The Xbox One big launches continue to come thick and fast, and they don't come much bigger than GTA V. Rockstar's epic, open-world, crime sim never made it to the Xbox One or PS4 when it initially launched in 2013, but what a difference a year makes. The time has been spent on giving it a new-gen makeover and it looks all the better for it. Updated visuals, new cars, new weapons, a new first-person mode, there's a lot to love.

We're spending a ton of time playing the game right now – all in the name of reviewing it, of course! – but before that, we've got a little in-game footage for you from the early parts of the adventure in Los Santos. So, if you've been wondering how it looks on the Xbox One, wonder no longer!

A word of caution: Bad language has been kept to a minimum in the video, but there are still some instances of it present.

Stay tuned for the full review!