HTC Vive

Virtual reality has been the hot new thing at Mobile World Congress 2016, a show that's full of hot new things. But it doesn't get much newer than this. Fresh off a plane from Taiwan we've got our first look at the consumer version of the HTC Vive, the immersive, whole-room virtual reality kit from HTC and Valve, powered by Steam VR.

Not a whole lot has changed from the Vive Pre, which we saw in early January at CES. (The consumer version drops the "Pre" name.) There's now a hole in the front of the top head strap, making it a little more comfortable. The focus knob now is ridged, making it easier to turn. The controllers have a little more grip to them, so you're less likely to drop them. (You'll still want to use the included wrist straps of course.)

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HTC ViveHTC ViveHTC Vive

The question now is whether you're going to drop $799 on the Vive — which truly is the most complete commercially available VR experience we've done — when preorders open on Feb. 29. (And whether you've got a computer at home that can power it.) Vive is still on schedule to ship in April.