Firefox Mobile: First Look!

Back a couple months ago we mentioned how the Mozilla Project was taking a serious stab at mobile browsing to which our response was "Hallelujah! What took you so long?".

Well, looks like the project is finally off the ground as Mozilla has launched their Wiki site to discuss development of their new super mobile browser, which will evidently come in Touch-screen and non-Touch screen flavors. Some of the goals are pretty basic but well thought out:

  • 1-2 taps for most frequent activities
  • Finger taps -- no stylus required
  • Familiar (to desktop users) where possible
  • Intuitive

For the non-Touch screen devices, a "virtual cursor" is on deck for easy mobile navigation. And just to whet your appetite a little more, we've tossed some screens shots of what the future browser may look like after the break. Delicious.

Touch Screen

Non-Touch Screen

WC Staff