First Beat Saber VR arcade machine may use Windows Mixed Reality headset

Beat Saber is already one of the most popular VR games around, and it's getting ready to bring that same intense rhythm-slashing gameplay to the arcade – potentially with a Windows Mixed Reality headset at the center of things.

The official Beat Saber Twitter account made the announcement today, noting that the new arcade experience will first be available in September at KVRF in Korea and GTI Expo in China. Attached is a photo showing off what the setup looks like, and it certainly looks flashy.

If you look closely in at the headset docked on the right side of the photo, however, things get interesting. As one Twitter user pointed out, the headset doesn't look to be either an Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, leaving a Windows Mixed Reality headset as the most likely candidate.

It's unclear from the photo which headset is tethered to the setup, but the closest match seems to be the Lenovo Explorer, possibly with a lock attached to the side and some extra padding.

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It's likely we won't know for sure what headset the arcade machine is using until it either goes on display, or the Beat Saber team gives a more detailed rundown. Still, if one of the most popular VR games out there is leveraging Windows Mixed Reality for its arcade setup, it's a notable win for the platform.

If you want to get started with a Windows Mixed Reality headset of your own and dive into Beat Saber, headsets are available for as little as $169 if you're willing to go with a refurbished model.

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