First Leaked Shot of Sprint Treo Pro?

...well, unless you dismiss the sighting this past week at CES.

What you see to the right may be t

he first spy-shot of the ever elusive Sprint Treo Pro which is slated to be released in about 2 weeks time for $549 full-retail.

We keep hearing that this is a pretty basic GSM--> CDMA conversion, with not much different between the two--which is either dissapointing for some or a good thing for others.

Unfortunately still no hard facts on specs for this guy, but hopefully more will be coming forthwith.

thanks gadgetluva!

Phil Nickinson

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  • If there is no special sauce, then I'm leaning towards the newly announced Palm Pre.
  • Honestly who cares about a Sprint Treo Pro after Palm showed off the Pre? I'm a Windows Mobile guy, but as far as I can see there is NOTHING Palm can do to Windows Mobile to make it feel fresh like WebOS. The Treo Pro is going to have to be dirt cheap to make most people look past the Pre and get the Tre Pro.
  • Completely agree. The Pre makes the Treo Pro look like a rotary phone, in my opinion. I mean, the inner fanboy in me might have defended the Treo Pro if the Pre was going to be exclusively on AT&T or VZW, but the Pre is a Sprint phone and renders the Sprint Treo Pro completely obsolete. In my opinion. Although if the Pre is six months away, the Treo Pro could fill the gap. The Pre is probably intended as the device that lures people away from the other carriers and back to Sprint, right? The Treo Pro might make a good upgrade device for existing Sprint WM Treo customers who for some reason don't know anything about the Pre.
  • Even I have to agree with all the above :-/ The Pre makes the iPhone look old, which is hard to do--forget any WM Treo. WM took a significant blow yesterday, imo.
  • I love ur comments. I dont know where I belong. I have Treo 755P, Motorola Q9C and Blackberry 8330. So everyday I go to, and to read news. I was thinking to upgrade my phone to one of these devices: Treo Pro (cause front qwerty keyboard), Sprint Touch Pro (cause Opera Mobile and TouchFLO 3D) or upcoming Sprint Blackberry New Curve 8900 or something like that (cause multitasking (better than WM IMO, and JiveTalk) crazy right? go figure!!! anyway after I saw many video and news about Palm Pre. I am sold to it. I will get Pre as soon as it comes out. I like Pre because true multitasking, Webkit web browser, touch screen (easier and fast to use), incredible WebOS UI and because it will be on Sprint. The rest of other features such as GPS, Wifi, 3 Mega Pixel camera, ect... are so common these days. I am used to be Palm die-hard fan. Palm, I am back :-P
  • I disagree.. I have waited maybe 6months for a viable WinMo device to replace my aging Treo 700wx. I do like the look of the Pre but it wont have applications I need at launch AND my 700w is falling apart so I need a phone yesterday. (the Pre looks nice.. and maybe I will look at it in another year.)
  • I agree w/u sprint keeps sending me my 4th or 5th crappy 700WX...I'M ON IT NOW I WANT UPGRADE BCAZ IWnt the pre...the 700WX is a dinosaur.I can barely reply to your comment
  • I think the photo above of the Treo Pro is fake. My reason is that the Sprint logo is on the upper-left of the device face. I can't find one single Sprint smartphone with the logo on the upper-left (the are on the bottom-center, upper-right, top-center, etc). Yeah, Stephen, I wonder about applications for the Palm Pre. I use certain, slightly obscure WinMob apps on my 2-year-old Treo 700wx, and I can't jettison WinMob personally or professionally w/o NET regret. So unless Palm gets some killer app library prepped beforehand (I doubt they will), it'll be tough to justify buying a beautiful Pre with a two-year contract. Maybe I'll get a Pre, and after it fails me, then I'll return it and get the Treo Pro. Call it a mid-life-OS crisis. Sexy and young OS takes me out for drinks. oooof
  • Does anyone know if the Sprint version of the Treo Pro will allow for simultaneous voice and data?