Firefox 63 arrives with enhanced tracking protection in tow

Mozilla has made a pledge to counteract cross-site tracking across the web, and it's delivering on part of that promise with the latest update to Firefox. Starting with Firefox 63, which is rolling out now, Mozilla has introduced the option to block trackers while you go about your browsing.

In Firefox's "Options/Preferences" settings, you'll now find a new "Third-Party Cookies" option under Privacy and Security. From there, you'll have two options: you can either block trackers only or opt to block all third-party cookies. The latter option will be the most comprehensive approach, but it could also cause some websites to break. Both options are off by default, so as to "balance these new preferences with the experiences our users want and expect," Mozilla says.

If you ever encounter any odd issues due to cookie blocking, you can whitelist sites from the address bar by clicking the shield icon and selecting "Disable Blocking For This Site."

Today's update also introduces a couple of other notable features for Windows users. First up, Firefox will now respect your Windows theme settings, adjusting to match the dark or light theme as you've set it in your Windows settings. Also tagging along are new search shortcuts, which will pin Amazon and Google to the new tab page. This is live in the U.S. only at this time.

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  • Honestly I have no problems with tracking. I even kinda support it to some extent. I mean it helps both the side who's tracking customers, and the side that's being tracked. Though I do see the privacy (or actually anonymity) concerns. What I do have problems with are ads and stuff that actually impacts performance and user experience.
  • Tracking impacts user experience. I don't support it, and it's being rampantly abused. I block all adds and all tracking. Sites that don't accept my AdBlock, I simply stop visiting. There were a number of tech blogs that I visited 10x per day, that I stopped visiting cold turkey because they had huge banners saying "Sorry, we don't like your AdBlock so... turn it off or go away." I went away. I'd rather generic Ads, not talored to me. Anything that I want to buy, I will search for at Other than that, I simply do not want to be tracked and categorized like a commodity. Not my style. But more power to you!
  • I actually agree with you on this. I'd rather see ads tailored to me and what I am searching for or researching than some random topic or product I have no interest in. Like you I dont want it to slow down my browsing. Tracking has actually helped me save money on something I was going to buy anyway by showing me sales from other companies. That's a win.