Your news never looked so good: Sneak peek at Weave for Windows 8

One app that has been popular on Windows Phone for a very long time is Weave. The news app is always floating near the top of the “news + weather” section in the Windows Phone Store and easily maintains an average four star rating.

Seles Games, the developer of Weave for Windows Phone, is teaming up with Lazyworm Apps (MetroTube, Tweetro+) to bring Weave to the big screen – Windows 8. We met up with the guys from Lazyworm and had a first look at Weave this past week during //BUILD/.

Video and details after the break!

Weave is currently in alpha for Windows 8, with a beta expected about a month and a half from now. The guys from Lazyworm Apps made the trek from their home of New Zealand to join the large congregation of Windows Phone, Windows, and Azure developers at Build in San Francisco. We had the chance to get a demo and first look at Weave for Windows 8. Spoiler alert: We like it a lot.

You’ll notice that Weave for Windows 8 carries over a similar look and feel to Tweetro, the excellent third-party Twitter app from the very same guys. The app ran really well for being an alpha build and running on a crowded Wi-Fi network. Scrolling was responsive, articles loaded lightning quick, and navigation was intuitive.

There are two basic views for finding stories you want to read. When you launch the app you’ll be put in the immersive view, which you can think of as your homepage. Here you’ll see the most recent articles from all your sources. Or you can scroll to the right and discover your favorite categories and the feeds from specific sources you pin. In this immersive view you can also pinch out to do semantic zoom and get a big overview of all your sources. It’s nice for flying around if you pin a lot of feeds.

The other view is the browsing experience. It’s an efficient way to power through all the different feeds you follow. On the left you have a list of all the feeds and sources you follow. The right side shows the most recent articles for whichever source you’re currently in. It’s great for browsing when you’re holding something like a tablet. Articles fly in from the right when you click an article. And, holy guacamole, the articles load super-fast. Just watch the video above to see how quickly you’re reading an article after tapping it.

If you’re interested in joining a public beta of Weave for Windows 8 keep your eyes here. We’ll let you know when and how you can join in about a month and a half or so. 

  • Love this app on my phone. Will be a welcomed addition to my Surface!
  • Mmm I am never a fan of Weave on my windows phone... The big block font takes way too much space IMO...
  • ^THIS Yes!!!!! Show more articles! Its a good app still.
  • You can change the font size to very small, and in the next version of the WP8 app you can even select "Text only" to really show a lot of articles at once.  Try it out if you get a chance, and we appreciate the feedback!
  • Would love to see an awesome double wide tile
  • Awesome app on my phone, looking forward to using it on the big screen, but it may suit my phone more! 
  • I prefer Weave in terms of readers, but i dont use it. 
    The reason is because im tired of having to configure all my feeds, after going through 4 920s and now a 620, i just got tired of doing it.  Unless i am mistaken, i dont see a way to sync feeds, meaning i can sign in and my feeds are configured automatically on a new device.  I know they hve a google import, but that never worked and now google reader is gone. 
    Will there be a solution to the lack of syncing on both the phone and tablet?  i hope so, once there, i will convert back to weave. 
  • Completely agree with you, but I believe the developers of this app have this planned with the release of the W8 app.  I've actually been considering switching to Feedly then using Nextgen reader because of this issue, but I've been using Weave for so long that I'd like to contnue using it.  I'm holding out to see if they do this but if they don't then I'll look to switch so I don't have to constantly set stuff up.
  • They are building out a solid backend for Weave, so keep your eyes on it!
  • I don't know if it was a Windows 8 thing or a NewsBento thing, but I recently reinstalled Windows on my tablet and all of my NewsBento feeds were saved when I reinstalled the app.
  • Yes Seles Games tweeted a while back that once this W8 app comes out there will be cloud syncing between the apps.
  • That's what I'm looking forward to. I'd love syncing my feeds on multiple devices.
  • Setting up your feeds more than once is definitely not a thing you should ever have to do. In the next version of WP8 we save all your feeds to the cloud (Microsoft Azure) and all favorites/mark-read articles are synced as well. The Windows 8 version will utilized all this syncing to offer an incredible experience!
  • great news!  Thanks :)  Love your app!
  • I'd love to see a similar update for the WP app. It's by far the best news reader that I've found on WP, but there's still some minor unsability annoyances (feed management / creating & editing categories comes to mind).
    It would also be great to have an option to suck down all articles and have a local cached mode for when I'm on a plane. Being able to view the headlines doesn't do much for me.
  • I haven't seen one news/source collaborator as great as FlipBoard, and I'll be happy once that is realeased for Windows 8. Collector for WP8 is probably the best app out there for now; be great to see it show up in the Win8 marketplace as well.
  • I have tried a lot of new readers and I find Weave and Collector to be the best ones.
    I'm glad to see Weave come to Windows 8. I've contacted the developers of Collector and they said that a Windows 8 version is not planned as they are a very small group, maybe if they see more people interested they'll get to it. Find them at @collectorwp on Twitter.
  • I prefer Nextgen Reader on my WP8 and W8. Both are working great with Feedly. :)
  • This is good 'news'
  • I love Weave. I use it nearly every hour....great addition to Windows 8!
  • Is Tweetro+ defunct? It's not coming up in my search results (Canada).
  • Finally something like the browsing view is what I've wanted in a app for a long time.
  • To be very honest and frank, the Weave app for Windows 8 looks like it was made by a multi-million dollar venture.
    Honest, this is just amazing. I hope the Windows Phone app can be brought up to par, visually speaking.
  • Always was a fan of weave on my lumia 920, but I just couldt live with the fact that I couldnt read anything without wifi nor mobile signal. I live in NYC, and a lot of my news reading are in the Subways, where there isnt an cell phone service. Is there any way to cache all the news and read when ever you want without it having to reload the data?
  • kind of "off topic" question, BUT: I do not have a Surface (or other Windows RT device), but would love to have one. So every time I read awesome news like this one, I never know: If an app comes to the windows store, will it be available for both windows 8 versions, or are there apps only available for Windows 8 (pro) or Windows RT? So like the Windows Phone apps... Would be awesome if someone could tell me how that works :) Thanks in advance! and of course: Lazyworm, you are awesome! I enjoy your apps on my Windows Phone almost every day!
  • Windows Store apps are available on Windows 8 (full) and Windows 8 RT. There may be a few apps that MS makes just for Pro, but generally speaking if you can see it in the app store, then it can be downloaded on your device.
  • Nice! Thank you! So does this mean, that there are ~ 100.000 Apps available for Windows RT right now? Because that would be awesome!
  • Looking great! I love Weave for my phone and I can't wait to have it for my Surface. Please add a "read it later" feature for cross sharing articles from phone to tablet/PC. Would be awesome!
  • Thank you Sam and Daniel for the writeup and video! We just want to state that Weave for Windows 8 as well as the next version of the WP8 app will be utilizing cloud syncing.  All your feeds, as well as articles status (read/unread/new/favorite) will be saved to the cloud. Lazyworm Apps has proven to be incredible experts at Metro/Modern app design and development.  We are happy to say that just based on the alpha build, Weave for Windows 8 is going to be an incredibly unique and beautiful experience whether on a tablet, desktop, or any other Win8 form factor you can think of.  We were absolutely floored when we tried out the current build, it is that awesome! Thank you for your support, Seles Games
  • Seles Games also makes the excellent Windows Phone News app. I like it so much sometimes when im stuck with an iphone or an android phone i go through the app list looking for that app. I hope they make a Windows version too.