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First look: GTA V on Xbox One

The Xbox One big launches continue to come thick and fast, and they don't come much bigger than GTA V. Rockstar's epic, open-world, crime sim never made it to the Xbox One or PS4 when it initially launched in 2013, but what a difference a year makes. The time has been spent on giving it a new-gen makeover and it looks all the better for it. Updated visuals, new cars, new weapons, a new first-person mode, there's a lot to love.

We're spending a ton of time playing the game right now – all in the name of reviewing it, of course! – but before that, we've got a little in-game footage for you from the early parts of the adventure in Los Santos. So, if you've been wondering how it looks on the Xbox One, wonder no longer!

A word of caution: Bad language has been kept to a minimum in the video, but there are still some instances of it present.

Stay tuned for the full review!

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • I wonder if they updated Trevor's phone for 8.1, since they apparently updated the iFruit
  • Good question. Franklin's also got updated so there's every chance :) Gotta get enough hours played to get to Trevor to find out!
  • Trevor is a hipster and WP8 is different enough. He doesn't need 8.1.
  • Just got it today and its visibly better with higher tree density. Gonna spend a few days before final judgment, but so far it's phenomenal.
  • Gotta have those trees..
  • Bad language? If they offered Sunset Overdrive filters, there would be no dialogue. Needless to say, for a game named after a Class A Felony, it is not for children.
  • "Won't somebody think of the kids..." Or something.
  • Yeah. It's like, if you are at all interested in this game, language is probably the least of your worries.
  • Internet parents seem to only care about language. I remember Goat Simulator having the f word in the game once and parents were angry about it. They didn't mind the destruction of property, murder, sacrifices to Satan, etc.
  • Did nobody stop to think that the warning was meant for people at work? NSFW
  • That video was awful.
  • Agreed. Very poorly assembled...
  • Try to be constructive with your criticisms, guys. Also, keep in mind that Richard is new to owning an Elgato and doing video capture from a console game.
  • Is it the new 60FPS elgato?
  • I'll have to ask him. That's the model I'd buy if I didn't already own one.
  • It turns out he got a Roxio capture device of some sort.
  • Nope. Wouldn't matter anyway for this game since it doesn't run at 60fps it seems.
  • I don't have time to teach someone how to edit a video. I just assumed that was from the GTA crew. Either way, it's very armature.
  • And I don't have time to teach you how to comment politely, but it's a good idea to do so when commenting here. Thanks.
  • This is not a kind thing to say. Don't tell a man he's bad in his job, that is bad and it hurts. He still put up a video for you to watch, if you didn't like it, either offer advice on how to get better or don't bother at all and go watch Twitch streams you arrogant and ungrateful baboon!
  • As I already said. When I first commented, I thought it was a video put out by the GTA team. And either way, I was just stating my opinion. You guys are just making a bigger deal out of this than it is. Calm down and go back to whatever it is you do.
  • Ya know saying you thought it was a Rockstar video is actually a compliment ;-)
  • I am loving it. Preorder got me $1 million. Graphics are better, the draw scale is better, the sound quality is better. It is worth the investment. Also love the CODAW version of the XBONE.
  • I have the game for the PS3 and I really liked it but I wasn't planning on buying it again for the next gen.   But that first-person mode...darn. I think I'll get this one for Christmas. Now I'm too busy with AC Unity.
  • Bro get it trust me ur gonna love it. I also picked up Black Flag and Unity for a good price digital download. I recommend those of you to get the AW Xbox as it comes with 1TB.
  • I've got the XBOne with the AC bundle. It was the only thing that actually made me pick up the XBOne over a PS4. I already have Black Flag for the PS3. But having an XBOne plus the two AC games that separately sell here for around 60€, for 399€, was just a very good deal.   Though I admit, the fact that 1 year later Sony has yet to bring back the God damn DLNA capabilities to the PS4 helped a lot. I feel Sony is just sitting on the fact that Microsoft is being beaten in the next gen war and is doing nothing to improve the PS4 functionalities. And even though I got a Chromecast that sort of solves the problem of streaming from my PC, I don't want to keep going to my PC to cast things to the TV. So a console, to me, must have that functionality. And the XBOne has it.
  • I agree. I have all the consoles so I know what you mean. I was going to buy the AC bundle but when I saw the CODAW console, I couldn't pass it up. The custom sounds and the HDD were the selling point. I love black flag only problem I have is the way UbiSoft did a horrible job with the Bahamas. I am a Bahamian and they should have come here to the Bahamas and do better research. The geographical layout of our islands is incorrect. We have no mountains nor did we ever have jaguars, deer and crocodiles. Also they left out other notable pirates such as Steed Bonet, Mary Reid and Anne Bonny. Furthermore Woods Rodgers was not that young when he came to Nassau, and in fact financed his own coming here with very little help or input from the crown. I hope if they create a sequel. They would come down and see our historians down here for more accurate story telling.
  • Play Unity first. Once you go to GTA, you will wonder where Ubisoft went wrong. GTA is beautiful!
  • I HAVE played GTA V. I have the game for the PlayStation 3 and I've finished it there lol I know perfectly well what I'll get on the Xbox One. ;D I don't really have any reason whatsoever to complain about Unity. I'm really enjoying the game and the amount of detail Ubisoft went to to recreate Paris is just supperb. The only place where I'm having a bit of problems is with the WP Companion app. Not sure if it's general, I honestly didn't bother to keep it installed on my Android to compare. But the game itself is awesome.
  • Nice to see another AC (and especially Unity) fan. Sure I come across a few bugs and frame rate drops every now and then, but I don't let that detract from how awesome the game is. What kind of issues are you having with the companion app? I've found it pretty reliable, even more so than the console game itself.
  • Target "supposedly" has a $30 trade in on GTA V from xbox360/ps3 to xbone/ps4....    
  • I can confirm this. Did it today, traded 360 for X1. This isn't really Target's thing so it took a while. I don't think the guy working there had ever done a trade in before. But it works
  • This is probably the best thing I've ever heard.  I couldn't justify buying it again, but now I can!
  • Wish we had Black Flag with the Unity graphics. Certainly enjoyed Black Flag more than Unity so far. Though I love how Unity has raised the difficulty levels up for an AC game. Enemies are ruthless.
  • Really hoping this will run on my i7 surface pro.......
  • Maybe on low
  • No where near as good as on the Xbox One, probably similar to how it looks on Xbox 360 I'd imagine.
  • It won't, the surface isn't meant to play games like this.
  • I don't see how everyone says it's stunning it looks the same with slight graphic boost and I mean slight and first person mode
  • Nah the textures are also way higher res. Look how far away you can read shop signs and stuff. It's quite a bump up. Don't see all the fuss about first person tho.....whoopee?
  • Agreed I wont by I again. Why
  • If Target will take $30 for the original, like somebody posted above, might make you want to pull the trigger.
  • Over priced for lip stick on a pig. Old game... Should be 25
  • I don't think that phrase means what you think it means.     Lipstick on a pig would mean that the original sucked and this one just has better graphics. The original was great.
  • They should've added at least 30 more missions
  • Im disappointed. I've been getting these old Gen games in nx Gen like black flag and im disappointed. Unity is beautiful. It puts both GTA and BLACK FLAG to shame graphically. Plus GTA servers online are empty, buggy, and keep getting disconnected. This is coming from a big GTA fan.
  • Anyone know if the upcoming PC version will run on an older gaming rig, such as an i7 920, 6GB of DDR3, and the king of DirectX 10 cards; the GTX295?
    Or is this going to be a strictly DirectX 11 title like the newer CODs?
  • Love this game, couldn't put it down last night. My favorite game on X1 so far.
  • Not enough grass. /s
  • Just a little bit different Gta v on Xbox One vs Ps 4
  • I have to say the game does make me miss my iPhone 5c Blue. Oh well. Anyway let me tell you that GTA V for Xbox One is amazing! It's everything that was a 10/10 on the first release and now much better looking, smoother and with new additions that make it feel scary alive. The absolute coolest thing I have come across is the Peyote plants you can find throughout the world which transform you into a random animal. Yes that is right you can become a cow or dog or seagull and even can poop and bite. There are allot of animals you can become. The other amazing mode is first person mode which transforms the game into something approaching a game like Call of Duty in some scenes. Also driving starts to feel like Forza Horizon. Heck this game adds so much. Before when you wanted to see something in greater detail now you can with first person mode. If you can stand the raunchy humor and the bad language (which is no worse then any Tarantino or cop film) then within is a massive sprawling city with a huge countryside and even an ocean to explore. There is a staggering variety of vehicles to collect, aircraft, boats and even a submarine. There is even a massively detailed tennis and golf game which could be their own games. Hands down this is the only racing, shooting and driving game you need. And that is before you go into GTA Online.
  • If you are on GTA online be sure to join the Microsoft crew :) or add me on Xbox live- DAN1SWAG ! We also stay connected with a WhatsApp group chat. #Microsoft for life! :) ​ ​
  • No offence but isn't that a little creepy ;) Why are you not using Skype?
  • Gta games makes me to think of i was living in 1950....
  • The game is epic. Epic. Epic. Epic.
  • Guys will gta 5 available on l630 for 512 mb ram
  • Lol
  • Holy crap Windows Central! You need to lower the sound-level of your intro and outro to match the average sound level of the clip you're embedding! I just blew my speakers on the outro!
  • This is a horribly produced video.