First Direct launches official mobile banking app for Windows Phone

Telephone and internet-based UK bank, First Direct has just launched an official app for Windows Phone. The bank today published a new app to the store, enabling Windows Phone owners to engage in mobile banking while on the move. Just like the array of banking apps already available for Windows Phone, it's possible to check balances, manage accounts and make payments, but it's actually quite limited in that regard.

Currently, as the app stands today, the following features are included in the experience:

  • View balances and up to your last 90 transactions
  • Make transfers between your accounts with us
  • Make payments to a person or organisation you have paid before using Internet Banking

First Direct

Compared to what's available in other apps from competitive banks, this is actually a rather poor experience. Also, it appears as though this isn't to do with platforms but is a limitation shared by both iOS and Android. That said, it's an official app and is a real life saver for those who enjoy checking their balances while out and about. Unfortunately, the bank is unable to offer its recently launched digital secure key with the app and it's recommended customers check-in on the main website to enjoy full access to all services.

It's v1.0 and we're excited to see the bank finally on Windows Phone. Let's hope the development team adds more functionality in future, alongside a brand new design to really bring the app experience to life with Windows Phone's famous style. We did expect more, however, especially since First Direct boasts how it's an online bank. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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