First Direct UK developing app for Windows Phone; won't be available before 2014

First Direct is developing an app for Windows Phone, but unfortunately the app won't be available on the store before the year is out. According to the official Twitter account for the help team, the UK bank has its elves working hard on the official solution, but since it's Christmas, children of course come before those who wish to perform mobile banking.

First Direct Tweet

The above conversation comes from Chris Field, the developer of Mehdoh and Cloudoh. What we're unsure of is whether this move means a HSBC Windows Phone app is also in development, especially given First Direct is a division of HSBC, but we couldn't imagine the bank leaving out a platform other establishments support.

We'll update you all once the First Direct Windows Phone app is finally available.

Source: Twitter (@firstdirecthelp)

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  • This is great! It appears as if recently developers and companies are starting to support Windows Phone!
  • I'm feeling this too. <3
  • Yeah, now it's just up to MS to nail it with the release of WP 8.1.  Hopefully new API's that come with it and a continually growing user base will be enough to draw in even more support.
  • It's kinda good for those who want it... considering we're almost on 2014.
  • Cracking news! Hoping this means the parent HSBC also release :)
  • 2014 will be THE year we wanted 2010, then 2011, then 2012 and then 2013 to be. 2014 has to be the year. Anyone saying otherwise, is lying and is in denial. I do see those early reports of 2016 being the year when WP becomes number 2 in the race, even earlier maybe,very true.
  • Ok, now Santander has no bloody excuse now. Wth, is everyone going to beat them to the punch. How much longer are they going to keep us waiting?
  • Mate spot on, Santander are playing with us, no more. Santander are loosing me as a customer. Funnily enough when i changed banks 2 years ago, is had 2 choices, Santander and First Direct. Nowadays as its a lot easier to change banks it looks like First Direct is getting my business. And to think dear Santander if you had only released an app on WP8 i would not be switching!!!!!
  • Barclays app will be out early 2014 too hopefully..
  • Any source, or just wishful thinking?
  • Official Comment from the Barclays "Your Bank" website:   Hi all, We do closely monitor demand for new smartphone devices and until recently the demand for Windows phones had been quite low. However as demand increased - we began developing a mobile banking app for Windows phones which we hope to release early next year. I have seen so many ideas asking for us to develop a Windows mobile banking app and the digital team have been made aware of the high level of demand that is evident from the number of ideas on Your Bank. Bear with us until early next year...but it is definitely on its way.
  • I, for one, am happy that TSB already has a WP app, and it works great.
  • Barclays by end of 2013.
  • WP and to be honest, W8, do seem to be taking off, at least with respect to the apps which are coming thick and fast.  I know I've used Twitter and Facebook to request WP apps for lots of products and services - I feel we should all do this so those companies still lacking on the WP front know we are all waiting...and waiting!  There are many large brands with excellent support for Android and iOS, and slowly but surely, they are getting around to realising that WP is growing and they are losing out on custom.
  • About blooming time guv. Now come on,HSBC!!!!!!!
  • I moved from Nationwide to NatWest, the only UK bank (or group, RBS) with a WP app. First Direct are the nicest bank to deal with, so I pray they do release a Windows Phone app. I for one will be there!  
  • Yes thats right. I moved BANK just for the App. Such is the convenience AND SECURITY over a web browser. Hazaaahhh
  • Guys keep on tweeting them, they should release an app for us. Their twitter account is @HSBC_UK_Help. Yesterday I tweeted them and got the following response:
    Me: Hi, all major uk banks released apps for windows phone. Do you have any plan?
    HSBC UK: Hi, there are no immediate plans to release an app for Windows Phone, but it may be something we look at going forward ^JC
    Me: You should definitely look into this as in today's world mobile banking outweighs other benefits.
    HSBC UK: It is certainly something we're taking very seriously, so you may find that we release an app for Windows in the future ^JC
  • Hi friends. I'm from Brazil and a HSBC customer. Here we're fighting with HSBC because they introduced a new security mechanism for its website. An app generates a code (token) used in web transactions. They are limiting all online transactions made without this token.  Well, the problem is: no Windows Phone version. They are sending to me a token-generator-device, it looks like a keychain...  My account manager said HSBC is preparing something for 2014... but... I don't believe it.