First real images of the HTC HD7/HD3 appear


Here they are folks, real shots of the upcoming HTC HD7 with a 4.3" 800x480 screen and reportedly a metal body. Plus, check out that cool kick stand/bottle opener (kiddin' on that last part).

Evidently someone saw this at a bar and posted them in the Mobile01 forums--oh Apple flashbacks...

Looks pretty nice, though our pal Tim had some words:

Um, if you want to differentiate your hardware from everyone else on the planet...THAT'S THE WRONG WAY!!!

We sort of have to agree, although we think this device will fell great, it is missing a little extra something....your thoughts?

[Thanks, Eric, for the tip!]

Daniel Rubino

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  • Looks really sweet. Too bad Sprint isn't getting the love initially. I'm not jumping carriers for any phone.
  • Wow, the wasted black space on the right side of the home screen can be even larger now!
  • lol, I love how this really, really irks people--it's like a personality test. I have no problem with it, but I think our more OCD users may...
  • I don't think it has anything to do with OCD. It is a poor design choice. It seems ridiculous to waste so much screen space just to put a small right arrow. On top of that, the arrow is unnecessary. People would know to swipe right the same way as they know to swipe up from the unlock screen or Microsoft could have figured out some other visual cue and not waste valuable screen real estate.
  • >I don't think it has anything to do with OCD. It is a poor design choice. It's actually just differences of opinion, I actually like it offset a bit and most people don't seem to care. The tiles are big and bold enough, not sure how the screen real estate is "wasted" here
  • i'm actually going to have to agree with it being a poor design choice as it introduces a ton of negative space, which on a small screen is especially wasteful. Also wasteful is having an omnipresent design element for something which users won't be accessing constantly. How often are you going to to want to add new tiles to your homescreen after you've set it up? And over time, i expect that list of apps/hubs to grow, making it even more tedious to scroll through. It's a sticking point for many a graphic designer, or even design-conscious individuals.
  • I'm not a designer or artist, but after reading about why there's the negative space; Microsoft actually used good design theory such as the rule of thirds and divine proportions. I dont mind the negative space, and the device itself looks pretty nice. HTC should add some colour, like the red EVO internals. You've all probably read the article
  • It's only wasted if it could be used for something useful. What do you want? Larger tiles? A third row? Think! Also, if you really are a graphic designer, you would know that negative space is NOT a bad thing and is essential to design. If everything is emphasized, nothing is emphasized! How about you complain about how the spaces between iPhone icons is a waste of space.
  • i dont know that its a poor design choice. its uncluttered. it looks nice to me. If motorola and microsoft have both learn with their designs is that overcluttered is really confusing to most people (motoblur and microsoft Kin we lookin at u!! ) also, being in the industry, i think ur giving people too much credit for functional intelligence.. lol. MS put the litte arrow there so people can get around easier. If it helps keep the initial "learning stage" frustration down then its a good thing.
  • The fewer pixels you need to light up, the more power you save. Wasted space = saved battery. This is one of the reasons for the overall design and also why Microsoft also recommends using the black background instead of white.
  • and still offers more front page info with its dinamic tiles than all the other phones out there.
  • I never even noticed that until this conversation lol
  • I really hope that 8GB of storage is simply internal, and will be expanded. 8GB is not nearly enough storage, and I do not want to be "streaming" my content from SkyDrive. I love the screen and it's size. I just wish that this phone would be on AT&T an not T-Mobile.
  • 8GB IS pathetic, and there's no streaming from skydrive either so you would be stuck with this for the length of a conract. NO THANKS!!
  • It is user expandable in the same way that the iPhone has user expandable memory:) meaning there is no user expandable option.... Microsoft's spec does not allow it..
  • >It is user expandable in the same way that the iPhone has user expandable memory:) meaning there is no user expandable option I don't think that's 100% accurate as I believe you can have a microSD card, but it behaves a bit differently e.g. OEMs can put one in but they may not be accessible by customers. Also, there is support in the OS for expandable memory, but it remains to be seen how that works in the market:
  • AT&T is the worst Network in the country. T-Mobile is by far a superior Network. By the end of 2010 more customers will be leaving for T-Mobile. Can you hear me now? What? Can you hear me now? SOB I lost another call. Can you hear me now???????????????????????????????????????????????????I can hear you now, I called you on my friend's T-Mobile phone.
  • T-Mobile??? Are you serious???? T-Mobile's coverage has more holes than swiss cheese.. Once you get old enough kid to actually pay for your own cell service T-Mobile will be the last on the list...
  • Actually it depends on where you are at. In San Diego T-Mobile has great coverage. I am not a kid and I pay less for great coverage. They have been first on my list for about 8 years so.....(also not to bad in Hawaii)
  • HD3 will kick butt, hopefully North American HSPA bands. So long as zunepass/shoutcast onboard i wont mind the 8gb. If not 16gb/32gb should be an option. My wp7 gripe list so far. -better app switching (pause app is fine but we need a better switching method)
    -ability to make folders on program list
    -Voicecommand/tellme but on steroids
    -Abilty to change default browser (opera mini/fennec/a webkit browser)
    -windows live messenger
    -a way for shout cast stations can be streamed and you can still do other things. hopefully it can play through stock music player and you can multi task that way.
    -a way for GPS+music+
    or take a call then back to gps.... rest are just app related dreams/hopes. Other then list above i love where ms is going with wp7.
  • which version/fork of webkit? Every webkit browser I have tried renders websites differently....
    As long as the included IE mobile does a good job of rendering websites then the need for a 3rd party browser is negated.. and it looks like Microsoft is doing a good job with it... for instance, going to YouTube... even though Flash isn't available for the phone right now, you can still go to in IE, and clicking on a video will cause it to start playing using the phones internal video player.
    I saw a video on youtube of this being demo'd...
    looked sweet. I'd like to add one thing to your list...the lack of CDMA support...this is a big thing... this means half a billion people in 80 countries will not be able to get in on the WP7 fun without switching carriers, and I for one, am not switching from Sprint...
  • You should check your facts before you say something. What half billion people in 80 countries will not be able to use WP7? The rest of the world uses GSM technology and only in the US (Sprint and Verizon) dont use it,so almost everybody can GET IT except SPRINT and VERIZON.I don't mean to be rude but just can't stand it when people make such comments like the world is only America.
  • im pretty sure there are cdma networks in china and south america but not sure about the 80 countries he says
  • Are you nuts? CDMA providers cover 500M people in 80 countries, this is a very easy to verify fact. Whether or not there are overlapping GSM providers was NOT his point. You are worse than those with Americanism if your lack of reading skills overpowers your ability to not be a douche.
  • This has to be the ugliest thing since Windows 3.1 I mean look at it???!!! Was the Gui designed by Jerry's Kids??!! WOW!!
  • Nice looking phone but wp7 looks stupid
  • I actually like the look of it. It borders on 1960-1970's outer space/computers. Sorta 2001 A Space Odssey and Star Trek, but without the use of a computer style fonts. I don't know though if this style of interface would help or hinder sales. I would buy it, as long as it functioned well. For me being able to view most every website in it's original format is the most important thing for me. Also hotspot capability. And lastly a camera that takes great pictures and video. I don't care whether it is 8 or 10 megapixels. the iPhone4 is 5 megapixels and takes great pictures.
  • O geeez, the blog got filled with Mactards. Just so you know, I have one of the beta devices. And when compared to the Iphone it makes the iphone look like an old OS. Also, those people who take photos with your phone most of the time will realize in the future that they wasted their memories in small pictures. Good quality small pictures. Dont be a punk and get a real camera so that your grandchildren can enjoy your photos in 60 inch screens.
  • Despite all of my below comments, I think the HD3 is a great looking phone, and I'm sure it will compete well with any other phone and OS. With that said, here are a few suggestions for making the HD3 (or future WP7 phones) better, in my opinion. Hardware:
    1) A good glass screen rather than plastic is KEY (I've had the liquid-under-the-screen LCD thing happen to both my Vogue and my TP2). 2) Hopefully it just isn't the picture and there is actually some soft-touch backing. Some high-end blackberries have a faux-leather or a soft-touch backing. Cold hard plastic is SO 2009. 3) No expandable memory (microSD cards). How can one use this as a multimedia phone if you can only put a little bit of your own music on it, because all of the memory has to be divvied up between pictures, apps and music? Seems sort of REALLY counter-intuitive. Especially if there is only 8gb internal memory. 4) Good call on the dual flash and 8MP camera. Hopefully the camera quality is good. It would be a real treat to be able to go on a vacation and not have to take a separate camera (yes, I realize there is an astonishing difference between a DSLR and a camera phone), or more generally to have an actual phone camera that is usable. 5) Throw on a good landscape QWERTY slide out keyboard like the TP2 and I will drain my RRSP (a 401K for my American friends) for it. 6) IrDA port. I have NO idea why this got dropped off phones. Would it not be totally awesome to be able to control your TV or set-top box directly from your phone? A goal should make the multimedia phone the ULTIMATE multimedia device. Software
    1) Multi-tasking. Seriously. It has a 1ghz processor, at least 500mb of RAM and you're telling me it can't play Slacker while I'm in google maps (on an HSPA network)? My vogue could multi-task. My Palm TX can multi-task. Seriously. 2) Copy and Paste. How can a phone be considered a "productivity tool" if it doesn't have this most basic function baked right in? 3) No flash support? Adobe has been teasing us with the promise of actually useful flash support for a long time. If there was any time to pinch Adobe to make it happen, Microsoft, NOW is that time. 4) Browser. Opera mobile is great, but as above, no flash support. Hopefully the new version of mobile IE is a lot better than previous incantations. 5) Voicecommand / TellMe. KEY feature of this phone for those of us who drive and want to use phone features. Especially since in Ontario, Canada it is illegal to use a handheld device while driving. 6) Metro UI - yes, it's new. Kind of looks fugly. I'll have to see it in person to judge whether or not to use it or to keep with the Sense Hub (which does look great, although sort of cumbersome).
  • It will be a glass screen, maybe even Gorilla Glass
    That is a soft-touch back
    IrDA for consumers is ranked pretty low as far as features; makes the phone bigger
    Multi-tasking: MS will implement this, eventually, but they want an elegant system. It's easier for them to add this later and control it's implementation as the platform develops then to rescind or modify it later
    Copy and paste: MS will do this as well, it's all but guaranteed in a future update
    Flash will be there, in a few months--either way Flash still sucks and even on Android it's "meh"
    Browser: MS said they'd work with 3rd party companies on this if there is a demand, so don't rule it out Basically all the deficiencies with WP7 v1.0 will be fixed/added at some point, but I think we should cut them some slack with a v1.0 release/complete rewrite of an OS in just 20 months.
  • I was hoping they were going to go higher than 800x480. It'd seem like such a shame if it ended up as just an HD2.1 with WP7.
  • This is horrible, no flash, no copy/paste, no multitasking, and no keyboard! UHG
  • My mobile 7 beta device has full keyboard. Remember, this will not be the only device with Mobile 7.
  • the fact that there is no.... micro sd card slot is VERY VERY depressing. is this like round 2 of putting no 3.5mm on 500$ smartphones? microsoft come on.. this is your chance, dont screw it up. Add every damn feature, 12mp camera, all that stuff. 5mp? i mean thats fine but tis is HD7
  • You know how when you smell something really bad, and walk away, but then you come back to smell it again just to be disgusted one more time? Well that is me with this GUI. Look at the size of those Icons. Is the phone immediately in Car Dock mode or something? The Blue and White colors make me recall using Word Perfect on a DOS machine. I mean really guys, please put more thought into this GUI, as someone said above, this is about the final chance for WinMo to put some points on the board. As an Android user looking for the next greatest technology.... I was looking to inhale deeply, but instead I exhaled softly.
  • The WP7 UI is a mathematically designed interface, with clever user experience in mind. Microsoft did their homework when designing the UI. You are quick to comment on the UI, have you experienced it? If not, don't be so negative! Go do some research you all!
    The HD3 looks to be an awesome piece of hardware, and I would love to get my hands on one. Hopefully it will be available soon and on my current network.
  • The fact that people are complaining about SDcards and don't know why just sounds like they're trolling. Also people bringing up C&P also sound like they're trolling as MSFT has said time and time again that it is coming. This whole comments section has basically turned into trolls I believe. I'll most likely be getting this or the LG900 only real diff is the storage. But. If HTC can put 16GB which is my prefered amount then I'll buy there HD3(7) :)
  • i don't know why i didn't think about this before, but eliminating the possibility of user-replaceable storage makes the necessity for cloud services just that much more important and makes 16GB phones a higher-end spec, at least for now. This is a benefit for MS and other cloud service providers, and i fear we'll see OEMs take a very cautious approach with 16GB and higher capacities in WP7 phones. Hell, given that WP7 takes away a lot of their options for customization, and that Android is so hot right now, i'm sure many of them are internally echoing Samsung's sentiments and taking a more conservative stance on releasing WP7 hardware. Given good marketing and a brisk update schedule, i'm confident that 12 months from now we'll look back at things like the lack of CDMA phones and lack of copy and paste as growing pains. Both iOS and Android had their share of limitations at launch and most have been rectified.
  • I predict this will be a big disappointment. Just like the Treo 800w was. Remember that?
  • The HD3 looks to be an awesome piece of hardware, and I would love to get my hands on one. Hopefully it will be available soon and on my current network .
  • Text me when someone has ported Android 2.2 onto it. 555-125-4532. Thanks!
  • This looks like a great phone, but I need at least 16GB of available space (hopefully HTC will augment the 8GB with an SD card prior to shipping it), and it needs to be on AT&T. I think the HTC phone supposedly arriving on AT&T so far are okay but nothing special. I do want a screen bigger than 3.7 (4in. would be ideal) so it seems the Samsungs are out. HTC is not looking good with the speaker phone either. A phone should not need a slide out speaker to sound good. Plus in most cases, I would be using headphones anyway.
  • It's funny how many people want to talk like they're experts and want to post their ideas and give Microsoft advice. Despite what you think I'll think they'll be just fine without your expertise in random blog comments.
  • Can we flash WM 6.5.X? That works well for me, still looking at andriod.
  • WTF is with all the yanks harping on about their stupid carriers? Who gives a frig? It's a goddamn phone - the mobile phone carrier is irrelevant. Just buy it outright and go on pre-pay for half the cost of a contract. Then you can change carriers as you like.
  • TF is that us yanks have a different system. We don't all have the money to buy a phone outside of a contract on a month-to-month plan and/or to carry 2 plans or eat an early termination fee. Additionally, we have 2 cell techs here, CDMA and GSM, and they're not interchangeable, so the carrier is very relevant and we have to give a frig.
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