is supposed to last up to 11 hours. The tablet will also come with a free year of Office 365.

The website hints that the Eve T1 will have an affordable price tag. Indeed, the Eve Tech Facebook page is currently holding a contest to see if anyone can guess its price before December 8, with the winner getting the Eve T1 for free. The recently launched 8-inch Winbook TW801 tablet has a price of $139.99 with the same amount of RAM and storage, although it has a slightly slower Bay Trail processor at 1.33 GHz.

Source: Eve Tech, Eve Tech (Facebook)

John Callaham
  • Better than Nokia N1 tablet
  • Yeh, but we should wait some time for nokia to make better than N1.
  • Of course it is. It runs android and this runs windows :D that Nokia tablet looks horrible with that OS /ui
  • Btw, I think cheap windows tablet should be improve. OEM should start building windows tablet with decent quality but still at affordable pricing. Value for money is a very good selling point.
  • The original Nokia didn't design this. Original Nokia hardware is now with Microsoft. It has just Nokia brand.
  • Oh give me a break. Nokia n1 is a fine piece of tech. Stop degrading good devices for no good reason at all. I'm sure they will release a windows version later down the road.
  • I'm ok with android. But the design of the device is just an iPad mini clone. I was expecting something unique from Nokia
  • What better can you get, the iPad design is beautiful Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You have to admit that its ugly though.
  • It's not ugly but also not stunning. It's just an "iPad mini clone"
    I want to see Nokia do something different. But look at the bright side, maybe Nokia can make a windows tablet that has the same design like surface pro 3 and with affordable price.
  • If my nephew thinks its ugly then its ugly. He doesn't really care about the esthetics of anything apart from himself. If it works, its good enough for him. I asked him if he'd buy it and I got "What the F is this. No. Its ugly". He didn't say f*ck in full btw; he said F. The iPad mini isn't exactly dashing.
  • Says alloy if he knows the f word plus he is a kid with his own opinion Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He's 13 not 5.
  • I hope not; the Surface style is really ugly! Clunky and sharp edges everywhere. The Lumia 630 is the Surface design brought to smartphones, and it's easily the ugliest Lumia out there...
    The N1 isn't ugly per se; it's a boring iPad clone, as you say. The Jolla tablet is how the Nokia effort should have looked like...! I do like the Z launcher layout, though, even if it's Android-based...
  • Windows 8.1 can be installed on it since the bootloader is unlocked.
  • The processor won't be able to run Windows 8.1
  • Why not? It has an Intel processor and meets the requirements for installing Windows 8.1.
  • I want stock windows that comes with the device. And I would like to see windows tablet gaining more market share than android or ios
  • You can install "stock" Windows (whatever you mean by that) on that Nokia tablet as well.
  • The N1 is a Foxcon tablet with Nokia branded on it.
  • Despite what Dr. Goebbles said, repeating a lie over and over won't make it true. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't know what you mean is a lie in that comment. The N1 has licenced design and brand from Nokia, but it is in reality a Foxconn product.
  • Nokia designed the hardware. Nokia designed the software. Nokia provides the tech. Nokia controls the quality. It's as much a Nokia product as any Lumia is a Microsoft product or the iPhone is an Apple product.   Just because you don't understand how outsourcing contracts work, it doesn't make your wishful thinking of Nokia being gone, true.
  • It's. Still not a real Nokia. Why cuz all the star software and hardware engineers work for Microsoft now. Microsoft might not have took all of Nokia employees but they took the best and left the rest. So yeah the new Nokia made it but not the good old Nokia that everybody has grown to love that Nokia is now known as Microsoft mobile. Even if I did buy that piece of crap I would wipe the horrid android off of it and install a proper OS named windows 8.1 or I may wait to windows 10. And I know you got every right to be on this site but wouldn't you feel better talking to people who have the same views as you. Or do you just like arguing cuz this is a windows site a site about everything windows and Microsoft not android or Nokia why not go talk to people that like Nokia and android as much as you do instead of being on this site trying to give us lecture about how good android is and how Nokia is going to be king of smartphones in 2016 if that you views fine every one is entitled to there own opinion but it would be better served to discuss it with like-minded people don't you think.
  • Design a copy? LOL, copying shows the new Nokia devices company now lacks a vision. It's so obvious it's a Foxconn device with a Nokia label slapped on it. When you see something else you must have google glasses on ;)
  • It is true buddy whether you like it or not...Nokia right now doesnt have the resources and personnel to design and produce a tablet or phone on its requires another year or they went for the safer tread and asked Foxconn to do it..As you might know Foxconn is a private contractor and has produced many devices for many OEMs but not with it's branding..So here Nokia does the marketing and (maybe support, dont know how will they do it)..and gets the license fees and part of the profit(if they make any)...So to get a true indigenously developed tablet from Nokia you have to wait some more time...yes the UI is designed and developed by Nokia....and before somebody tells that Nokia hired back the employees layed off from MS...maybe but very very few of them would be designers and engineers...mostly marketing, ad, HR and software...All the Nokia original hardware industrial designers, engineers, their patents is very much Microsoft.
  • They just did. You should learn the difference between designing and manufacturing. Nokia isn't manufacturing the products. That's it. Nokia designed the hardware. Nokia designed the software. Nokia provides the tech. Nokia controls the quality. It's a Nokia product as much as the iPhone is an Apple product (Foxconn also does those...are the iPhones now not Apple products?)   "All the Nokia original hardware industrial designers, engineers, their patents is very much Microsoft." This is WRONG you know? Microsoft has ZERO Nokia patents for a start. And a lot of engineers remained at Nokia. Nokia retained 75% of their talent.   As much as Windows Phone fans would like, no, Microsoft Mobile is NOT Nokia. Nothing MM will produce will be a Nokia phone. And Nokia is back in the consumer market with Android. If you don't like the reality, that's your problem ;)
  • Being a engineering student myself, I very much understand the difference between designing and manufacturing. And Apple controls each and every part of iPhone. It selects the parts, chooses the vendors, designs their processors themselves, design the complete phone themselves. and Foxconn just manufactures it for them. So basically Foxconn is an assembler and nothing else for Apple. But in Nokia's case, Foxconn did the maximum of those things including manufacturing. And could you please cite any sources which states that Microsoft got zero patents from Nokia. Pure View tech, Clear Black tech, glance, the use of polycarbonate materials etc etc. all those patents are with Microsoft. Do you seriously think MS was gonna pay Nokia to use their tech. That was the whole point of the acquisition. And please clear yourself what a acquisition actually means. It was not a merger, mind you. The whole Nokia devices division, its personnel everything (except a few patents here and there maybe) is owned by Microsoft Mobiie now. I dont think MS is foolish enough to leave Nokia's talent behind and get the company only. You accquire a company basically fot their talent. So you might hate or love Windows Phone, but this is a truth no one can deny
  • Microsoft only licensed the patents for the tech, the designs and branding. That means they have the right to use the tech, they don't own it, the same way android oems pay licenses to Microsoft so they can use MS patented tech used in android. Nokia has the full rights to their tech and can use it or license it to other companies. This is how i suspect Sony, LG and other android oems started using doubletap to wake in their devices this year, or how Apple said during the iphone6 launch that the screen uses a polarizer for better outdoor visibility( the screens looks a hell of a lot darker with deeper blacks than other ips screens on the market righ now). I suspect Nokia started leveraging it's assets since the beggining of the year already.
  • Well, we don't know exactly how much Nokia had to do with the initial design. But we know that after the relase of the N1 Nokia has not much to do with the actual product on the market. As stated in a press release by Nokia ( Foxconn "is responsible for full business execution, from engineering and sales to customer care, including liabilities and warranty costs, inbound IP and software licensing and contractual agreements with 3rd parties." That doesn't leave much for Nokia to do with the N1. However, what exaxtly 'engineering' by Foxconn includes is not made clear in this press release.
  • Thanks Linhead for making my point clear with some proof from Nokia. Hope you have got the point DJCBS..Hey buddy, I am not against Nokia n Android or anything..Just making your perception clear that N1 had actually more signs of Foxconn than Nokia...but u are free to your opinion :-)
  • The N1  was designed by the new Nokia chief of design Axel Meyer, one of the original designers behind the fabula design language used since the N8. The design started in april the first day after the aquisition was completed. Nokia was in charge of the hardware design and device engineering, software design and so on. They then licensed this work to Foxconn, and the only way Nokia is doing this is if they can have a say in quality control. This is because they don't want to make the brand cheap by putting it on low quality hardware. It's in their best interest for now to do this cause the better the products, the better value Nokia branding has, so more money from this licensing deals.   And this isnt my interpretation, but info gathered from the press releases and interviews given in the launch period by the new heads of the tech division at Nokia and design chief. To summarize if you are an ODM, have the factories but don't have the know how to make better products or don't own any cool tech, you can go to Nokia and pay to design you a product or to use some of their tech. If you want the Nokia branding on that product you will only have for another round of money and ONLY if Nokia is in charge of quality control so they don't cheapen the brand. Everything else is taken care of by that ODM, manufacturing, distribution,support, marketing and whatever else
  • Design a copy? That's not designing but copying.
  • We'll see which sells more, then... Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Who cares? Android is and has always been a mess.
  • That's YOUR opinion. My Android is much cleaner than my WPs with all those tiles. Mess is in the eye of the beholder. ;)
  • Subjectively, yes, but objectively WP is a lot cleaner and more streamlined...
  • Take your google glasses of. Then you can see more clearly.
  • In your dreams. Don't be jealous that Nokia is offering better products for Android now Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Your a funny man thinking that this will be able to do the things the surface pro 3 does this looks like a cheap as tablet when compared to the pure power that is sp3. They don't even compare so no Nokia does not and will never make a better tablet then Microsoft. Wicth unlike google built the OS from the ground up. All google done was use Linux slap some lipstick on it called it android and all those stupid consumers were like its from google it has to be good but in the end all that ends up happening is they get jacked up software spyware malware and a bunch of other problem you do know the consumer ain't always right alot of the time there blind to what's really happening glad I take the time to research before I buy. Not just follow the crowd.
  • This seems interesting
  • Nice. It's great that their first product is windows based. At least they realise how saturated the android affordable tablet market is. Awesome price for that Winbook too.
  • Wohoo.. moar tablets.. lol. Really beginning to get crowded up in the Windows tablet universe.. Lets keep em coming. 
  • Looks nice
  • taste nice. (Ok, Ok, I imagined the taste)
  • That image looks different from the typical tab images shown in WC articles..
    Background image perhaps?
    And the start button is BIG!
  • If launched at expected price, it'll be a steal....
  • Yes to more tablets, but NO to the same cheap-ass stuff over and over again. If you're making a affordable tablet, make it unique or don't. And YES to premium devices, the Surface isn't enough.
  • So many many many OS s.Its all about hardware war now as every OS has basic features and so no gimmic love from me.Just stunning hardware, industry leading design,fluid user experience and I am In.I am talking about tablets and phones.No surface pro 3 yet here in India.Still dreaming about that every now and then.
  • Well, it seems good news since we know Nokia is working in Android products now.
  • I'd hard to buy anything from a non famous brand...
  • Can someone please make a mini tablet with at least 1920 x 1080 resolution? Is there anything out there besides the Lenovo ThinkPad 8? That was over-priced and under-distributed. I like my DV8Pro, but I'm really tired of the sub-200 ppi screen.
  • Hmmm... Looks abit better than Toshiba and Dell
  • It may sound silly, but I think that the button of Windows is too big.
  • Your right.I noticed it the first time but didn't commented about it.
  • Just awaiting delivery of my Linx 7 (£59.99) which has similar specs to this Eve tablet. I really think these low price points are going to make a big impression on the market. I can't see how Android can compete when Microsoft is also chucking in Office 365 & 1 year of 1TB OneDrive storage... I just hope my Linx tablet works well via HDMI & holds a good connection with bluetooth mice/keyboards. If it does, I have found my perfect travel device :)
  • Correction on the slightly slower WinBook processor: that 1.8 GHz is the turbo speed, not the 1.33 GHz that all Z3537 variants normally run at. According to PassMark, the Atom Z3537D used in the WinBook earned a slightly faster rating of 940, vs. 908 earned by Eve's Atom Z3537F*. Doubtful you would notice the speed difference under normal operating conditions, though. Is Eve slapping the turbo speed on their specs to make their product look better, or are they permantly lock the CPU at the faster speed (thus using the battery a little more aggressively)? Either way, it's nice to see another lower-cost Windows tablet headed to market. * No, I don't normally keep this info in my head. It's residual data from evaluating potential Christmas gifts. ;)
  • The news is of Eve Tech and we're talking about Nokia.
  • Really pleased there are so many of these affordable windows tabs about. I'll have to figure out how to justify buying one... Then again I've not bought myself a crimbo pressie.
  • I just want a full HD screen on a 8 inch. A really good small device for windows, please surface mini
  • I guess the price will be 88.88 in either euros or dollars. A lot of eights buzzing around. I think I'll be getting an 8 inch windows tablet early in 2015. Hopefully they'll be massively overstocked, but possibly not. I'm thinking that these cheap Win8 tablets will be the big hit of 2015 when more grown-ups find out about them. This one looks promising, especially the 2Gb RAM.
  • Could it be that some former Nokia tech guys in Finland are behind this start up Eve Tech? It's at least more original then the N1, a copy of which, when I were head of the new Nokia, would feel ashamed about.
  • Yes, I too would like a good screen with a resolution of at least 1920 by 1080 with a fast processor and 64GBs of storage, but then you are in the $349 to $499 or higher price range very quickly. One has to accept the trade offs.
  • Better Specs than HP Stream 8 except HP has the Cellular
  • ​the tablet itself is not made by Nokia nor designed by Nokia, they have simply licensed out the name to another oem.
  • Folks al Windows tablets should have the required Windows Start screen button about 2 inches from the edge the bazel's top left side as you hold the Windows 8 tablet in the landscape position because with the Windows start screen return button there you wont accidently touch it and go back to the start screen when you hold the Windows 8 / 10 tablet in the vertical portrature postion. The lack of an HDMI port is the only SERIOUS weakness this device has