The first Microsoft Store in Iran has reportedly opened in Tehran

Microsoft has launched a new retail store in Iran. It may be the first U.S. company to do so in the country since the recent nuclear agreement lifted trade sanctions in Iran.

PressTV reports:

"According to the Tasnim news agency on Thursday, "the American company of Microsoft stole a lead to open a mobile phone sales store in Iran This five-unit store has been opened by Pars Samtel, the exclusive agent of Microsoft mobile phones, at Iran Mobile Marketplace on Hafez Avenue in Tehran, with the company's banner ad clarifying that the store is the first in Iran," it said.

The article points out that Iran has the potential to be a huge market for Microsoft, as 90% of its 80 million people use some kind of Windows devices.

Source: PressTV; Via: Reddit

  • Yay! Gonna visit it as soon as possible :D Edit: Can you guys at Windows Central contact Microsoft and make sure it's officially a Microsoft reseller store?    
  • It is in an official store. The question is if its directly under Microsoft like in the US or if it is a reseller under the MS Priority Reseller brand.
  • Whatever Microsoft Logo is enough good move
  • I doubt it's direct Microsoft Store, if it were, we would see at least a blog post in Microsoft blog about it, also there are bigger priorities than Iran for them. But I'm looking for Windows Central to confirm this is at least a Priority Reseller store. Because, you know, you don't know Iran, there is a chance of being a fake store :D (I don't know if Microsoft is a registered name in Iran; and no, many international rules don't apply here)  
  • If somebody got the balls and opened a fake MSFT store to sell Iphones and Samsung android crap, I would send my warmest bestwishes to that person :D
  • Bigger priorities than iran? like what?  Their priorities should be everywhere they can gain ground. This must be one of the smartest moves MS has done; it beat its comeptitors to a new untapped market, while it will also surely gain them lots of respect from Iranians for being the first US based tech giant to open in their country.  Iran is also one of the richer countries in the region and lots of businesses are opening up there now that sanctions are released which is an excellent opprotunity for MS as it can now reach out and offer its products directly to businesses ans whatnot. Brilliant move MS and good luck!
  • Very intelligent comt. Its so sad, so many people are so easily brainwashed by U.S's media and believe everything they hear on TV. That's what happens when one way media says nothing but negative stuff, and NEVER EVER says or shows anything positive about Iran. So many of these people have no idea, 90% of Iran's computers are running on Windows. need i say more?  Well MS did a GREAT job opening a store there, which should boost its sales a lot. I love MS, and now even more. Also as much as i love MS, i HATE the world's most EVIL, overrated CrApple, and its junk toy devices, that is about 4 years behind other brand's technologies.  
  • I was wondering the same, if it's an official reseller or just an entrepreneurial guy doing it on his own. :)
  • I can confirm that this is not an "Official" Microsoft Store like the ones that  you see around malls in the US and Canada.  This is an approved reseller operating under the Microsoft name.   In other words you will not see the same assormtent and services you currently see in the US /Can Stores but rather a limited selection of Microsoft branded items. This allows Microsoft to establish controlled physical retail presence until the expansion plans reache that market.
  • Iran is not China. it is a real as it gets. MS wanted a store in Iran for a while, but sanction prevent them to do so. Also, 90% Iran's computing running on Windows devices. I loved MS, and now i love them even more. MS Rocks, EVIL CrApple SUCKS.  here is a link, that proves it.
  • hehe valid concern Mahdi :D  The picture doesn't show the whole store front so it could actually just read Microsof or microsot ;)
  • This is no doubt not correct. American sanctions are still in place and is a few more weeks away from getting lifted, even then there are not enough banking mechanisms to support transactions from Iran. Even after they are lifted, companies like Microsoft, Google, Apple the likes will take months or years to investigate, invest and enter in the market. Wait for the denial by Microsoft and the potential lawsuit against whoever is using the trademark in Iran. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sanctions don't apply if the company, assets, and money stay in their country. They probably pipe the profits to an offshore account afterwards, and nothing ever comes near the US. Banking can easily go via China or Japan - how do you think Russia bypassed all the US sanctions that even halted Visa and Mastercard transactions for several months? They no longer process those payments in the US and I can assure you they definitely work as I was there 3 weeks ago. Sanctions are still in place but the money keeps flowing.
  • too much Fox, CBS, NBC, PLEASE stop watching those brainwashing crap. Just FYI, electronic sanction were lifted a while back. Oh wait, FOX,...... forgot to mention that, along with MANY MANY MANY MANY............other things that it does not want YOU to know. Huuuuummmmmm.  
  • you should, and you will be surprised and shocked how awesome it really is, and how its "NOTHING" like U.S's media pretending it to be. European, asians, Americans(slowly) are already flooding Iranian's tourism sights all over with its rich, 10,000+ years of civilazation, and enjoying every sec of it. All i can tell you, do "NOT" beleive all those crap you hear on freaking TV/media, they're made to brainwash avarage people that belives everything FOX, CBS, NBC, tells them.  Here are some eye opening links, so you can see for yourself. Hope this helps you and others, to see Iran is NOTHING like they making it to be.   also this video, let you see how HOT Iranian girls are ""in Iran"":-), something west will NEVER show:  
  • azizam majboor nisti baraye neshun dadan chehreye vaqeEye iran in doruqa ro neshun bedi .
  • I only looked at the last video, and it seems the video just repeats a small group of women/girls. It is not an indication of how the vast majority lives.
  • I think of myself as an independent thinker and I usually come to my own conclusions about countries. Not what the media says they are. I know Iran is a beautiful country that is unfortunately portrayed as poor and a terrible place to live here in the U.S. It's unfortunate this is the case but it is. Tehran is gorgeous. I would love to visit but I don't have the money. Anyway, I just wanted you to know that there are plenty of Americans who are independent thinkers and know Iran is actually a very nice place. And I am an American teenager studying Criminal Justice in New York. I also want to join the military (Coast Guard). So I don't have any tendencies towards Iran. I just know its a great country that gets a bad reputation here in the US.
  • Congratulations...
  • Interesting! Meanwhile we in sunny South Africa still wait.
  • An wait we shall. They could do so much better here
  • And yet nothing in the UK, crazy!!!
  • are u serious? 
  • Yup, only online store.
  • what are you talking about??????? There are 4 MS stores in the U.K. 1st one opend in 2013. STOP making crap up please. I accept that from an iSHEEP, not an MS person.  Address: Unit 20, One Stop Shopping Centre, Perry Barr , Birmingham - Perry Barr
    Phone: +441213568838
    Email:   Address: Unit 18, The Merrion Centre , Leeds
    Phone: +441132427301
    Email:   Address: Unit 18, The Merrion Centre , Leeds
    Phone: +441132427301
    Email:   Address: Unit 15C, Forestside Shopping Centre, Belfast , Belfast (Forest Side)
    Phone: +442890649842
  • Can you show me where are those UK stores listed in the official MSFT store location inventory? Outside of Umerica, I only see Australia New South Wales *Sydney,Westfield Sydney on Pitt Street Mall(Coming Soon) as the only exception from this US-only store rule. Now there is a completely other story if there are some stores all over the world that sell MSFT stuff (remember, we could buy xbox, or MSFT mouse decades ago, even when not even the idea of a MSFT store was born). But is different from a store, that is called a "MSFT store".
  • Oh yes, 1 more thing I forgot to add: the email addresses all end with THREE.CO.UK domain, which says much about the situation. Its simply a building / shop which sells MSFT things, but has no direct relationship with the company MSFT.
  • Those are Microsoft resellers, not actual Microsoft owned retail stores. Outside of the United States there are only Microsoft owned retail stores in Canada and Australia (opening Nov 12, 2015).  There are no Microsoft owned stores in Iran or the UK. The website lists the real stores.
  • India waiting
  • Algeria not even dreaming of waiting!
  • India already has the resellers and they have been renovated under the MS brand...that is the model we are gonna get...
  • Lol u will get problems here for asking sth like "when in India" ;P
  • Be up-to-date bro. There are lots of Microsoft stores in India, though priority. They sell the same stuff.
  • Everyone here is talking about "Microsoft" retail store. So, not sure what you mean by staying up-to-date, bro!
  • I think this would be more like the old Nokia stores than an actual Microsoft Retail Store.
  • Good! Have seen some great passionate Iranians in forums and uservoice pages. Good for them!
  • I second that. Unlike some below who can only see the negatives of politics.
  • Iran? You're kidding right? UK really should get a store in London. Bit of a joke this.
  • And it would be London, which would mean it would cost a fortune to get to it making it pointless for almost everyone. Nokia did it well (except for the South and South West), and Apple have stores everywhere, but when MS finally open a single shop in a country they think they've finished.
  • U.K. has 4 Stores, I have posted the address of each store in the U.K. to the user that is la la land for some reason. i can't beleive he didn't know that. Very strange. 
  • Stop saying that you idiot... THEY ARE NOT MS STORES
  • oh really moron, what are these then????  oh wait, MAYBE you can CALL MS and asked them for yourself. oh wait that might require effort. freaking dumbass.  Address MICROSOFT RETAIL STORE - UNITED KINGDOM LIMITED THE BROADGATE TOWER THIRD FLOOR 
    EC2A 2RS
        AND :
  • There are no Microsoft owned retail stores in the UK.  You are looking at a business entity registration...
  • Indonesia?? -_-
  • Terrorists have won. Sorry confused Iran with wahhabi Arab allies of US.
  • Ikr, Saudi Arabia is still a US ally, even though Bin Laden, among other famous terrorists and organizations, have so far been from there. Money can buy anything.
  • Terrorists
  • Hey, Where are you from? Israel? Do you know anything about Iran?  Be polite please.
  • I'm American. And while you're at it, why don't you search "Iran hostage crisis" and tell me otherwise.
  • How about this: and many many more... If your government do a mistake (as always!) then all of you are terrorists??
  • Chill Iranian, not everything you were taught in the Shaheed school of suicide bombers is true.  
  • all of them were spys , and in iran ,people call it spys house ! whats mistake? please see the persian calendar
  • Ignorant racists like you make the rest of us Americans look bad.
  • Agree. Can't blame Iranian citizens for what the government does. Tehran is a very advanced liberal city, afaik. Majority don't even care about their own politicians.
  • Was gonna say, leave it to some idiot to lower the tone of the conversation...
  • Incase you didnt know the US governmet (my respect to American citizens), created the largest terror cells that you know of today, Bin Laden/Al Qaeda (Bin Laden was a CIA operative) and ISIS by supplying them with weapons and training them to fight for their own interest in foreign land, so compare the number of people those US-trained terrorists have killed compared to a hostage situation that happened AGES ago and then tell me what you should be more concerned about.  A simple search on bing/google or any reliable news channel will help you understand more.  Unfortunately, these days due to the worlds f'ed up politics, you will never know who truly is a terrorist and who is not.  There is so much unfortunate mass killings of innocent people around the world (school shootings, gangs, racism, war etc) for personal agendas/policitcs, that it's become sickening. 
  • I'm also American. How about you reread where the 9/11 terrorists were from. Then watch the movies Argo, and The Kingdom. Class dismissed.
  • They were mostly from Saudi Arabia, still one of the US allies.
  • Wow. Maybe the "class" need to remain for more BS from this "teacher". 9/11 was the job of your friend, Saudi Arabia. The Kingdom also happens in Saudi Arabia, a bitter enemy of Iran. Argo is about Iranians taking over the American embassy in a REVOLUTION that was the result of American support for the Iranian dictator, also the result of the coup of 53 through Operation Ajax. Funny thing is, all those hostages returned home safely: women and blacks were released immediately, few men remained for 444 days and then returned, and that's absolutely the worst all of you can talk about! Please get a teacher who actually has a clue of what the US has done to my country. I've given a list in the commnets. Class is NOW dismissed.
  • What about all those so call "Americans", going to, Malls, Movie Theaters, Schools, Office Buildings, Churches,..........killing innocent peoples????? Or those who burned Ferguson, MO city, and looted all those stores EVERYWHERE????? What do you call them???  How about, all those terrorist people that were from Saudi Arabia(which just about ALL of them are from there), including Osama, that was funded by Saudi's???????????? Or ISIS that was also originally funded by Saudi's, American, and British, to fight against Bashar forces, then it backfired on the world, and now they have been killing innocent people from every country????? what do you call that???? Ask yourself, war cost money, how does ISIS started and where they got their Billions of dollars from in the beginning???? SAUDI ARABIA. biggest SILENT terrorist country in the world At least NONE of those American spies(proven facts after documents were published from that embassy) were hurt in that so called hostage thing your are talking about. Also, all women and black staff were released right away when that took place. Also fyi, the only reason that even happened was, Iran wanted to exchange them with Shah. Through out the history, lots of crap has happened, however, we need to get over it, and move on as time goes by, specially when its 30+ years old news. If you want we can talk about the """ONLY""" country in this planet that dropped not 1 but 2 Nukes on top of Japan and killed hundreds of thousands of innocent people. What do you call that???????????????????????????????????? I guess whatever, U.S. does its OK, but if anyone stands up to the U.S. and does something YOU don't like, they get the terrorist label. 
  • Yes, we kept some of your people and then sent them back home. While I search that, you look for the coup of 53 (Operation Ajax) and when you're done, search for your government's relationship with Saddam Hussein when we were at war with him for 8 years, losing close to 1 MILLION people...and when you're done searching that, search for Flight 655 and the 290 mostly women and children onboard and the ensuing commendation of the person responsible. Now tell me, cowboy, how much have you heard on Fox "News" about those?
  • Let's not act like there aren't weekly demonstrations where everyone chants "death to America", where Israel is known as the "little Satan" and America the "great Satan", the number one state sponsor for international terrorism and the country is ran by a radical fundamentalist spiritual leader.
    These aren't just talking points, they're facts. Judge them as you will.
  • maybe, just maybe, you should STOP watching so much FOX, ABC, NBC, Just a thought. its really effecting you. Let me ask you these questions: 1. Where those 9/11 terrorists were from?     (hint: Saudi Arabia) 2. Who funded ISIS in the biggining and made them this HUGE?  (hint: Saudi Arabia) 3. What country has killed more Americans by terrorist act?   (Hint: Saudi Arabia 4.  what country shot down Iranian passenger plane with 290 people(66 kids) on Iran's territory, and killed them all? (Hint: U.S.) 5. How many terrorist organization Saudi Arabia is supporting as we speak???????  6. Did you know, Iran has a HUGE Jewish community/section in Tehran, and Jewish staff in its parlement?  7. Did you know, Iran is doing trades with Israel and been long friends for years????  well i suggest you stop watching those one way media, and actually get the facts on your own. Also, FYI, if it wasn't for Iran, 2500 years ago saving all Jews, by Cyrus the Great, and his queen Ester, there would be no Jews today. Thats why to this date, they celibate the day he save them all. Iran might not like Israel's government that is killing innocent people, but have a hude root with its people, as there are many Iranian Jews in Iran and through out the world. I can gurantee you, Iran and Israel will NEVER, EVER, NEVER.............go in to war. EVER. Its all bunch of brainwashing crap they feeding people like you, and of cource its working from your comt. PLEASE get the facts ON YOUR OWN. 
  • Are you serious. Stop watching Fox News, CNN, MSNBC. 
  • Ahh yes... there's always one who posts that comment. Let's just stop watching all news that you don't agree with.  smh.
  • You are right. Watch Fox news. /s
  • when you have a news that does NOT say anything about EVIL Saudi Arabia, and blames everything on Iran, YES STOP watching that brainwashing crap. All they show you is bunch of negative crap to get the "ratings", so you people tune to those station and they get ad money(so called Sponsors). 
  • I know this is a stupid troll but might reading the M16 and the CIA overthrowing the democratically elected Iranian government in 1953 but lets just focus on one side of history.
  • Now waiting for one in Bosnia, hell waiting for on Balcan.
  • Why? DUBAI would have been better place. Rich Arabs there throw their money like its nothing thanks for everyone here in the US still using their oil.
  • Why do people keep repeating that ignorant stement? Most of the oil in the US does not come from the Middle East. 
  • You do realize the US is the worlds largest oil producer now, right?
  • ...and most imports come from Canada, South America is second.
  • Exxon buys from Qatar under three different trade partnerships. Tada!
  • I highly doubt that.
  • Your doubts are correct. US has one of the largest reserves, but that's imported oil.
  • Taiwan waiting in the long line...
  • This isn't a Microsoft company store. The first Microsoft company store outside the United States will open in Sydney, Australia in late fall 2015. For updates and official news on new Microsoft stores opening, refer to
  • You're kidding me! They can go there, right after a blinking agreement is signed, but can't come to London?
  • Don't worry, they're coming to Sydney soon :)
  • Lol. Yay.
  • I'm sure it costs waaaay more to open a store in London.
  • MSFT is worth a couple hundred billion, if they can't afford London then there's a serious problem here lol. I remember the good old Nokia flagship - then Apple opened across the road and that was that. MSFT can afford it and a presence would do good, surely?
  • MS is further expanding, slowly but surely
  • No street view, IE mobile! Progress.....
  • When in Pakistan,Damnit!!
  • May be tomorrow ;)
  • Thand!
  • Was this part of Obama's deal...
  • PAKISTAN........
  • Off the topic but still waiting here for Ofline maps in pakistan( such a basic need).......
  • I think Google/gmaps is still considered the go-to maps for most of the south east Asian countries.
  • According to the Tasnim news agency on Thursday, “the American company of Microsoft stole a lead to open a mobile phone sales store in Iran”. “This five-unit store has been opened by Pars Samtel, the exclusive agent of Microsoft mobile phones, at Iran Mobile Marketplace on Hafez Avenue in Tehran, with the company’s banner ad clarifying that the store is the first in Iran,” it said.
      This appears to be a spin by the Iranian government news agency which misrepresents the branding used by the licensed retailer in Iran. It's not an official MS store - probably something similar to those independent Verizon and AT&T reseller stores in the US. 
  • Well shit, that was quick.
  • I don't know if it's true or not. But, considering: (1) Most of people here in Iran using MS devics and windows, so it will worth to support the country of nearly 80 million people, (2) The Iranian RIAL currency is 1/30000 of Dollar, so oppenning one or two stores will be very cheap, (3) Because of economy crisis (virtually!) Apple and Samsung devices are very expensive for many people here to afford so those cheap and budget Lumias ae doing very well here, (4)And having passionate and serious MS fans here (including myself) It will be a worthy investment. Hope it's all true and we can love MS even more and buy our desirable Microsoft devices more easier! ?:)
  • Didn't realize the Iran currency has plummeted that much.
  • It is the one of the most if not the most useless currency on the planet
  • Even Iran got a new store. When will India? Why MSFT neglects India the 2nd largest market for them in Asia?
  • India has stores already. Don't you guys know how to search on Bing??????????????? It was also mentioned here in WC about MS store in India. 
  • "Microsaft"
  • Smart move. Iranian market has a potential.
  • I hope they boost Windows Phone sales.  Come on!!!
  • I Hope this will be Official.... cuz az I check the parssamtel official website there is not even news about it and full of hangroid phones!!!
  • Iran would be the best customer of Windows after all, who blew up Iraq in the first place? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • next week i will go there and buy a xbox one......